Example Essay on Human Resource Management in Lantex Manufacturing

Lantex Manufacturing Company Limited was established as a fabric fabricating company in 1918. Most of the staff and gross revenues squad have enjoyed working for our Company and in the fabric industry for all of their working lives so we can therefore speak with authorization when clients need advice on sourcing and proficient inside informations of any fabric cloth. Specializing in the production of fabric cloth such as:

Screen publishing cloth

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Most types of tea towels

Industrial cloth

Lantex has many 100s of satisfied clients throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and other sister Commonwealth states.

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Undertaking 1.

How ‘personnel direction ‘ has developed into ‘human resource direction ‘ , discoursing the grounds why this has happened and the context of the work that is now done by human resource s direction professionals.

Human resources are the most of import assets in any sort of organisation. Irrespective of organisation size, industry human resources are considered as the most of import assets of an organisation. Though human assets are non look on any sort of yearend fiscal and statutory studies homo still being sing as the valuable assets. Employees of the organisation are the major subscribers for accomplishing aims of the organisation. Employees help to run the concern activities swimmingly and successfully. Though organisation is a non life entity in the society employees, non executive and executive cell staff run the whole organisation with their services achieve aims of the organisation.

After old ages of research in the field of human resources direction, research workers identified several theories and rules for the growing of human resource functional country drastically in several countries. During the early phases direction personalities introduced forces direction as the first capable country to discourse and cover employees direction in organisation. Personnel direction caught the oculus of direction research workers when they identified future importance of employees. Later is has been changed to Human Resources Management capable country for employees direction with extra theorems, tools and techniques and besides other related activities in the human resources section.

Personnel direction emerged during the epoch and term of office of initial phases of industrialisation procedure. All the rules, tools, techniques are focused on administrative activities of the whole workers, employees of the organisations. Major fabricating organisations adopted forces direction for carry oning employees ‘ care, small employees ‘ public assistance activities, employees ‘ salary payments and other statutory inside informations direction, leave direction. All these activities under forces direction were conducted as administrative activities to ease smooth forces direction operations. Personnel direction had became one major country for get downing developments in employees ‘ direction in other sectors besides.

Draw dorsums in forces direction helped research workers to happen out alternate topic for pull offing human resources effectives. Human resources direction emerged with new constructs and conventions to ease human resource development. It is fact that employees are the existent people who work for the organisation and growing and development. So to pull off, take, and direct the employees of the organisation towards the aims of the organisation is decidedly a critical and most of import activity. HRM was developed maintaining employees as the premier resources of the organisation. Management bookmans considered employees satisfaction as the major factors that influence the employee satisfaction, HRM was developed to do employee satisfy by bordering the organisation HR policies harmonizing to the alterations in the market. The major difference that we can happen in between HRM and forces direction is HRM has been updating its policies, conventions, rules, hour patterns harmonizing to the alterations in the assorted industries in the concern environment. Where personnel direction is non like that, it was dedicated merely to employees ‘ administrative activity instead than employees ‘ development. Personnel direction is limited to merely few activities of employees of the organisation, where HRM can execute several HR activities. HRM provided terminal to stop solutions to organisational HR jobs and issues. HRM developed its wings in the major HR activities like

Role, undertakings and activities of human resources director as they would use in your organisation.



campaigner profile showing,

Conducting assorted interview types,

define occupation profile,

specifying occupation duties and functions,

employee compensation programs,

planing inducement construction,

employee preparation and development,


public presentation assessment activities,

leave direction,

attending direction,

employee calling program design,

ESOP plans direction,

wagess design,

engaging procedure direction,

issue interview activities,

Employee keeping policies

employees struggles direction,

group struggles,

interpersonal relationship development activities,

squad direction activities,

group dynamic activities,

differences redressal activities,

HR guidance and aid for each employee if required,

Hour activities through ERP,

on-line aid and calling support to employees,

employees welfare plans,

pulling top executive from other companies,

preparation and development plans for new and old employees,

Like this there are several other maps can be performed and managed utilizing the HR section of any organisation based on the demand and demand.

These are the different activities that hr director has to use in the organisation. HRM updates its hour patterns harmonizing to the demands to the companies and helps the organisations to do corporate degree strategic aims. HRM gives full control and bid over the whole employees for directing them to accomplish the organisational aims. It injects and develops squad direction and squad development for increasing the employee productiveness and public presentation during executing the organisation.

