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November 15, 2017 Music

FULL MOON PARTY (FESTIVAL), THAILAND. The Full Moon Party (Festival) is an all-night beach party located in Haad Rin beach , on the island of Koh Pha Ngan. It is held the night before until after every full moon. The party was originally started about 25 years ago, some sources stated that after a local islander opened the first Had Rin’s accommodation in the mid-80s, The Paradise Bungalow, he organised a farewell party for 20-30 of his hippy friends, and other sources said that there were few hippies who got together and held a party.

However, the party has been gaining fame quickly through word of mouth that it has become the Full Moon Party today, which attracts 10. 000 to 30. 000 youngsters from all over the world. Started with a small gathering of about 30 people in 1985, Full Moon Party has now became a phenomenal event which people travel across the world to this island just to experience the ultimate party. A week after full moon party, there’s the half-moon party, followed by the quarter-moon. And, finally, there is the no-moon (black) party.

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Regarding to the fame of the party, the locals probably started to invent new celebrations such as half-moon party and black-moon party. It should have nothing related to the real celebration of the full moon, I may say. Full Moon Festival in Thailand is the original and most popular location to celebrate the full moon. This is home of the famous-infamous Full Moon Party. The arrival of full moon each month, is celebrated by the festival, thousands of people go to the beach to congregate and have fun. It has become a part of the itinerary of many travellers who come to Asia.

The festival is characterized by loud music by the beach, neon painting all over the body, attractions such as fire skipping ropes and fire eater, widely variable of alcohol and drugs. Taking drugs are not advisable and drugs are completely illegal in Thailand as many police presence all along the beach to patrol. There were still many people succeed enjoying themselves with drugs, so this is another different question too. Though most of the people who come here only for the full-moon party, Koh Phangan has so much more to offer.

Boasting waterfalls, jungle trails, stunning beaches, and many more. It is surely one of the loveliest little islands in the world. This has become a topic of argument as well, because Koh Phangan has turned to be a lovely playgarden for party people. I chose Full Moon Party as a topic because it does not have a strong history behind it. It made me curious and want to look for more information about it. Although I may not be able to find that many resources, but I hope by then I will be able to analyse it based on the information that I will get.

Full Moon celebration in Thailand may be all about party, but this event can be an interesting yet controversial topic to be discussed as it is not organised by specific event organiser but it has become a monthly ritual for traveller from overseas and locals. Few questions came across during the process of gathering the information, which making me interested in getting more information about how this event has evolved and how it is related to the culture. This event pretty much can be categorized as a ritual, or flash mob, or even hallmark event.

This is going to be discussed in depth in my second and last report. Another interesting topic to be talked about is why do people come across the world to this island and how does that affect them. The method of delivering of my project will be in essay or report. I am choosing to write a report or essay because I think with this method, I will be able to deliver more information rather than using other method. I will provide some pictures related on the last assessment too. In my final presentation, the outcomes that I hope to achieve from this study will be explained in details with more references and examples.

My planned timeline for completion of this project is started on the 28th of March, right after I hand in this first assessment. I will continue doing the research about point of outcomes of this study in order to understand more about the relation between all topics, and start arranging the references. The second assessment has to be already in shape by the first week of April as the next due is on the 15th of April. After the second assessment is handed in, I will have to review the content in details and get more information required to support this report.

It will take approximately 3 weeks to get everything collected and arranged. I know I have more than a month to get the third assessment done, but this is the only assessment for the subject as in no other tests or exams, so I have to make sure that I will do everything correctly and use the time wisely. I will also spend more time in the library to look for books or journals available in order to collect more data which I will do right after I get this first assessment done. I hope to achieve few outcomes from this study by the time I finish it. Event is something that I am interested in, more than any other subjects.

Learning about the theory and basic understanding about event is essential, especially if I want to specialise in this field. I need to understand why does an event exist, why people go or organise an event, how has it evolved, where did it start, how is it related to cultural view, psychological view, sociological and anthropological view. These things are important because we need to learn about the basic human needs and human behaviors, and it is related to marketing point of view of an event. Although people have their own perspectives about events, but as long as we can understand the human behavior, it will always be related.

I wish to achieve all of those outcomes from this study. REFERENCES Allen, J. , Harris, R. , McDonnell, I. , ; O’Toole, W. (2011). Festival ; Special Event Management (5th ed. ). Singapore: Wiley. Kingsley, P. (2010). Gap Year : Wasted Youth ?. Retrieved March 16, 2011, from http://www. guardian. co. uk/travel/2010/sep/06/gap-year-thailand-full-moon-party Clark, S. (2010). Lunar Legends: Southeast Asia’s Full Moon Parties. Retrieved March 17, 2011, from http://www. southeastasia. org/index. php/articles/detail/lunar-legends-southeast-asias-full-moon-parties/


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