Evaluating learning objective the children must understand

March 26, 2019 Teaching

Evaluating learning activities is vital as it is key in the continuous cycle of planning, delivering and evaluating learning activities. Reviewing activities allows us to see what was effective in activities and what needs to be altered in the next planning stage. It also means we can assess not only the task but how the task was delivered so changes can be discussed. When evaluating we also need to look at how the children received the task being delivered.
In order to allow for effective evaluation we need to ensure that we set our clear and quantifiable learning objectives in the planning stage so we can measure the effectiveness of tasks. To create an effective learning objective the children must understand what is expected of them, it must be an achievable goal and we must be able to assess the children against them. In our classroom they studied how to make flour so they did tasks on the process of making flour. An example of an ineffective learning intention for the task would be ‘understand how flour is made’, this isn’t effective as it is difficult to measure and evaluate the child’s understanding. However the learning intention we used was ‘be able to describe the process of flour making by placing pictures in order’. This is more effective as we can clearing measure and assess the children’s capability and understanding of the task which makes the evaluation possible.
When marking work it is important that we note if the child was enthusiastic and participating, even if the learning intention was not met. These notes in the book are important when it comes to the evaluation process as it means we can assess if the task was too challenging or not challenging enough for the individual so we can adapt activities in future to either make it more achievable to the individual or more stimulating. Overall evaluating learning activities is so important as it allows us to alter our teaching styles or activities to best suit the children we are educating and to aid their development in the class.


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