Examination paper:Chinese Oral English examination

September 14, 2017 Communication

Unit of measurement 3

Select any English linguistic communication scrutiny paper at any degree and set out how you could outdo fix your pupils to successfully go through.

Examination paper: Chinese Oral English scrutiny

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I have worked in China for several old ages as an unwritten English teacher.There is an of import test for junior school pupils using for high school which is called ZHONG KAO.I fix my pupils for unwritten English test for ZHONG KAO from the facets of pronunciation, listening and speech production.

1.The construction of the unwritten English test in ZHONG KAO

1 ) Recite

It will give the pupil 50 seconds for readying and require to read the given article in 80 seconds.

2 ) Question & A ; Answer

The computing machine will raise 2 inquiries and necessitate the pupils to reply the inquiries in a limited time.The studetns should give response in 15 seconds.

3 ) Talking

The computing machine will supply some images and notes.The pupils are required to state the narrative with the given stuffs with six above sentences.

2.Some accomplishments for the “oral English” test

1 )Fixing for the “Reciting” portion: Wage attending to pronunciation

1.1 Some errors ever occur in pronunciation.

If we want to talk fluent and pure English, we should do correct and clear pronunciation.Here are some traditional errors we should detect, “ Thursday ” this pronunciation gives Chinese pupils many problems.They ever misspeak it as “ s ” . A good illustration to see whether your pronunciation is right or non is to look into if, when you say it, your lingua touches the underside of your top-row of dentitions in order to properly pronounce the “ Thursday ” sound.In order to larn this sound, you can overstate the motion required by lodging you tongue out of your oral cavity, so conveying it up against your row of teeth remainders on your lingua, now skid your lingua back into your oral cavity rapidly, thereby dragging it along your top row of dentitions and eventually back to its normal place. This motion makes the “ Thursday ” sound. & lt ; 1 & gt ; The ground I tell the whole procedure of the pronunciation is that I want everyone to take it earnestly. We should seek our best to articulate every word right, so we can be understood good. If you do non obey the regulations of pronunciation, you will talk English with foreign speech pattern.

1.2 Some regulations in reading sentences.

a ) I teach the pupils to divide the sentences into little parts harmonizing to the significance and logical structures.Then they read the long sentences with the separate parts easy.

Last Saturday afternoon, /I was sing my friend.//She knocked a flower pot/ from her window by accident.// It broke on the land below/ and narrowly missed/ some children.// No 1 was hurt, /so we said nil /and went to the film. //After we returned, /we learnt /that the constabulary had been to the flats/ and questioned everyone/ about the pot. //My friend /was excessively afraid /to talk to the constabulary. //Now/ I feel guilty /and don’t know /what to do.//


In rapid address some consonants and vowels tend to diappear.Consonante are sometimes elided before another consonant or in a harmonic bunch.

Goo ( vitamin D ) forenoon, Mr. Bell.

Goo ( vitamin D ) forenoon, beloved.

Uncle Li’s fa ( degree Celsius ) Tory is qui ( Te ) near to the film.

I wen ( T ) there entirely a ( T ) nine La ( T ) dark.

-Do you know his Bi ( ke ) figure? -Sorry, I don’ ( T ) know.

The forty-firs ( T ) lesson is qui ( Te ) hard.

Goo ( vitamin D ) fortune, Lin Tao

degree Celsius ) Assimilation

The topographic point of articulation of a consonant may switch to that of the undermentioned consonant.

For illustration: She is reading in bed. [ im bed ]

vitamin D ) Rhythm

English is stress-timed language.The words which carry emphasis in a sentence include:

Nouns, adectives, chief verbs and ejaculations, most adverbs and some pronouns, some clinchers which are emphasized.

Wordss which are usually unstressed include:

Concurrences, prepositions, aides and modals except as above

For illustration: I see E?animals in the E?zoo.

vitamin E ) Intonation

English talkers apply an modulation melody to a stretch of speech.The stretch is every bit little as one syllable or short sentence which is called a tone unit.There are fundamentally 4 intonaion melodies in English.We use different melody harmonizing to different significance.

For illustration,

The a†-young >man / is my a†-brother / whoa†- joined >the ground forces / >three old ages a†?ago. Three a†-passions, /simple but overpoweringly a†-strong, / >have governed mya†? life: />the yearning for a†-love, /the hunt for a†-knowledge, /and >unbearable commiseration / for thea†- agony ofa†? world.

2 )Some practical accomplishment for “Question and Answer ”part and “speaking” portion

2.1 For “Questions and Answer” portion, the pupils must understand what the inquiries mean first.Its mark is to measure the students’ basic communicating accomplishments, for illustration: expressing praises, demoing understanding, supplying suggestion, inquiring for support etc.

