Ethnicity affects identity

October 5, 2017 Sociology

Identity in sociological footings ; is how people make sense of themselves as members of peculiar groups in society. However at that place many elements that refers to identity such as ; gender, race, ethnicity, societal category and many others. For illustration I identify myself by ; name, day of the month of birth, nationality, folk, kin and spiritual belief. In biological footings I can be identified by my ( D.N.A ) . In society I can be identified as a female parent, married woman and pupil. Sociologists say that a sense of ego develops from an early phase, kids under one twelvemonth start reacting to their names when called by other persons and in society as kids grow up they see themselves as separate persons in their households.

Identity enables us to see ourselves as others see us, and as worlds, we tend to conceive of what it is like to be person else, many telecasting programmes show persons seeking to portray others by copying their voice and idiosyncrasy, so this clearly shows that the imitator knows that they are different from the character they are portraying. “ Postmodernism has made individuality an of import construct by analyzing the manner in which persons get their sense of ego by placing with a great scope of societal groups based on for illustration ; age, gender and ethnicity ” . { Harris S ( 2000 ) Sociology Study Guide, Pearson Education Limited } .

Ethnicity enormously affects our individuality for it is considered to be natural. It identifies us from past coevalss. For illustration black cultural groups are associated to Africa. By looking at persons we can state what their ethnicity is. In other words it is a constructed individuality that is tied to a topographic point. Talking the same linguistic communication from the states of beginning, sharing the same civilization or faith besides determines our ethnicity.

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Sociologists say that people recognize themselves as portion of cultural groups and experience positively about others who portion the same civilization. For illustration ; if a Ugandan meets another Ugandan in the streets of Britain, it brings a certain sense of confidence to both parties that their non entirely irrespective of being off from their ain state of beginning.

However, ethnicity affects our individuality in so many countries of life. In Britain, ethnicity is chiefly associated with minority groups from the former British settlements such as Africa. This sort of classification affects individuality because it emphasizes on skin coloring material instead than common civilization features. The ability of cultural minorities in Britain to determine their ego individuality is besides limited by the manner in which they are seen and treated by powerful groups. Prejudice and favoritism practiced by other cultural groups, may do it hard for others to show their cultural individuality to the full.

A telecasting docudrama about Jews, showed an illustration of how cultural groups of Jewish origin went to Russia, in the nineteenth century, and found it really hard to settle because of their individuality. Persons tried to: intermarry with other races, change their Judaic names, change overing to other faiths and larning the Russian linguistic communication in order to hide their ain individuality.

Recently sociologists have observed that exogamies have risen well, “ this affects the individuality of persons because ego individuality becomes an issue as a kid born out of this sort of relationship finds it hard to conform to both cultural groups particularly if the kid is assorted race ” . ( Moore S, Aiken D, Chapman S ( 2005 ) Sociology AS for QCR, Harper Collins Publishers Limited ) . Sociologist research workers Tizard and Phoenix ( 1993 ) found in their research at that clip that 60 per centum of the mixed- race kids, were proud of their assorted parenthood. Today mixed-race relationships are being tolerated by different cultural groups though in some like Nipponese ethnicity it is a practise that is non widely accepted. It has been predicted by some experts, that cultural minorities would easy go captive ; groups are traveling to abandon their cultural civilizations in order to follow others. This is being witnessed today in Britain, arranged matrimonies for people with Indian ethnicity is on the autumn in Britain, Indian adult females are following to the dating civilization before matrimony, whereas in India it is still a tense topic for adult female to get married a adult male of their pick.

Overall, old coevalss had pride in their cultural backgrounds, but because of in-migration issues and exogamies society today are taking to settle and accommodate to the diverse cultural life styles around them.


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