Events Surrounding The Resignation Of Margaret Thatcher Sociology Essay

By July 19, 2017 Sociology

Margaret Thatcher ‘s bequest towers over modern twenty-four hours British Politicss and History. She earned her topographic point in the history books as the longest functioning PM of the twentieth century with three dorsum to endorse election wins under her belt and since, emerging politicians have been said to hold been ‘creations of the Thatcher epoch ‘ with both William Hague and Tony Blaire being hailed as ‘sons of Thatcherism by journalist Andrew Rawnsley.

1.1.2 Purposes

This study investigates and concludes as to how the Iron Ladies surrender and ruin was reported in the UK and Welsh newspapers, and pays peculiar attending and focal point as to how this shaped the states positions at the clip and now, looking back retrospectively.

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This study researches as to why Margaret Thatcher was a ‘Marmite ‘ politician who evoked such strong responses, in both past and present throughout society and besides looks into how the events of the yesteryear and media reaction has shaped her bequest left in Britain today.

1.1.3 Method

Through both primary and secondary research, this study acts as a historical survey into the events environing the surrender of Margaret Thatcher and the public response to it by analyzing how her surrender was reported in the Newspapers and other media resources at the clip.

1.1.4 Results & A ; Decisions

Decisions have besides been obtained through unwritten interviews with people who were alive at the clip and retrieve the events to obtain first manus public sentiment and to analyze the impact of the passage from Thatcher to the Blaire epoch on people at the clip. In add-on to this I collected and collated public sentiment about the popularity of Margaret Thatcher throughout her clip as Prime Minister ensuing in a decision as to what her bequest is in Britain today.

2. Introduction

2.1.1 Background and Context for the Study

Many people remember where they were and what they were making when they heard that Margaret Thatcher had stepped down as Prime Minister and what their reaction and experiencing toward the intelligence was. Margaret Thatcher ever sparks a diverse, sometimes controversial sentiment – whether it is an look of fancy or one of extreme antipathy which is why her bequest is extremely disputed.

Media involvement on the tenth day of remembrance of her death from power was high, so much so that many newspapers ran sentiment polls and characteristics leting people to notice about their reaction to her autumn from power and surrender, and such polls were concrete grounds as to Mrs Thatcher ‘s ability to go on to arouse strong sentiments even a decennary after she had ceased to be Prime Minister. These polls are examined subsequently on in the study and assist to pull a decision of the bequest that she has left on Britain today.

This study analyses the Origins of Thatcher ‘s going from figure 10 and gages public sentiment on what has now become widely known as the Thatcher epoch and as a consequence of it ‘Thatcherism ‘ .

2.2.1 Outline of purposes and methodological analysis

This survey explores and discus ‘s the grounds that led to the seismal political minute when Margaret Thatcher ‘s resigned as Prime Minister on 22nd November, 1990. This historical study looks into both the media ‘s and public sentiment, which has been examined through interviews and media archive footage, both at the clip and brooding articles and treatments that have been recorded to day of the month.

2.3.1 Primary research undertaken

I have conducted the research through both primary and secondary resources including interviews with people who were alive and retrieve the surrender foremost manus, newspaper articles, podcasts, sentiment polls and cyberspace sites.

Through formulating cardinal inquiries associating to identify subjects I have conducted unwritten interviews with people who were both alive and have strong memories and sentiments sing Thatcher ‘s death. I conducted the interviews this manner and asked specific inquiries to enable me to consistently collate sentiments of populating people ‘s testimony about their ain experiences.

3.1.1 Literature Review

When analyzing the events of November 1990, it is clear that there is no 1 beginning to the autumn of Thatcher from power. In Kevin Jeffries book, Finest and darkest Hours, he says that

‘For the Historian, the events of November 1990 present something of a enigma. A PM with a strong parliamentary bulk and in good wellness, basking the considerable advantages of backing and entree to the media, was virtually inviolable ‘ . ( Jeffries, Atlantic Books, 2002 )

To her protagonists, she was a ground-breaking Prime Minister who positively re-shaped Britain ‘s economic system and tamed the trade brotherhoods. In confederation with US presidents Reagan and Bush, she helped convey about the terminal of the Cold War. But her 11-year stretch in office was besides a clip tainted by societal agitation, industrial problem and lifting unemployment and her critics claim British society is still experiencing the consequence of her dissentious economic policies and the civilization of greed and selfishness they allegedly promoted.

Existing histories have noted that there was no individual, overruling cause of Thatcher ‘s ruin and that assorted factors played their portion in November ‘s events.

3.1.1 Key Subjects

Sing as there is no 1 clear ground to her ruin and surrender, there are several cardinal subjects and subjects which must be addressed when discoursing Margaret Thatcher. I have investigated these within both historical and narrative fictional texts in which I have so traverse referenced with my ain research to enable me to come up with a balanced and good supported decision.

Below, I have highlighted cardinal subjects that are explored in recognized academic treatment of the surrender of Margaret Thatcher by taking writers and observers of the field.

