Evaluate the OM strategy of Hard Rock Cafe

Operationss direction ( OM ) are activities that relate to the creative activity of goods and services through the transmutation of inputs to outputs. This essay is to critically measure the OM scheme of Hard Rock Cafe ( HRC ) sing the 10 major required OM determinations of operations directors, described in the Principles of Operations Management – Heizer and Render, Pearson Global Eighth Edition.

Design of goods and services: The merchandise design may mention to the betterment of the bing merchandises or to the development of new merchandises. The merchandise design schemes need to accommodate to the merchandise life rhythm for minimising the costs and maximising the net incomes. The rules of invention will necessitate to be consistently applied in merchandise design processes for concern success. The designed merchandises have to run into the undermentioned demands: response to the clients ‘ demands in term of quality, size, coloring material and layout, the designed points should be feasible and profitable when they are put into production.

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In its 39 old ages of being, HRC has grown from a modest London saloon to a planetary power, pull offing 129 coffeehouse, 12 hotels/casinos, unrecorded music locales, and immense one-year Rockfest concert in 40 different states, functioning 100,000 repasts each twenty-four hours. The writer believes that merchandise design is lending to this impressive success narrative of HRC. As we can see from the instance stuffs, HRC ever finds for dependable providers for quality merchandises and on clip services, the merchandises at HRC have been being designed with its typical ruddy coloring material and make value in the signifier of good nutrient and amusement. All the merchandises are designed, tested before seting them into production ; the production will merely be processed if the ingredients are available from qualified providers.

From its web site and instance stuffs, we see that HRC has designed different bill of fare for different eating houses ; it is besides updating the bill of fare from its authoritative American nutrients to higher quality merchandises. These are cardinal success factors to the nutrient and drink concern, because the people ‘ gustatory sensation is different.

HRC applies the merchandise construct in it merchandise design, the clients come to HRC non merely because of its cafe ‘ quality, but a dining event non duplicated anyplace else in the universe, with a batch of different experiences, including its manner, its amusement, its service ‘ attitude, its valuable memorabilia ‘ pieces, its friendly ambiance, all these good designed merchandises are being displayed at HRC for its distinction. The nucleus value of HRC is “ Love all – Serve all ” has been designed and applied to all staffs, who are offering warmest response and thoughtful service to all clients.

Pull offing quality: For any concern that has the franchise and ware concern, the direction quality is cardinal success factor ; the clients buy the concern right or ware thanks to the widely recognised quality of the product/service. The success franchise narrative of HRC with around 70 franchised eating houses around the World and 48 % of a typical cafe ‘s gross revenues from ware confirms the quality of its good and service.

From the instance stuffs, we see that HRC is seting the quality direction of its nutrient and service on its top concerns, HRC is bettering their nutrient and service to suit the changing tastes through its studies on regular footing, if clients do non give the highest mark to its nutrient and service, HRC considers its concern as a failure.

Food safety and cleanliness are besides cardinal success factors for concern in nutrient and drink, in its 39 old ages of being, HRC is functioning more than 100,000 repasts each twenty-four hours, but there is any reported nutrient poisoning instance related to HRC. I were really impressed with the enthusiastic and healthy staffs, the ruddy coloring material and the cleanliness when I visited HRC in HCMC in 2009, all these characteristic are seen as a standard of merchandise quality of HRC.

Procedure and capacity design: A procedure scheme is an organisation ‘s attack to transforming resources into goods and services. The aim of a procedure scheme is to construct a production procedure that meets the client demands and merchandise specifications within cost and other managerial restraint. The procedure selected will hold a long term consequence on efficiency and effectivity of production, every bit good as on cost and quality of the goods produced.

In instance of HRC, the organisation is utilizing the procedure focal point, because nutrient would be made with low-volume and high-variety to run into the demands of nutrient safety and of client ‘ gustatory sensation. From the instance stuffs, we see that the procedure and capacity method together with the Microsoft Project planning and pull offing tool operated in HRC are enabling the administration to function good over 100,000 enthusiastic fans in large events such as Hard Rock Live Concerts, Annual Rockfestsaˆ¦ , even with surprised fortunes.

