Example Answers to Questions on being a Strategic Leader

Actually there is no individual definition in peculiar for the organizational civilization as this is a really broad subject and it has being studied from assorted different positions.

Following is one of the definitions on organizational civilization: –

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A set of apprehensions or significances shared by a group of people that are mostly silent among members and are clearly relevant and typical to the peculiar group which are besides passed on to the new members. ( Louis 1980 )

Organizational civilization is nil but the shared beliefs that members of the organisation have, which is nil but how the people of the administration react when they are given the duty of determination devising. The people working in an administration come from different backgrounds and life styles and hence their manner of attack will be different. But in an organisations civilization, everyone has to follow the administration civilization in the same manner. One of the most of import duties of the strategic leader is to make and keep the organizational civilization which wagess and encourages corporate attempt of the people working within the administration.

At the following degree of civilization are values. They are determined as behavior on larger extent, but they are straight non discernible, as behaviors are. Value is really something which is measured non necessary to be merely with money it may besides be in footings of dependability, trust, belief, good will and many more. There are two types of values which are fundamentally given more importance and they are Strategic values and Tactical values.

Strategic values are the fundamentally concerned about the long-run way of the organisation where as Tactical values are the normal twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours values that we conduct with ourselves to accomplish the terminal end.

The impact of organizational civilization and values can be in such a manner that a company can lose its market portion or else it may even hold to close down their concern. Because these two facets are most of import for a strategic leader to look upon as whole administrations public presentation and their attack towards their end is decided by these two things.

For Example: –

Enron, for case is one of the illustration that we can take here as how the incorrect organizational civilization precipitates concern failure. Enron ‘s was really much into accomplishment oriented, entrepreneurial employees reinforced the competitory “ survival-of-the-fittest ” civilization of the company ( Byrne, 2002 ) .

Because of their high public presentation outlook and competitory behavior which they have created within the administration has lead their employees to contend amongst themselves and unethical patterns besides started taking topographic point in the administration within Enron directors and employees.

Reasoning Thought

Therefore harmonizing to my degree of apprehension and believing strategic leader should be really much clear about its organizational civilization and values that he is traveling to put for the administration and which in bend aid his administration to achieve success and turn tremendously. An apprehension of civilization is a really important accomplishment to seek for the leaders to accomplish the strategic results. Strategic leaders have the advantage of their place as they have the really clear position to see the moral force of the civilization, what should stay, and what has to be transformed. And this is the kernel of strategic success.

Discuss how organizational particular, legal, regulative and ethical Requirements impact on strategic leading demands.

Administration has to take duty of their staff, clients, investors, and the communities in which they work. If administration has to last in the market for a long clip without any hurdlings and obstructions they must take attention of the legal, regulative, and ethical demands. Administrations should obey the Torahs of the authorities whether it might be the province or the cardinal authorities and should ever be good cognizant of the alterations in the regulations and ordinances.

Legal demands and its impact on Strategic leading

The local Torahs, authorities licenses licences and hallmarks, patents, other legal paperss that are to be taken attention of. If the leader fails to carry through any of these formalities so it would be considered as non-compliance. And hence it can take the company into problem.

For illustration: if the fabric maker has the license to import merely four machines and manufactures the goods merely on that and if he import ‘s more than that it would be against the jurisprudence.

Ethical demands and its impact on strategic leading

Every employee is to be made clear about the moralss of the company the twenty-four hours he/she joins the company. As moralss means is the making things in the manner they are supposed to be done. The ethical duty of the employee of the company is to work for the benefit of the organisation and non for his/her personal benefit. They have to honest and dedicated towards their organisation. Many organisations now implement the CODE OF ETHICS in their company policies, which they implement during initiation and regular preparation. A codification of moralss “ is by and large a more across-the-board statement of values and beliefs that defines the organisation or group ” ( Brandl and Maguire ) .

The strategic leader should follow few of these ethical patterns to construct the honest repute and guarantee smooth running of the organization-







The above mentioned ethical patterns cover about everything about the organisation and besides the exterior of the organisation.

For ex- everyone in the organisation has to follow the ethical patterns and if anyone found non be following would be punished in some or the other manner. For case one of the ethical patterns of Sunderland college is there is no racial favoritism. If any pupil or the employee of the college found know aparting another pupil on its coloring material so it would be against the moralss of the college and appropriate actions would be taken against the peculiar pupil for perpetrating the peculiar error.

Regulatory demands and its impact on strategic leading

Regulatory demands, as the term itself implies, are demands which are compulsory for the relevant governments of our concern. Anything which is closely related to our concern should be under our prevue. The demands are like the legal fencing to our company. The information on this will maintain a company off from mulcts and enforcements attached.

The present basic regulative models and Acts of the Apostless that govern our concern operations include Sarbanes oxley act ( [ SOX ] , 2002 ) , gramm-leach-bliley act ( 1999 ) , and wellness insurance portability and answerability act ( [ HIPAA ] , 1996 ) . The specific demand vary and necessitate careful survey.

The basic impact of the regulative demands on the concern depends mostly on how implement them. Ignorance towards this can take to negative effects.

