Eva Nightwish Reader Response English Literature Essay

July 23, 2017 English Literature

Reader response is based on the reader ‘s sentiment and feeling towards the vocal, verse form and narrative. This vocal is speaking about a miss who is a lone wolf. ”The most awful poorness is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved ” ( mother Teresa ) . The feeling of being a lone wolf is pain. It is merely like person who lost everything, no household and friend. This is worst than a hapless individual who lost their money. There is no love in a lone wolf ‘s life. They are merely being entirely all the clip, they do everything entirely.

This vocal is represents a miss possibly a adult female who is lonely and does non accept by society. She showed her solitariness in this vocal. From the wordss we can cognize that she does non hold any good friend. She is a alone individual, she walks entirely, does everything entirely, non with anyone. In the phrase ” me ashamed on my ain ” ( Eva-nightwish poetry 1 ) demonstrates that she feels inferior because of something. Society does non desire to accept her being and looks down on her. She feels useless of herself. From this phrase we can see that how much she hates herself.

Everything happens for a ground ( Brian Gibbs ) . Why will she experience this manner? How will she? And since when she feels that? WHY? ! HOW? ! WHEN? ! This is all because of her household possibly. She is non close with her household, neither parents nor siblings. She grew up in a broken household. In the phrase ” mocked by adult male to deepnesss of shame ” ( Eva-nighwish poetry 2 ) seems connoting that she mocked by his male parent, a adult male who born her. This is the chief ground why she feels inferior, and useless of herself. From here we can cognize that why is she ashamed of her ain. She feels ashamed to hold such male parent. On the other manus, we can cognize that her female parent is a weak and timid adult female. Her female parent dares non to contend anything with his male parent. Her female parent merely allow her male parent does anything he wants. Her female parent is non able to protect her. Her male parent kept mistreating her. She did non cognize what to make. She can trust on no 1. She feels helpless. From that twenty-four hours onwards, she tends to be a lone wolf. She does non speak much, dares non to do friend, possibly she was merely afraid of people and the environing she was populating. There is no 1 truly understand what she is really in her head. She feels lonely all the clip. She does non hold a friend to speak to. Her male parent was the one she trusted ( possibly? ) . But he misused of the trust that she gave on him. This adult male had ruined her dreams, her life, her everything! Eva is tired, she is ill of everything. ”ENOUGH! THAT ‘S TOO MUCH! I JUST WANT TO GO ALONE. ” She begs in her deepest bosom mutely. In the phrase ”the good in her will be my sunflower field ” ( eva-nighwish chorus ) represented that she wanted to perpetrate self-destruction. She wants to wing off. She wants to go forth this inhuman universe, she hates to remain here, she hates to be entirely. She merely wants to travel a topographic point which is peace and harmoniousness, heaven possibly. She begs. She hopes. She wants. She is truly tired of everything. She does non hold the strength to travel on. Her male parent had ruined everything. Her hurting in her bosom is intolerable.

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Though she feels hopeless and defeated toward everything but in the phrase ” she would remain among the animals, clip for one more dare dream ” ( Eva-nightwish poetry 2 ) shows that she is a strong and independent miss. In her unconscious head, she is really still has a small spot hope towards the universe. She wants friend, she wants a good household and she wants society to accept her. She still has small faith towards her dream. She wants her dream comes true. She was seeking to be strong. She wants to be brave for her dream. She was willing to make anything for her dream. This miss has a really strong finding toward her dream.

In decision, Eva is a miss who is lonely and emotional. But she still has religion in her life. She does non give up easy. At least she was seeking to stand strong and get away all the bad memories and travel on with her dreams. From this vocal, we know that the power of homo ‘s dream. We should non give up easy in our life. No affair how worst is the state of affairs, we still have to travel on and have faith in our life. J


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