Everyone City, but he’s known for many

February 10, 2019 Law

Everyone may know him as the first Republican mayor elected in New York City, but he’s known for many more. One of the most famous things he’s known for is his best-seller book, Leadership. This book talks about all the good views as a leader with the principles of speech preparation, speaking without notes, and communicating one’s conviction. In chapter eight of his book, he talks about the principle of developing and communicating strong beliefs.
He explains to us that great leaders lead from their good ideas. This is ideology which is very critical when trying to run or start a large organization. In the first part of the topic, Giuliani talks about the practise of developing strong beliefs. The ideas that form the basis of leadership can develop in a number of ways. Some come from parents like his own and others from teachers, friends or even rivals. At the beginning of his life he had two job fields that he was considering. The first was medicine and the second was priesthood. Of course neither worked because he soon went to school to study law and somehow that led him to becoming the mayor of the one and only New York City. In the book, he talks about the major lessons he was taught during his career and gives us examples on how someone invests in their destiny. Giuliani’s purpose of his speech is to teach people how to be strong willed leaders who can and will talk from the heart rather than read written speeches when addressing the public. He emphasizes on accountability and states that when he was mayor he analyzed crime trends and tailored police resources depending on community statistics (Giuliani 2002, p 74.)
According to Giuliani, one of the key principle of leadership is speech (Giuliani 2002, p 171.) Leaders need to use speech as a tool of communicating their own goals, and not those of any other person. It is because it is through these speeches that their audience will be able to relate to them and rate their policies.
A leadership is supposed to make an impression to everyone including people outside of the organization that he or she works in (Giuliani 2002, p 171.) Both internal and external factors affect the company and how it is run so with that view in mind it is important for any leader to be able to address both in his speech. And he should always teach himself something new whenever he feels like he is not equipped to deal with a situation. (Giuliani 2002, p 286.)


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