Evaluate Motivation Theories Essay

August 11, 2017 Business

Persons articulation and work in organisations to carry through their demands. They are paying attending to organisations that have the agencies of prolonging their demands. These agencies are called inducements of wagess ; organisations use them to promote persons to lend their attempts toward accomplishing organisational ends. The continued being of an organisation depends on its ability to involvement and promote persons to carry through these organisational and personal ends. Newman ( 2010 ) . “Motivation is defined as purposive behaviour. It concerns the degree of attempt one exerts in prosecuting a end. Directors are concerned with this construct because it is closely related to employee satisfaction and occupation performance” ( Para. The Concept of Motivation ) . There are 2 chief constructs of theories Maslow’s and Herzberg. Maslow’s need hierarchy theory divides human needs into five degrees ; self-actualization. regard. societal. safety and physiological demands. Physiological demands are the basic human needs including nutrient. vesture. shelter and other necessities of life.

Once these are satisfied they no longer actuate the person. Safety needs include economic security. protection from physical danger. Social demands are love. fondness. emotional demands. heat and friendly relationship. Esteem can be self-esteem. self-respect. assurance and acknowledgment. Herzberg found that the factors doing occupation satisfaction ( and presumptively motive ) were different from that doing occupation dissatisfaction. Herzberg called it hygiene factors. utilizing the term “hygiene” in the sense that they are considered care factors that are necessary to avoid dissatisfaction but that by themselves do non supply satisfaction. Company policy. supervising. relationship with foreman. work conditions. salary and relationship are the taking in dissatisfaction. Achievement. acknowledgment. work itself. duty. promotion and growing are the taking to satisfaction. The effectivity of the application of these theories can be measured with observations of employee occupation satisfaction. Directors can measure satisfaction through employee studies or by detecting workers.


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