Event Planning Essay

July 20, 2017 Media

The chapter 3 of Allen`s Chapter talk about the communicating aims and aiming issues. As the get downing point of event planning. the 2nd measure is puting communicating aims based on state of affairs analysis and tantrum with corporate and market aims. While puting a communicating aim. contriver could utilize some tools such as spread analysis and Ansoff matrix within the SMART regulations ; meanwhile. the aim should follow the communicating theory. After that. contriver should seek to find and depict mark audiences in order to section these marks. At last. the writer segments the mark in different visible radiations: single and decision-making unit. mention groups and sentiment leaders etc.

Therefore the event contriver should take the most appropriate method. media and message to pass on with each group. In the event planning. the writer provides some method to pull off the information and timing. The writer stress the of import of task controlling—critical way. and supply two tools for event managing—function sheets and contact sheets. As the event planning is a clip & A ; item sensitive affair. it is better to sum up and map the whole way through charting. Experience application

When I worked in BBDO China. I have participated in the launch event of MINI JOHN COOPER WORKS ( JCW ) . As the most public presentation in MINI vehicle household. MINI wishes to advance the JOHN COOPER WORKS as the highest category which is similar as BMW M1. which could make full in the spread of market place for MINI ; meanwhile. because the stereotype to MINI`s driver ( MINI ever be regard as a female auto in China ) . MINI hope to widen the mark market to male group. Therefore. the corporate aim of MINI JCW is to make full in the spread of high category degree ; the market aim is “high category. high monetary value. high performance” with widening the possible mark consumer.

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For the communicating aim. BBDO use research tools to look into with the bing merchandise. which shows that other series of MINI are ever describe as smart. invention. graceful and illusion. which have less relevant with the “masculine image” ; At the market topographic point facet. over 60 % of drivers are female. that is to state. there are a big group of possible consumer—male group. Belonging to the higher category aim. the bureau of MINI China. BBDO. decided to put the communicating aim: unite the high public presentation characteristic with masculine image ; do the MINI JCW as a strong and musculus auto. As the highest public presentation auto of the vehicle universe is rushing auto. BBDO develop the subject of the communicating: “Racing is in our blood. ” Unlike the traditional publicity. BBDO took the inviting trial drive as the chief plan of the launch event. and held it in the Shanghai Racing field ; besides. MINI promote in multimedia: guerrilla. OOH. advertorial. and on-line teaser. which besides emphasis this subject.


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