We see that HRC besides uses its prognosis consequences to its procedure and capacity design, it uses long-range prediction in puting a capacity program, intermediate-term prediction for locking in contracts for leather and goods, and short-run gross revenues prognosiss in telling nutrient points. The prognosis system in HRC works expeditiously and helps the cafe directors to efficaciously run the concern, including employee programming, fillip scene and bill of fare planning.

Location scheme: With the fast globalisation of concern and the authorities calls and discriminatory to foreign direct investings, and signed free trade understandings, enterprisers have a batch of pick for location of their concern. The determination on location of concern will necessitate to take history of PESTLE ( political, economic, societal, proficient, legal and environment ) analysis every bit good as human resources, rewards, currency policies, natural stuffs, existent estate. The aim of location scheme is to maximize the benefit of location to the house.

From the instance stuffs, we see that HRC puts much serious attempts into its location analysis, for illustration, HRC spent 3 old ages of progress for readying its eating house in Moscow. HRC uses Hard Rock ‘ Standard Market Report for offshore sites with elaborate analysis of tendencies in demographic, visitant market, of transit, eating houses and cabarets, political hazards, existent estate market and of HRC comparable market analysis, currency, societal norms and possibility of trade name development. It besides uses the interruption even analysis to make up one’s mind on the investing ‘ options for its installation. The nucleus value of HRC with “ Guarantee the long term growing and success of our administration ” , is being purely respected in it location scheme, for any location determination, HRC requests for at least 10-15 twelvemonth committedness.

HRC ever select the metropoliss of visitants, for illustration, the Orlando based caput one-fourth is a World City, the place of Walt Disney World, with yearly around 52 million visitants, Moscow is the metropolis of millionaires, Bogota is the Centre of art, civilization in South America, Venice where visitants are somewhat bigger than occupant peoples, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh ( HCM ) City are most visited metropoliss in Asia[ 1 ]aˆ¦The choice of a peculiar site within a selected metropolis is besides portion of location scheme, HRC has located it foremost cafe in HCM City at 53 Le Duan Street, this is the street of visitants and enterprisers.

Layout scheme: A high relevant layout scheme will assist to set up an administration ‘s fight precedences in respect to capacity, procedure, and flexibleness, and cost, quality of work life, client contact, and different image.

From the HRC ‘ instance stuffs and its web site, we see that HRC owns efficient kitchen layouts, motivated forces, tight agenda, and the right ingredients at the right topographic point, the displayed Hard Rock Values “ Love all – Serve all ” at the entryway, those efficient layout schemes delight its clients.

HRC uses its typical ruddy coloring material in streamer, logo, web site, eating house and saloon layout, together with light and sound system, screens, stone and new music, a immense investing in stone ‘n ‘ axial rotation memorabilia and retail bars, all these layout schemes help clients to distinguish easy HRC with other eating houses and do HRC ‘ trade name recognised at 92 % as one of the highest in the universe. HRC has besides developed a web site for its communicating and layout scheme.

Human resources, occupation design and work measuring: The greatest plus of a concern is non its edifice, its equipment, its stock list or history receivable. It is the employees. Hiring the right individual for the right occupation with nice working conditions are keys for success.[ 2 ]The aim of a human resource scheme is to pull off labour and design occupation so people are efficaciously and expeditiously utilised. Common committedness and common trust between directors and employees help to set up constructive industrial dealingss for high productiveness and competitory advantage in concern. Fair staffing policies with appropriate work regulations, wage programs, periphery benefits, and working conditions are cardinal success factors of human resource scheme.

From the instance stuffs of HRC, we believe that HRC has developed an first-class human resource ( HR ) scheme, its HR section gives precedences to appliers who have occupation accomplishments, bright, positive attitude, self motive, who are passionate about music, who love to function peoples and eventually who are able to convey the HRC ‘ experience to clients. The preparation section provides two yearss orientation developing to all new staff and other follow up framing preparation classs that help their employees develop both personally and professionally.

The Hard Rock nucleus values are being introduced to all new staffs and applied to all employees ; these values encourage the invention, creativeness, self motive, productiveness of all employees. HRC requests their employees to protect the planet and to pattern honestness, unity and professionalism ; these actions guarantee the long term growing and success of HRC.

