Examining Management Information Systems In Dell Logistics Information Technology Essay

August 7, 2017 Information Technology

The basic aim of carry oning this survey was to understand the impact of direction information system in placement of DELL as a client centric company. It surveies how Dell empowers clients with the characteristic of the customization and run intoing their demands with their Value Web Model.

Undertaking Definition

The undertaking deals with the Value Web Model of Dell which explains their logistic map right from taking orders from the clients and presenting them the merchandise on clip harmonizing to their specifications.

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Dell is American Multinational Information Technology Corporation that develops personal computing machines, laptops, notebooks, computing machine peripherals, computing machine solution and assorted other services. Dell is the 3rd largest Personal computer shaper in the universe. Advent of cyberspace has changed the full dimension of the manner concern is done. Dell sells its merchandises straight to the client through the cyberspace every bit good as the mail order catalogues. This has helped Dell to capture a major market portion and has helped Dell to be one of the major participants in its field. With the aid of cyberspace Dell is impeling to new highs. Execution of e-commerce has made the in-between portion of the gross revenues procedure redundant. Customer forms a major portion of the fabrication and merchandise planning procedure at Dell. Dell ensures that thoughts are shared across boundaries by doing an appropriate usage of the development of information engineering. With the aid of internet one can configure his laptop or desktop the manner he desires and acquire it delivered within no clip. Companies are utilizing e-commerce extensively to increase their gross revenues. Dell is now selling about $ 5 million of merchandises on-line every twenty-four hours and Internet gross revenues are nearing an one-year tally rate of $ 2 billion. We would see how information enabled services has helped Dell to increase its gross revenues. Dell has extensively used Management Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory Control Systems and assorted information processing tools to do its operations more efficient. Management information system is the cardinal behind full procedure. Other systems like ERP system and wireless frequence designation system play a encouraging function. Dell considers itself considers itself a virtually incorporate company and this has played a major function in conveying Dell to competitory place in the market.

Description of the system

1. Order processing: In this measure, Dell merchandises can be ordered by naming on the toll free figure or through the online shop. Credit card is the fastest manner of payment online. Once the full payment is made, automatically order parts and transferred to the production database, the orders production section will instantly acquire to work. Users telling can cognize bringing day of the month or transporting company to track the transportation position, the figure of orders issued by the user. To recover this information, the user needs to plug in a Dell order figure and standardization informations. Dell will direct query consequences via the Internet to the user.

2. Pre-production. From having orders to get down production, trim parts need to get at the mill. This clip is called the reaching clip. Pre-production clip varies as the demands are different. Order verification is normally two manner i.e. telephone or electronic mail.

3. Accessories ready. The needed parts list besides automatically generated, relevant forces will hold parts delivered to the assembly line.

4. Configuration. On assembly lines, assembly forces will piece the parts into the computing machine, and so into the proving procedure.

5. Trial. Testing sections test the assembled computing machine with particular trial package.

6. Boxing. After proving, the computing machine is put into the box. At the same clip, mouse, keyboard, power cord, direction manuals and other paperss are loaded.

7. Distribution readyings. The merchandise is ready to be delivered after the production and proving stage. But the orders that require particular transportation operations may take longer clip.

8. Ship. Goods are shipped to the designated locations. Dell has designed several different bringing methods. Under normal fortunes, orders will be sent in 2 to 5 working yearss to the designated locations. The merchandises are delivered at your doorsill along with free installing and testing services.

After corroborating the reception by the client, confirm reception of payment order is marked, before having the user ‘s payment.

Procedure Flow

The above diagram shows the information flow between Dell and all its stakeholders. It is besides observed that there is information motion between the stakeholders every bit good.


Management Information System ( MIS ) is an merger of organisation with the information system. MIS is merely non a system but a value add-on for the organisation. It can supply one with competitory advantage the manner it provides to DELL. It helped in happening solutions to the job every bit good as give an excess border.

Dell ‘s direct gross revenues Web site, offers a consumer order position trailing and question interfaces for consumer enquiry. Dell has an of import facet which is individual production and no stock list hazard. Dell ‘s rivals by and large maintain several months of stock list, while Dell ‘s stock is merely a few yearss, these factors make Dell more than 50 % mean one-year net income border.

Dell ‘s has a direct manner of e-commerce-based value to users which include:

Customization – irrespective of the size of order

Streamlining the production, gross revenues, logistics, etc. which helps to salvage costs

The after-sales service provided screens all countries such as logistics, distribution

The logistics and repositing and transit comparatively big differences exist, exactly because the traditional storage and transit services for e-commerce services can non be comprehensive, which makes e-commerce logistics operators are non in topographic point, excessively rearward. In add-on to the traditional logistics services, e-commerce besides need to value-added logistics services.

Besides, the systematic 8-step procedure followed by Dell ensures customized goods to be delivered in lesser clip.

Implementing MIS gives a strategic advantage and is of import for endurance in the dynamic market but it is indispensable to maintain it updated and competent. It should be of high criterions and aid in achieve company ends and back up the company to accomplish its potency.


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