Ex- the smoke inside the premises is non allowed as many companies in Hyderabad are SEZ ( societal economic zone ) . This is one of the Torahs of the authorities in Andhra Pradesh. And the companies follow this. If anyone found to be smoking inside the company premises it is against the Torahs and ordinance of the company. Consequently there are many ordinances made by the company and which varies from one another.

Ex- feeding in the schoolroom is against the ordinances of the school or colleges. The pupils are being provided with the separate cafeteria to hold their tiffin and hence they should non eat in the schoolroom.

Becoming a strategic leader: your function in your organisation ‘s enduring success

A By Richard L. Hughes, Katherine Colarelli Beatty

Evaluate current and emerging societal concerns and outlooks impacting on strategic leading in the administration.

The cardinal societal concerns emerging in corporate societal and environmental appraisal patterns in the current place of the market are as follows-

Pull offing the socioeconomic hazards of investings

Respect for basic human rights, peculiarly among in-between category group of people on which it might consequence in a immense manner.

Developing consciousness of and capacity to pull off societal issues within corporations.

Determining corporate duties and community development activities.

The strategic leader should be in a place to indentify societal hazards and chances. And he should besides measure the societal and environmental impacts exhaustively. Recognition of the public engagement should be at that place in undertaking sustainability.

Ex- stakeholder ‘s engagement in an active engagement in companies internal and external personal businesss, and joint determination devising. Organization should be prepared to listen and develop an apprehension of the community ‘s concerns as good.

Ex- the nutrient fabrication company, they use boilers in the mill to fabricate goods and which throws tonss of fume in the air which might be unsafe for the people populating about. So, the function of the strategic leader takes topographic point here, he has to do certain the mill is built in a topographic point where there is less of population or no population at all or he should take necessary stairss to avoid that unsafe atoms distributing in air with taking proper safeguards.

( Integrating societal concerns into private sector determination devising, by Kathryn McPhail, Aidan Davy )

2.1 Evaluate the relationship between strategic direction and leading.

LEADERSHIP- “ leading is a procedure whereby an single influences a group of persons to accomplish a common end ”

( northhouse, 2010, p.2 )

Leadership starts with a dream- a vision of where or what we want to be. Leadership entails make up one’s minding scheme.

There are few inquiries that are to be answered by the leader –

What we want to be?

Where we want to be?

What we are?

When should we be at that place?

Whom should we aim upon?

Why should we be at that place?

And last but non the least

How should we be at that place?

Strategic direction – the word ‘strategy ‘ comes from the Greek, strategos, which originally referred to a general in bid of an ground forces. ( Gill, 2006, p.177 )

Its significance has evolved and in simple footings it is “ the manner to accomplish success ” . Like leading scheme is a procedure. Strategic direction and peculiarly scheme preparation have been considered to be like making saber saw with every piece in topographic point and in merely one topographic point.

There is non much of difference between the leading and strategic direction because both are the procedure of accomplishing something that they have dreamt about ( vision ) .

The common features of leading and strategic direction are: –



Ethical motives


Core values and Ideology

2.2 Evaluate leading manners and their impact on strategic determinations.

There are figure of different attacks or manners to leading direction that are based on different premises and theories. It can be based on person ‘s values, beliefs, and penchants, every bit good as the organizational civilization and norms.

Charismatic leading

Participative leading

Situational leading

Transactional leading

Transformational leading

The quiet leader

The old surveies on leading have come to an decision that every leader is different from another because their manner of making things vary. The leader has their beliefs and values and they work on the undertaking consequently. Many leaders are involved in the squad ‘s public presentation and they participate in the squad the appreciate often to their squad members and seek to acquire consequences while many other leaders give the undertaking to the squad and inquire them to execute and they supervise and control the squad ‘s public presentation.

2.3 Discuss why leading manners need to be adapted in different Situations and measure the impact on the administration.

Behavioral theories- this theory focal point on how leaders behave. There are different types of leading manner. In 1930 ‘s kurt lewin developed a leading model based on a leader ‘s decision-making behavior. Lewin argued that there three major types of leaders –

Autocratic leaders- these types of leaders fundamentally make determinations without confer withing their squads and without inquiring anyone in the organisation.

Democratic leaders- these types of leaders are said to be really celebrated with their employees as they do n’t pretermit the determinations which come from the subsidiaries in their determination devising procedure. The grade of input may change from leader to leader.

Individualistic leader ‘s these sorts of leaders do n’t interfere in many of the determination devising procedure. These sorts of leaders allow their squad to do the determinations. This happens when the squad is extremely capable and motivated, and it does n’t necessitate close monitoring or supervising.

TRAIT THEORIES- trait theories argue that leaders portion a figure of common personality traits and features, and that leading emerges from these traits. Trait theories help us to place some qualities that are helpful when taking others and together, these emerge as a generalised leading manner. Traits are the external behavior that emerges from things traveling within the leaders mind – and its internal beliefs and procedure that are of import for effectual leading.