3.1.2 Divisions over Europe

Iconic of the Thatcher old ages, was the of all time running saga as to whether Britain should fall in the Exchange Rate Mechanism ( ERM ) .

Mrs Thatcher unrelentingly rejected any stairss toward stronger political links which she believed would take to “ an identikit European personality ” , and weaken nationality and tradition of member provinces.


Therefore it is just to state that Europe, finally, played a portion in stoping the Thatcher premiership.

3.1.3 ‘Poll Tax ‘

Margaret Thatcher had ever been a long standing critic of the British Taxation system which is proven in her memoirs, where shy says that she ‘always disliked rates intensely ‘ ( Jefferys, Atlantic Books, 2002 ) .

The conservative authorities, under Thatcher so bought in the community charge to replace the long standing revenue enhancement system that dated back about 100 old ages -‘Rates ‘ – which resulted in every grownup paying a level rate charge.

The debut of the Community Charge was met with great unrest and discontent for Thatcherism and resistance groups formed.

One Journalist, quoted in the Economist dubbed the system as a ‘A fatheaded, boneheaded, dunderheaded, blunderheaded, muttonheaded, knuckleheaded, chuckleheaded, puddingheaded, jobernowled wash- out of a cock-up. ‘ ( The Economist, 3 Dec 1994 ) which could be seen as a representation of the peoples positions at the clip of it ‘s debut due to the March and Riot of 1990 in resistance to the new system.

The public violence was a fatal blow for non merely the canvass revenue enhancement but besides the Margaret Thatcher and before the new twelvemonth, Thatcher had stepped down as Britain ‘s Prime Minister.

3.1.4 Thatcherite Economicss

Thatcher ‘s market-led policies saw the sale of 20 state-owned companies including British Telecom. She did hale the state out of the economic stagnations where the UK was known as the ‘sick adult male of Europe ‘ but at what cost? Her deregulating of the banking industry finally led to this current recession via the ‘credit crunch ‘

Monetarism came to be used to depict what people idea of as ‘Thatcherism ‘ . In simple footings, it is the acknowledgment of the importance of money and money supply in an economic system.

The belief in free markets and single wealth creative activity undermined the cloth of society promoting selfishness and an addition in inequality. Thatcherite beliefs include a support for a signifier of ‘trickle down economic sciences ‘ the thought if the rich get richer everyone benefits.

3.1.5 Trade Unions

Strikes were a regular happening and crippled the state. The three-day hebdomad was introduced under Edward Heath. And Callaghan ‘s Labour authorities in 1978 oversaw the work stoppages of the Winter of Discontent. On election, Thatcher used the state of affairs as an alibi to oppress the brotherhoods. She merely refused to listen to the workers ‘ representatives. Her economic policies helped weaken the brotherhoods.


The ground in which I conducted research through

The methodological analysis subdivision should supply a principle for the method of research employed and for pick of beginnings used, together with an account of any tools ( e.g. questionnaires ; SPSS ) involved and the several standards of rating applied to these. Samples of such tools ( in clean signifier or with amalgamate informations ) will likely necessitate to be included in an appendix. It is non necessary to include a narrative description of the research procedure, although instance surveies ( e.g. observation Sessionss ) need to be good documented.


As predicted, my consequences show the expected diverseness of sentiment.

The consequences and decisions subdivisions should depict, explicate and discourse what the research undertaken has revealed and why it is important. This is best achieved by comparing with the thoughts of sentiment leaders antecedently presented. These thoughts will be diversely supported, illustrated, qualified and challenged by what you have discovered.


With public sentiment turning resolutely against her, she was forced to vacate from office in November 1990 after a battle for leading within the Conservative Party

Many United Kingdom citizens retrieve where they were and what they were making when they heard that Margaret Thatcher had resigned and what their reaction was. She brings out strong responses in people. Some people recognition her with delivering the British economic system from the stagnancy of the 1970s and look up to her committed radicalism on societal issues ; others see her as autocratic, narcissistic and responsible for the dismantlement of the Welfare State. Britain was widely seen as the ill adult male of Europe in the 1970s, and some argued that it would be the first developed state to return to the position of a underdeveloped state. In the 1990s, Britain emerged with a relatively healthy economic system, at least by old criterions.

A clear illustration of the divisions of sentiment over Thatcher ‘s leading can be found in recent telecasting polls: Thatcher appears at Number 16 in the 2002 List of “ 100 Greatest Britishers ” ( sponsored by the BBC and voted for by the populace ) , she besides appears at Number 3 in the 2003 List of “ 100 Worst Britons ” ( sponsored by Channel Four and besides voted for by the populace ) , narrowly losing out on the top topographic point, which went to Tony Blair.


It might be appropriate to stop with recommendations, proposing how the present survey could be extended or repeated in a different format, or how related Fieldss might be explored from a similar point of view. This subdivision, though, can non be used to pardon weaknesss in the survey which should hold been avoided.

Transcripts or sum-ups of interviews, transcripts of original paperss, tabular arraies of statistics, maps, etc. should be included in separate appendices at the terminal. The reader can be referred to these in the text, which may besides include infusions from the same ( e.g. an exchange from an interview )

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