HRC is constructing an organisation ‘ civilization where people are able to to the full bask their work, where the significant diverseness and individualism are accepted. HRC applies outstanding wage and benefits and ease the part-timers with merely 19 hours per hebdomad. Particularly HRC encourages a high degree of internal publicities with some 60 % of the directors are promoted from hourly employee ranks. The alone civilization and work environment at HRC contributes to the low turnover of hourly people and promote the appliers from possible endowments around the universe.

However, we do non see clearly from the instance stuffs what strategies HRC applies to measure the public presentation of their employee, the writer believes that a results-based public presentation rating system would be a good method and tool to employee ‘ public presentation monitoring and measuring at HRC, each employee will work with the supervisor to hold on a list of cardinal consequences, these consequences may hold both personal consequences and organisational consequences that the employee has to accomplish within the given clip. The consequences much be SMART ( specific, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic and with a clip edge ) and be reviewed and updated and evaluated, guaranting the productiveness and personal development of employee and growing of HRC.

Supply concatenation direction: Supply concatenation direction is the integrating of the activities that procure stuffs and services, transform them into immediate goods and concluding merchandises, and present them to clients. These activities include buying and outsourcing activities. The aim is to construct a concatenation of providers that focuses on maximising value to the ultimate client. Schemes of low cost, rapid response, stable quality and measure are cardinal success factors of supply concatenation direction.

For the food-service concern in HRC, the direction of providers is top concern of OM directors, because HRC will necessitate high quality merchandises ( poulet, porc, beef, eggs, ingredientsaˆ¦ ) and transform them into fresh and high quality nutrients and ware with appropriate gustatory sensation to its demanding clients. The nutrient safety, and freshness and rapid response are chief standards for choice of providers. We see clearly from the instance stuffs that HRC takes into history the high importance of choice of providers, the bill of fare points are merely put into production if the ingredients are available from qualified providers. When HRC opened in Moscow, it ended 3 old ages of progress readying of a Russian supply concatenation.

However, we do non hold much information from the instance stuffs about the schemes that HRC applies to pull off supply concatenation hazard, guaranting the nutrient safety in all its eating houses. The writer thinks that several steps that help HRC pull off efficaciously and expeditiously the supply-chain hazard may include the regular and surprise monitoring visits to providers, the third-party audits on provider procedure and logistic or the development of few but exceeding providers who will supply the lowest costs and highest quality. Long term partnership development, perpendicular integrating with providers is besides good schemes to pull off supply-chain hazard. HRC may desire to develop and subscribe long term partnership understandings with manufacturers or manufacturers ‘ groups, agricultural co-ops for its supply concatenation.

HRC may besides carry on value concatenation analysis of its major concatenation ( chicken, eggsaˆ¦ ) from producer-trader-wholesaler-retailer-consumer to place the chances for value concatenation upgrade and betterment, and to guarantee the cost and competitory advantage of the administration.

Inventory stuff demands planning, and merely in clip ( JIT ) : stock list is one of the most expensive assets of many companies, stand foring every bit much as 50 % of entire invested capital. A good stock list direction helps the company to cut down costs and pull off expeditiously the production. The aim of stock list direction is to strike a balance between stock list investing and client service. The houses must carefully command critical points, maintain accurate records, count stock list on a regular basis, and avoid larceny and harm.

For nutrient and drink service concern in HRC, the stock list is really of import to do certain that all the nutrients and drinks and ware do non transcend the expiry day of the month, HRC ever have available fresh ingredients, nutrients, drinks and ware to function its clients on clip. HRC is puting a immense sum ( $ 40 million ) to its memorabilia ‘ pieces and many are the alone and most expensive pieces in the universe such as: Clapton ‘s Ag suit from 1969, Biting ‘s Fender Precision Bass used in the 2001, guitar worn and used by Guns N ‘ Roses ‘ guitar from early 90s, Madonna ‘s bustier from 1990, guitar owned by Sexual activity Pistols ‘ guitar player Glen Matlock from 1970s, and cembalo used by The Beatles from 1967aˆ¦[ 3 ]. It is for certain that HRC must carefully command these valuable pieces, maintain accurate records, count stock list on a regular basis, avoiding larceny and harm for its exhibition ‘ intent.

