Ethics: Review Questions Essay

July 25, 2017 General Studies

1. Why do we analyze moralss?

Morality or moralss is one of the chief topics of doctrine. which focuses on the morality of human society. Define what is right and what is incorrect. If it is easy to explicate what moralss means to be separated from the good from the bad. why we should larn about moralss because larning ethical action is right or incorrect harmonizing to society. civilization and traditions of felicity?

2. Why should we be concerned about making “the right thing” ?

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Making the right thing is to do a societal convention by which people in society recognize the demand and the peace of society. free from prejudice and corruptness to society.

3. If each of us has a alone set of influences and values that contribute to our personal value system. how can that are applied to a community as a whole?

The Personal Values ??to societal engagement is hard. if our thought is non good plenty. and contrary to societal moralss. But it’s non that impossible. if we know how to convert people in the society and show the advantages and disadvantages that will be followed for everyone to larn our ideas may be influenced by a little group to large society is non hard.

4. Is it unrealistic to anticipate others to populate by the Golden Rule?

Which we have moral. ethical. and with others individual. it can non vouch that other parties will execute every bit good as we do the right thing ever. Therefore. we must adhere to what is good for societal peace.

5. See how you have resolved ethical quandary in the yesteryear. What would you make otherwise now?

I’ve been hit in the caput several times to mistake on the side of moralss. For illustration. utilizing connexions to do good consequences from others utilizing the influence of the household. After making so. I think that the act is incorrect. I should hold the ability to work out their ain jobs and presented with their ain ability to act upon others non to endanger to acquire in the thing desired.

6. What would you make if your declaration of an ethical quandary turned out to be the incorrect attack and it really made things worse?

If I am in a state of affairs like that. I tend to see the harm that would follow from the action unethical if it is non serious. I will happen a good solution to that state of affairs. Serious effects if I choose non to make. and he was reprimanded by my foreman to summer than to others individual. I believe that every state of affairs there is a solution. if everybody non selfish.


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