Essay on Everything Was Happening Too Fast

By November 13, 2018 General Studies

Everything was happening too fast.The thick, grey smoke was billowing into the skies turning the once pale blue sheet to a veil of darkness. It wasn’t too long before the fierce fire could be seen sneaking their way out from the row of houses. The windows cracked and splintered under the immense heat, as the devilish flames greedily engulfed all that is in sight; sparing nothing. As though the situation was not yet horrific, gusts of warm summer breeze fanned the fire into a rage. People from the houses on the opposite street ran out onto the road in their dressing gowns, huddling together to view the catastrophic scene. While all eyes were transfixed on the inferno, the plight of the victims did not escape the eyes of the spectators. Firemen were desperately dragging women away from the burning houses to a safe area; whilst the children clenched their mothers in fear, as they witnessed their homes reduced to ashes.Flames engulfed the crumbling houses, attacking anything that came in its way with boiling rage. It was a savage beast, refusing to be tamed, growing wilder by each second. The entire hotel was ablaze, orange flames licking the once-ritzy walls and furniture like an overzealous dog. Blackened, powdery ash danced amidst the inferno, thrown up by the currents of hot air, from where flames continued to eat into anything still relatively unscathed. The fire took on the appearance of a flock of bright red birds, fanning out and beating the ceiling with its fiery wings. Thick black smoke, reeking of burning chemicals, formed an almost corporeal barrier separating the girl from her brother. She covered her nose and mouth with the sleeve of her dress, rivulets of tears carving a path down her ash-caked cheeks. He was sprawled on the carpeted floor, motionless. His clothes were blackened as if he’d fallen into a cart full of coal with gaping holes in his shirt, revealing raw red flesh. He was dead. The charred remains of their houses stood under the moonlit sky like skeletal figures with the last whiff of smoke billowing thickly to the twilight clouds. By the dawn of light, it was a pool of hot ash, no more sound than a thousand-year-old ruin.


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