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August 15, 2017 Management

“Does this Milk Shake Taste Funny? ”

In the instance survey presented we have a scenario, we have a company that lacks good corporate direction, quality control, and wellness safety. The Eastern Dairy Company runs on a 3 displacement procedure ; 7-3, 3-11, & A ; 11-7 displacement agenda. Our chief character, George, works on the dark displacement, the 11-7 agenda with a crew of 5 other employees. In this survey we are given a background of George, in respects to his yesteryear and personality. He is an under winner, has merely looked for minimal pay chances ; comes from a traditional household, has some type of relationship with a adult female named Cathy. She seems to be the lone beginning of motive for him to prosecute this occupation, as they ( George & A ; Cathy ) prepare and be after their nuptials. As antecedently stated, he has sought employment simply to carry through the demands of supplying for gas and day of the month disbursement money. That stated one could qualify our supporter as person with low ego regard, low criterions and ethical motives, and a sense of responsibility that is less so desirable.

George’s duty is to clean and keep 500 gallons of merchandise ( milkshake mix expression ) during his displacement. A quandary arises when our character has to make up one’s mind whether to describe a possible wellness jeopardy on one of the occupations. In the dissection of this scenario all factors need to be taken into history. Get downing with the most outstanding is the issue of deficiency of supervising. Another critical issue noted in the article is the eventful duties of the other displacements. A more in depth observation on that underlying issue underscores the deficiency of quality control throughout the 20 four hr rhythm of the productions procedure, and hapless execution of the criterion operating processs of the company associating to nutrient safety. A recent illustration of jeopardies in nutrient production was the 2009 FDA callback of peanut butter even with Salmonella taint ( The FDA found that between June of 2009 and August of 2012, Sunland Inc. had distributed, or cleared for distribution, parts of 11 tonss, or day-to-day production tallies, of peanut or Prunus dulcis butter after its ain testing plan identified the presence of at least one of nine different Salmonella types ( Arapahoe, Bredeney, Cerro, Dallgow, Kubacha, Mbandaka, Meleagridis, Newport, and Teddington ) in those tonss. Two of these tonss showed the presence of the outbreak strain of Salmonella Bredeney.

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Equally of import, five merchandise samples collected and analyzed by the FDA from Sunland Inc. showed the presence of Salmonella, but which had non been identified as incorporating Salmonella by Sunland Inc.’s internal testing. Among those merchandises were insignificant butter and shelled natural peanuts. Two of these samples showed the presence of the outbreak strain of Salmonella Bredeney ( USDA ) .

Interrupting down the incidents as they occur, the first, as antecedently mentioned, is the deficiency of corporate construction and supervising. George and his coworkers do non hold a supervisor to supervise their activities and preside over the production during the displacement. Paul, our adversary is the “self appointed” leader of the dark displacement crew. He is one of a crew of six including George, and he decides the procedure, and clip allotment among the crew. As stated in the article the chief duties of the displacement is to manually keep and clean the VATs, sociables, filters, etc. With the handling of nutrient, or nutrient merchandises, there must be a well maintained healthful environment, with robust safety and quality controls in topographic point. As stated in the text, George and his colleagues were ill-famed for holding “water balloon” battles with the 5 gallon bags filled with pre made mix. These acts non merely pollute the country, and render it the insanitary but it raises the issue of devastation of belongings. “While George did non enjoy being hit by an detonating bag incorporating five gallons of heavy mix, he found it great merriment to lob one at his colleagues. The loss of 10 to 40 gallons of mix on a displacement did non look to concern anyone, and these battles were ne’er curtailed” . So non merely is at that place a saneness issue, we have devastation of belongings, and larceny. For there to be a otiose 40 gallons per five gallon bag, there is a consistent loss of 8 bags a “game” if you will.

On the affair of wellness and safety, the article references that Paul references to George that the Health Inspectors do in fact bead in unheralded at the terminal of the displacement to inspect conditions. This information would indicate to an premise that the inspectors show up for the beginning of the forenoon review. That information besides implies that the works could in fact be running the VATs, sociables, etc for a full 24 hours, and non be cleaned sporadically allow entirely being inspected. All of which leads to the inquiry, what are the duties of the other displacements.

The concluding information presented in this instance survey is the statement made by Paul to George when George brings the presence of maggots to Paul’s attending. Paul responds “don’t’ forget that all this material goes through homogenizer ( force per unit area tubing ) so any solid affair will be wholly pulverized. And when it’s heated in the pasteurisation procedure, any bacteriums will be killed” . Unfortunately that is non the instance. Harmonizing to K.R. Mathers in his survey of dairy microbiology he states “UHT or ultra-heat-treated ) is besides used for milk intervention. In the HTST procedure, milk is forced between metal home bases or through pipes heated on the outside by hot H2O, and is heated to 71.7°C ( 161°F ) for 15–20 seconds. UHT processing holds the milk at a temperature of 135°C ( 275°F ) for a lower limit of one second” ( Montville ) . The procedure would 1. ) Not take all the maggots and or the remains from the homogenizer, and 2. ) Even if the pasteurisation procedure disintegrated the leftovers of the homogenisation procedure would still non take all the disintegrated remains. There would still be contaminations doing their manner into the concluding merchandise. Because Paul is non a trained supervisor, and one could presume he does non hold a chemical technology, or biological science grade, he does non cognize this. And to assume he understands the procedure, for which his lone map in it is to clean the equipment, shows the ultimate deficiency of supervising on the company’s portion.

In decision, the Eastern Dairy Company has to finally be forced to remember on all its mixes to all their clients for that specific production day of the month. The Eastern Dairy Company besides needs to fire Paul, and the other dark crew members, for their deficiency of duty and neglect to what should hold been company protocol. They must besides engage new dark crew squads, every bit good as hire a dark displacement supervisor to the full cognizant of company policies and processs. As a direct consequence of the contaminated cargos, Eastern Dairy might even hold to confront possible cases, and mulcts. All of which could hold been avoided, if the site was maintained, and decently cleaned and supervised.


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