Intermediate and short term programming: Good programming agencies lower costs and faster and more reliable bringing. For HRC ‘ concerns, both capacity planning, one-year programming and short term scheduling are really of import. HRC ‘ OM directors have to do certain that they ever have capable and available staffs to function its clients on clip for day-to-day concerns and of import periodical events. HRC ‘ OM directors have developed proper agendas, guaranting the effectual and efficient direction and the turnover of employees. HRC takes into consideration of gross revenues, precedences, short term gross revenues tendencies, one-year gross revenues prognosiss, coming large events nearby the eating house and seasonality to develop its agendas. HRC directors besides take into history the senior status of employees in make fulling the day-to-day agenda ; this is really importance, because seniors have experience, the more senior the employees are, the more they produce net income.

Care: Quality and control are keys to success. HRC owns a batch of equipments and furniture for its concerns, particularly HRC owns many most expensive pieces of memorabilia and demands to hold a proper care of these valuable pieces. HRC besides does regular menu reappraisal and client ‘ study to update and better its nutrients and drinks.

Other Mentions:

Heizer and Render, Principles of Operations Management – Pearson Global Eighth Edition, page 56, 57, 83, 222, 346, 452, 453, 616

Assignment inquiry 2. Discourse the OM challenges and chances for HRC when sing an enlargement of its concern into Hanoi.

PESTLE ( political, economic, societal, proficient, legal and environment ) and other related concern enabling factors analysis.

PESTLE ‘ elements




Vietnam is a assorted economic system ( private, foreign and collectivist endeavors ) and authorities still plays a large function in planning and government ;

Many states do non acknowledge the market economic system for Vietnam yet ;

Vietnam has a really good political stableness and Hanoi is the City for Peace recognized by UNESCO ;

There is positive attitude and strong supports from authorities and communities to foreign investings ;


The rising prices is rather high ( 12 % ) , but manageable ;

Poverty is worsening ( from 22 % in 2005 to 9,45 % in 2010 ) ;

High stable rate of economic growing ( 7-8 % yearly ) ;


Vietnamese love street nutrients and drinks ;

Young peoples go more dynamic and love fashionable eating houses and coffeehouse ;

Visitors is increasing in the last 10 twelvemonth and yearly around 4 million visitants in Hanoi


Power deficit is now really current with increasing demand ;

Internet is widely accessible and sensible monetary value ;


The execution of Laws is a existent challenge due to hapless quality of human resource and corruptness issues ( 116/178 ranked states ) ;

Rigorous regulations to saloon and cabaret ‘ concern ( close clip is 11:30 PM ) ;

Available Enterprise Law, Investment Law and other planetary and regional understandings ( WTO, ASEAN, APECaˆ¦ ) ;


Traffic jam is a major job in Hanoi ;

Hanoi has 1000 old ages with a batch of investing to substructure for touristry development ;

Human resources

Vietnam killed work force for service ‘s industry is low ;

Around 1 million new entrants to labour market each twelvemonth ;


Wagess in food-service concern is non attractive to immature endowments ;

Valuess of HRC may be attractive to Vietnamese immature endowments ;

Currency policies

The direction of exchange rate is non flexible ;

The low value of Dong comparison to Euro and USD is good to import goods ;

Natural stuffs

Climate alteration affects to agricultural production ;

Foods safety is a major issue due to unmanageable production processes ;

Vietnam is an agricultural state, 60 % labours work in agribusiness, forestry and aquaculture ;

Rice, aquatic merchandises, java, veggies, Anacardium occidentale nuts, Piper nigrum and tea are major exported points of Vietnam

Real estate

High fluctuation of monetary value in recent old ages ;

Supply ‘ beginning is increasing, but monetary value is high due to high monetary value of buildings, stuffs and involvement rate.

Available land jurisprudence and existent estate concern jurisprudence ;

Real estate market has closely connected to gold and stock markets.

Operationss Management ( OM ) strategies analysis

OM determinations

Suggested OM determination ‘ schemes to HRC for enlargement of its concern into Hanoi

Design of goods and services

The Hanoi ‘ culinary fortes and its draft beer are ever extremely appreciated by visitants and occupant peoples, HRC will necessitate to analyze the feeding and imbibing civilization in Hanoi to plan its goods and services.

It is suggested to plan two sorts of food/drink merchandises to two groups of clients, including western stylist merchandises to local young persons and enterprisers and Hanoi ‘ improved fortes to visitants.