2.2 For “Speaking” portion, the pupils will pay attending to the folloing points:

–Tense: Fix one tense and utilize the coincident tense through the whole narrative.

– Sequence: Fix the right sequence of the given information or images

-Fluency.Use conjection to link the sentences together to do the whole narrative smoothly.And attempt to state the narrative fluently alternatively of utilizing “er….. , en …” and avoice intermission for a long clip.

3. Practice is an of import attack to better unwritten English

When I taught in China, I found the Chinese pupils are quiet, they ever want their instructor to speak, they don’t want to speak by themselves.So I encourage the pupils to open their oral cavity and talk out courageously.

3.1 Strengthen English listening preparation, Increase the input and storage of linguistic communication.

The input of linguistic communication is necessary to linguistic communication end product and communicating. Listening is non merely an of import manner to get linguistic communication, cognition, and information, but besides the first measure to larn speech production. A big measure of listening preparation is the basic attack acquire the esthesis of linguistic communication and larn how to show one’s ain idea.

American psychologist Wilga. M.Rivers think that the procedure of listening Is non merely the procedure of credence but besides the procedure of apparatus.The comprehension of listening can be devided into three phases: the first 1 is called esthesis phase. In this phase, the English scholars can acquire the superfacial feeling and hold on the general thought. This is a inactive and acceptable phase. The 2nd 1 is called recognise phase. The English scholars can recognize every signal they accept, and link them.This is an active procedure. The last 1 is called comprehension and apparatus phase. From the procedure of listening comprehension, we can reason that: The English scholars should get down their survey with listening. Listen what others have said once more and once more, and cognize how to state, what to state.So that, we will originate strong willing to open oral cavity to talk. That will necessarily better our unwritten English.

I regard listening as the foundation ; expand the sum of inputting linguistic communication to the students.I choose suited stuffs and necessitate them to listen to them, understand and imitate.

3.2 Cultivate the wont of utilizing English thought, Intensify English believing ability preparation.

English thought means that we should extinguish the disturb of native linguistic communication, comprehend, justice, and express in English straight when we speak English. Learners who don’t acquire English believing traing will interpret the information to their native linguistic communication and shop in the memory. Finally, they will interpret into English with the native linguistic communication believing manner subconsciously.Under this circumstance, it will originate some Chines-English. For illustration: [ You go foremost or Travel foremost, delight ] This is an Chinese-English sentence. The correct express is [ After you ] . It will take to communication failure. We can see the importance of educating English scholars to talk English with English thought. Therefore, we should cultivate the pupils with the wont of utilizing English thought.

3.3 Develop an English environment for the pupils and promote them to talk English.

I try to put English environment by all sorts of ways in day-to-day survey. For illustration, I encourage the pupils to organize English believing with self-expression in their day-to-day life.They may depict the whole procedure of an interesting thing. They can besides state their schoolmates what they saw during the whole twenty-four hours. If they feel nil to state, they can read an interesting English paragraph, and recite it in their ain words. As clip goes on, they will acquire the wont of believing in English and speak English.

4. Decision

To hold a possitive consequence in unwritten English scrutiny of ZHONG KAO needs a good readying and pattern in day-to-day study.The above paper chiefly discussed some ways of bettering unwritten English, such as, pronunciation, eloquence, grammar, and content.Every facet had matching ways to better.I besides talk about some particular accomplishment to acquire a possitive consequence in the examination.Whatever theory is, they will non work until they are put into pattern. English acquisition is a gradual advancement and besides a long manner to travel.

Remarks: One sample scrutiny

1.To read the article

Most of us think that people are the most of import things on Earth, but we aren’t. We are truly much less of import than workss! If all the people on Earth dice tomorrow, life will non halt. The workss, animate beings and everything else will travel on life. But, if all the green workss die, Earth will go a really different topographic point. The air will alter and neither animate beings nor people will be able to populate in that air.All life things need workss to do the right sort of air. But they besides need them for something else — – nutrient. Populating things need nutrient to turn, but merely workss can do their ain nutrient. Green workss get light from the Sun and H2O from the land and turn it into nutrient. Nothing else can make that!

2.To answer the inquiries

1. When and where were you born?2. What’s your nationality?3. Which category and class are you in?4. What should a pupil do in category?5. How frequently do you hold a category meeting?

3.To introduce your American schoolmate Anna

Notes:1.Annd has been in China for 2 old ages

2.Anna like Chinese food.She is interested in Chines culture.She made a batch of Chinese friends.

3.Anna is good at sport.She likes cast collection.She has collected more than 100 Chinese stamps.She will travel back to US following twelvemonth.aˆ‚



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