Everyday Use Analysis Essay

July 23, 2017 General Studies

“Everyday Use” is a short narrative by “Alice Walker” . it is a contemptuous short narrative. A narrative about two sisters and a ma. that the two misss are wholly different. Besides learning to stand up for what you want. This narrative is about a ma and a miss called Maggie that they live entirely because the older sibling moved out. In the narrative Maggie and the female parent have non seen how much Dee has changed in over six old ages. Dee in the short narrative sees that her sister Maggie and her female parent have non alter throughout these six old ages non a spot.

In the narrative Dee and Maggie are illustrations of foil characters. Maggie is the really diffident and polite one out of her and Dee. Maggie was the character that lived with mamma. during the narrative it says that Maggie was burned in a house fire. This character is a character that would merely intermix into the background because of how diffident she was. she wouldn’t talk to much ; so she would instead merely intermix in with the milieus. Maggie was a foil character because her and mama didn’t alteration nil throughout the six old ages that passed. while Dee did alter a batch ; throughout those six old ages.

Maggie is a good hearted child. she would instead allow Dee hold the comforters that were promised to her. alternatively of contending over them. Dee is sisters with Maggie in this narrative. she is the character who is really impolite. or that does things her manner. Dee is the merely educated character ; it says in the short narrative that she left so that she could be educated. Dee is noticed as a character that does whatever she wants. and hold it travel her manner.

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One illustration is that. Dee wears a brilliantly colored. yellow-and-orange. ankle-length frock that is inappropriate for the warm conditions. This shows that she would have on anything she wants even if its inappropriate in any manner. In the narrative mamma wouldn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba Dee hold the comforters. and she became ferocious. This another illustration that she is really obstinate. because in the terminal she keeps the comforters. In this narrative I learned that being generous and polite will acquire you further in life. but if you’re stubborn. and impolite you won’t acquire as far in life.


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