Its amusement, its service ‘ attitude, memorabilia ‘ shows and enthusiastic ambiance and the nucleus value of “ Love all – Serve all ” will necessitate to be strengthened.

Pull offing quality

Food safety is a major issue in Vietnam, particularly in Hanoi and HCM metropolis, harmonizing to an official proclamation of WHO in 2007, there are yearly 8 1000 reported nutrient toxic condition instances in Vietnam, in world this figure represents merely 1 % of the sum, this is mostly due to the usage of unmanageable pesticide in agribusiness.

The local bargainers are able to supply fresh and inexpensive local natural agricultural merchandises for competitory advantage, but they are non familiar with long term contract based concerns yet, HRC will necessitate to carefully pull off the quality of local merchandises, avoiding nutrient poisoning issues.

The execution of Torahs on quality direction and control is still weak, forgery and imitation are widespread in Vietnam. Particular anti-imitation steps to its ware with high engineering will necessitate to be adopted in design of goods. Merchandise is merely displayed and sold in at authorised retail bars.

Procedure and capacity design

HRC will necessitate to follow procedure focal point to its procedure and capacity ‘ design, most of active peoples in Hanoi have tiffins in cafe-fast nutrient, employee and bill of fare planning for tiffin clip is really of import.

Vietnamese organisations and peoples normally organize ad-lib parties or parties to observe an administration ‘ and personal events, such as new twelvemonth, adult females twenty-four hours, labour twenty-four hours, birthday, new caraˆ¦in bars, cafe with co-workers and friends. Peopless are non familiar with pre-booking patterns and HRC will necessitate to be pro-active in making frequent studies and prognosis of possible clients for procedure and capacity ‘ design.

Location Scheme

HRC will necessitate to clearly place its targeted clients for the choice of a peculiar site within Hanoi. Actually, Hanoi owns 3.324,92 kmA? , but it will be enlarged to 13.436 km2 in 2020 ( largely to South-West and North-West ) .

If HRC will aim visitants, a site in Old Quarter is a good topographic point, If HRC would wish to function immature endowments and enterprisers, a site in the South-West, where populating the rich peoples, and turn uping the national bowl, national conference Centres, is better.

Real estate market in Hanoi does n’t work with market rules, due to guess and corruptness, the selling monetary value is much higher than the existent monetary value. HRC may desire to utilize the interruption even analysis to its investing ‘ determinations of installation.

Layout scheme

HRC will necessitate to heighten their designed layouts that aid clients to distinguish easy HRC with other celebrated cafe sets in Vietnam.

Human Resource

Harmonizing to the ILO and General Department of Vocational Training in Vietnam, there are around 1 million new entrants into labour market each twelvemonth in Vietnam, but they are non good trained to service-business, working subject and to entrepreneurship, because vocational preparation in Vietnam is n’t prioritising these topics in developing course of study.

In add-on to orientation preparation and follow up preparation of HRC ‘ concern values and patterns to its employees, HRC will necessitate to supply preparation on subject and entrepreneurship to employees and fix them working fruitfully in endeavor.

Supply concatenation direction

Presently, many international administrations such as CARE international, World Vision, ADB, WB, UN agenciesaˆ¦are back uping the rural hapless to bring forth safe agricultural merchandises for better market engagement through the supports to the creative activity and operation of husbandman ‘s groups, agricultural co-ops, and rural endeavors. It is suggested to HRC to collaborate with these administrations to develop and pull off the local providers ; this will assist HRC in one manus nearing the possible clients from these administrations, and in the other manus, lending to poverty decrease and societal duty in Vietnam for support from Government.

One other scheme is to develop perpendicular cooperation with few but exceeding local providers and to carry on regular and surprise visits and third-party audits to pull off the supply concatenation hazards such as nutrient safety.

Inventory and JIT

Annameses are non familiar with long waiting clip in eating houses ; the speedy service is cardinal success factor that HRC will necessitate to take into history for its services.

Short term scheduling

As mentioned above, HRC will necessitate to well schedule its employees for tiffin ‘ clip and to hold available employees for ad-lib parties. Prognosis of gross revenues and regular studies are good patterns to Short term programming.


Hanoi has a really moist clime, the care of its furniture and memorabilia ‘ pieces are really of import to avoid harm.



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