Examining the options for a Restaurant business

The new concern traveling to be started in the UAE is a new nutrient concatenation. The nutrient concatenation will be opened in the major metropoliss of the state. The seven Emirates of the state will hold the new nutrient articulation. The concern of nutrient concatenation is a thoughtful thought for making concern in UAE as the state is the most attractive topographic point for international touristry. Tourists from all over the universe will be the chief clients of the nutrient concatenation. There are non many nutrient ironss in UAE which serves multi culinary arts to its clients. The new nutrient concatenation will aim the consumer section which is left untasted by the fast nutrient ironss like McDonald, KFC, and Pizza Hut etc. These fast nutrient ironss have been a trade name name all over the universe for the past many old ages hence they will give a tight competition to the new startup of nutrient concatenation in the UAE. The consumer section targeted by these fast nutrient ironss are the adolescents and childs below 12 old ages, a big portion of the adult ups contributes in the consumer list of these fast nutrient ironss. But many studies have illustrated that the nutrient offered by the fast nutrient ironss is really unhealthy and risky for the users particularly for kids below 12. The new nutrient concatenation will aim those consumers who are want to travel out for dinner or tiffin with household or friends and want to bask a quality nutrient which is delightful in gustatory sensation and at the same clip healthy and least harmful for the childs. Tourism in the UAE is a major factor for the success of many concern sectors in the state. The cordial reception concern of the state is touching the new highs merely because of the immense figure of tourers in the state. The franchisee of the new nutrient concatenation will be opened in all the seven emirates of UAE as the mark clients of the concern are much diversified. Each franchisee will aim different section of clients. The merchandises of the new nutrient concatenation will be of really high quality and hygienic so the cost of the nutrient will be a spot high in the new eating house. All these qualities of nutrient of the new eating house concatenation are a point of attractive force for the local population of the UAE. The criterion of life of the UAE people is really high as comparison to people of other states. So they will besides be the mark clients of the new nutrient concatenation. The entire mark clients of the new nutrient concatenation will be the big figure of tourers coming every twelvemonth to the state and the local population of the state who are willing to acquire quality and hygienic nutrient even if the cost of nutrient is higher. ( Homes )

Different Options for Business

The UAE has become the chief concern hub in the Middle East and North Africa part. It is besides the chief tourer topographic point in the universe. Because of the above two attributes the state receives people from different civilizations and parts of the universe. The new nutrient concatenation will hold a bright concern chance to capture more and more market portion of the nutrient market because the nutrient industry of the state is still non that rich. The state majorly has merely the international fast nutrient ironss like McDonald, CCD and KFC. Another type of nutrient concatenation in the state is the 1s which are extremely expensive for an mean individual to see. The nutrient in the fast nutrient ironss is cheaper but the quality of nutrient is really unhealthy and unhygienic whereas the other eating houses and nutrient ironss have really high quality of nutrient which is really hygienic safe for wellness but overly dearly-won. So the new nutrient concatenation will hold a competitory advantage over the other bing nutrient or fast nutrient ironss if it starts supplying quality nutrient within sensible cost. The new concatenation will hold many options of nutrient to function in the eating houses as the clients in the UAE are non of a individual civilization so they all have different outlooks of nutrient and drinks. It will be impossible to carry through the demands of all the clients in one store merely. Several shops of the concatenation will be opened throughout the state to aim the maximal possible clients of the state. The new eating house concatenation has many options for choosing the type of nutrient, quality of nutrient, and manner to function nutrient to the clients. These options are discussed in the literature reappraisal of the solutions. ( Smythe. , 2008 )

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Literature Review

Based on different literature and articles found on web and library it can be examined that the new concern of nutrient concatenation has many options to accommodate as what to cook, how to cook, and how to function to the clients. Following are some of the options suggested based on the readings and findings:

Fast Food Chain

Harmonizing to surveies it has been found that the market of fast nutrient has been increasing at really gait in the UAE. The gross revenues of fast nutrient in the UAE have generated more than 100 million USD in a twelvemonth and it turning with 25 % one-year rate. The fast nutrient market can easy aim adolescents and childs with their merchandise scope and inexpensive monetary values. The fast nutrient ironss are besides celebrated between professionals as the merchandises are ready made which saves clip. But many studies in the state have suggested that the nutrient of the fast nutrient ironss is really eldritch and unhealthy. So taking to open a fast nutrient concatenation involves heavy hazards related to political and societal environment. Although the fast nutrient market is the most profitable any protest against the fast nutrient may happen anytime because of the study studies. This might be a good option if the minor hazard is ignored. The fast nutrient market now is non constrained merely to Burgers, pizzas, or hot dogs but the term fast nutrient has been expanded in the past few old ages and many insouciant nutrient points form all over the universe have been included in the word fast nutrient. ( UAE ‘s first Grecian fast nutrient concatenation opens its doors, 2003 )

Specific Cuisine or Theme Restaurant

The new nutrient concatenation traveling to be opened in the UAE may be based on some specific subject and serve merely some specific individual culinary art to all the clients. The culinary art served will be the forte of the eating house will make the trade name name of the concatenation. The intent behind choosing a peculiar subject and specific culinary art for the eating house is to develop a trade name image in the field of that peculiar culinary art whether it be Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Continental, Arabic or any other. But the quality of nutrient and service must be one of its sorts in the whole state. The concatenation must be remembered by the name of the subject of the eating house or the type of nutrient of the eating house. ( Dubai nutrient and Arabic nutrient. )

Multi Cuisines Restaurant

60 % of the eating houses in the UAE are found to be functioning multi culinary art dishes to the client. If the new nutrient concatenation will besides be opened to function multiple type of nutrient at one topographic point for the clients so it will hold to confront intense competition. The competition degree will be higher because the bing eating houses in UAE have already made their trade name image and tourer of the state used to travel merely to those topographic points. There will be nil particular or advanced in the merchandise or service scope of the nutrient concatenation. So the thought of opening another multi culinary art eating house concatenation should be avoided to salvage the new concern from failure. ( Dubai nutrient and Arabic nutrient. )

Option for the Undertaking

There are legion hotels, eating houses, nutrient articulations and fast nutrient ironss running in the UAE. All of these nutrient topographic points have been successful in their concern because the state welcomes 1000000s of tourers every twelvemonth and these tourers are the chief mark clients of these nutrient place. So the chance of get downing a new nutrient concatenation in the UAE should non be missed. Many options for the type of concern have been discussed above in the literature reappraisal but none of them are suited harmonizing to the current market and consumer demands. To carry through all the demands of all the consumer segments a concern thought should be adopted.

The new nutrient concatenation will work on a wholly new thought. Al the eating houses of the concatenation will be alone. There will non be any fix peculiar subject for all the links of the concatenation but each and every articulation has its ain different subject and all of them will function merely one sort of culinary art but every possible type of culinary art will be available within the concatenation. Every articulation will be maestro in the culinary art it will function to the clients. There will be several links of the nutrient concatenation in one metropolis and each of them will hold different subject and specialised type of culinary art. This type of nutrient concatenation will be a new thought for the concern and will assist in pull offing many things really easy. Every nexus will hold to function merely one type of demands and if the client has different demand so the concatenation will decidedly carry through them but at some different topographic point.



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