CONTINGENCY THEORY- these theories believe that their no peculiar type of leader it varies from state of affairs to state of affairs. These theories try and evaluate which leading manner is best suited in one peculiar circumstance. A popular contingency-based model is the hersey-blanchard situational leading theory, which links leading manner with adulthood of single members of the squad.

Develop a civilization of professionalism, common trust, regard and support within the administration.


The word professional means the individual who has obtained the grade and got the occupation in the professional field. This term besides reflects the qualities like the individual is extremely educated and got the comfy wage. Professionalism is nil but the manner you act in the on the job environment. It is the ability to work in a respectful, educated and understanding mode while making a occupation.

Professionalism is defined with the aid of adjectives or adverbs that describes the nature or actions. For case a professional might be described as trustworthy, loyal or hardworking. The term professionalism itself has the positive intensions.

Harmonizing to me in a peculiar organisation the people who are working should be good dressed, should esteem everyone who is working with them, should be in a place to derive the trueness of their clients.

When you are working in an organisation that should be professional but should besides look like an professional. Because if it is a retail mercantile establishment of any merchandise the minute client walks in makes the contact with the employee and after that they search for the merchandise. As is been said in the past by a great individual that 1st feeling is the last feeling if it non the last but so it would be the most effectual feeling on the client. Hence all the employees are asked to recognize the client with the smiling every bit shortly as they enter in the shop.

Adopting the criterions of professional behavior by and large helps to better the concern efficiency and company trade name value.

MUTUAL TRUST – there should be common trust and assurance between the employer and the employee and besides between the employee and the employee. The function of the strategic leader is to make the competitory environment in the organisation but it should non coerce the employees to make unethical patterns. Therefore leader should non be partial and should act in a impersonal manner for all the employees. He should move like the parent and should non be partial to any of the employee of its organisation. The employee should hold religion and trust in all the other employees and their occupation, for the organisation they should be being honorable and dedicated.

Measure the impact of a strategic leader ‘s clear focal point in taking the administration in the accomplishment of aims.

Strategic leader ‘s clear focal point helps him in implementing its vision and way for the growing and success of the administration. To pull off the alteration it requires the strategic leader to assist non merely in supplying the way but he is the 1 who can construct ownership within their work groups to implement the alterations. With the aid of a good strategic leader the organisation and the employees working in feel secure and safe. And if the strategic leader is clear about what has to be done to accomplish the peculiar mark so his half of the work is done, as it will be much easier for him to do its employees understand and make them implement. Focus is nil but taking at your end clearly. As the clip passes your focal point should non be blurred it should unclutter till you reach your coveted end.

Planing without action is fatal and action without planning is ineffectual.

Strategic leader is to be after everything harmonizing to the resources ( optimal use of resources ) and so he has to implement that program.

Ex- Martin Luther king Jr he had his focal point clear on acquiring the inkinesss the equal right when compared to Whites. And he was successful in making his end though he had to give his life in that procedure but at the terminal it was the dream that he had was turned into world.

We can compare this to the administration every bit good for case today Tesco is the leader in the supermarket section because the scheme of Tesco were good planned and were about in front of every rival they had in the section.

Analyse how the strategic leader supports and develops apprehension of the administration ‘s way.

The waies of the administrations are a portion of the waies that a strategic leader has made. There are many things that come under the development of the administration like: employee behavior, codification of moralss, client satisfaction, execution of selling program, making the trade name value of the administration and many more.

What is organisation way?

In simpler footings it is directing the administration on the manner to success.

To accomplish all the above mentioned footings the strategic leader has to back up and develop a scheme to back up these footings and make a procedure to accomplish these ends.

The procedure in a manner the strategic leader plants, develops, and supports the organisations way are strategic leader created the vision, incorporating the construction or the intent, making the belief in articulation, cultural, imperative and values, and last but non the least is the set uping the construct base for the information systems. One of the duties of the strategic leader is to stand for the administration ‘s relationships with the larger society. There are different types of accomplishments that a strategic leader requires are interpersonal accomplishments, conceptual accomplishments, determination accomplishments, proficient accomplishments. With the aid of blend of all these accomplishments the strategic leader can take the administration.

Discuss how strategic leading manners are adapted to run into altering demands, and to enable organizational development and committedness.

There are different types of leading manners viz. :

Charismatic leading

Situational leading

Transactional leading

Participative leading

Transformational leading

These leading manners are really adopted by the strategic leaders harmonizing to the state of affairs. There is so much of competition in the current market that the leaders have to be really speedy and have to be on their pess.

For case if there is any job in the market related to the merchandise or monetary value the strategic leader behaves and adopts the situational leading manner. If there is any job in the squad or between the employees so the participative leading manner comes to play. Their might besides be the mixture of two leading manners. The strategic leader has to be really clear and vivacious. He should be liked by his employees. It is imperative that these strategic leaders become familiar and familiar with the altering demands, in order to equilibrate the people, procedures, engineering and administration.


Therefore to understand the value of strategic leading in today ‘s life, one should be cognizant of the practicality both of outside the administration and within the administration maintaining in head the necessary of strategic leading.

Strategic leaders should non implement their schemes randomly but, instead they should utilize really definite techniques in execution of those schemes.



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