Finally, you consider two human resources theoretical accounts that would use in your organisation

For developing the organisation preparation and development where of all time required to the employees based on the public presentation of the employees can be used to develop the organisation. In Lantex a major fabric company so training and development methods gives a opportunity to better the employee accomplishments during working in the organisation. The following method that I would wish to implement in Lantex is alterations in organisations hr patterns direction. Entire activities majorly are now managing utilizing bantam package and bulk of work is managed and controlled by manual operations. So handling batch of information, fixing major studies for effectual determination devising, monitoring and pull offing employees public assistance and office public presentation is hard with the present hour patterns so an erp can manage and can execute all these activities with effectual direction applications for developing and bettering the employee direction activities as per the industry criterions. All the HR related activities can be managed from anyplace in the universe to take fast and quicker determinations to border schemes and better employee public presentation. These are the two of import activities that I would wish to implement in Lantex.

Undertaking 2

Outline the grounds why human resource planning will be of import for the Organization. The phases that organisation will hold to travel through to finish the procedure.

In the present concern universe, to confront the competition from the market, companies should put a right employee in a right topographic point to better the public presentation of the company. Along with the all other resources be aftering human resources planning is besides necessary to make the ends and aims of the organisation as per the organisation scheme. T be successful in concern, in all topographic points, wherever Lantex is making its operation, based on the demands company has to name the right campaigners to better the public presentation of that peculiar country in the concern. Normally several sorts of professionals, proficient, non proficient, managerial and non managerial, field degree, in-between degree, top degree executives, employees, workers, labours are required to finish the whole organisation construction. Duties and duties of a occupation can be performed by a campaigner in that place in an organisation based on the accomplishments, cognition he or she has. If a place is vacant in the organisation, it does n’t intend that, company saved cost of one employee, a vacant place in the organisation increase the work load to other employees in the same degree or group or squad and besides diminish the productiveness and public presentation of the other employees. Employees sometimes experience uncomfortableness and dissatisfaction in executing the responsibilities. So in this competitory universe, if at all to be perfect in confronting the competition, to increase the concern public presentation, to accomplish the organisations aims and ends employee vacant places must be filled in a right clip avoid other jobs. Employees be aftering aid to organisation to happen a right individual in a right clip. In the stiff competition, happening a right individual for the vacant place is really hard. So, if resources are planned in progress so organisations can happen the right individual at a right clip.

What structured procedure of enlisting the organisation will take. Evaluation of methods and media that can be used.

Basically in any type of organisation enlisting procedure is designed based on several factors. Some of them are

Entire figure of vacant places in the organisation

Academic accomplishments required to work for the place in the organisation.

Previous work Experience required to execute the responsibilities and duties

Salary construction


Employment type -Permanent or impermanent

Recruitment procedure means pulling the prospective campaigner for the vacant occupations in the organisation. In answer to the enlisting activity from the organisation, interested and qualified campaigners respond to the enlisting advertizement through by using utilizing their profiles or biodatas.

Lantex has to first cheque and verify the vacant places in the organisation. HR squad has to direct the requisition to the HR section caputs to give blessing for fresh and new enlisting procedure to make full places. After acquiring the blessing HR directors has to fix an advertizement and take the communicating media to canvas and print or to publicize about the enlisting procedure in the company. Based on the entire financess allotted for the enlisting procedure, based on the enlisting size, based on the campaigner handiness, based on the old experience HR directors gives advertizement about the enlisting notice and advertizement in local newspapers or employment magazines, or in on-line occupation portal.

If the advertizement reach the interested and qualified individuals, they responds to the enlisting procedure through send application for the vacant occupations in the organisation either station or electronic mails. Based on the figure of applications received following measure choice procedure is designed.

Evaluation of the choice patterns and processs and the usage of legal model.

Selection procedure is the most complex activity for happening a right campaigner for the empty occupation places in the organisation. Based on the figure of applications received from the interested and qualified individual with the related eligibility demands and accomplishment set choice procedure is designed. Selection procedure means choosing the right campaigner to the place in the organisations through proving the accomplishments and cognition of the prospective campaigners.

Choosing the campaigner depends on the entire figure of applications received from the prospective campaigners. If the applications are really large in figure, so stages in choice procedure differs. And besides based on the complexness and importance of the duties and function of the vacant occupation choice procedure phases and proving method will be changed from company to company.

Phases of choice procedure

Written trial

Preliminary interview

Business line director interview

HR director interview

Selection procedure.

Based on the public presentation in each unit of ammunition and based on the campaigners accomplishments and cognition campaigners are promoted to the following unit of ammunition for proving his academic, communicating, proficient, professional, managerial accomplishments in different unit of ammunition to choose a right campaigner.

As per the legal policies of the state in which Lantex is runing choice procedure methods and phases are should be framed.

Age of the campaigner should be considered.

Selection panel or the employer at any phase should non demo any kind gender favoritism, race, faith, nationality favoritisms.

Should plan and supply pay and compensation bundle as per the Torahs of the state.

Should supply all statutory installations to the employees.

Should supply good on the job conditions.

Should supply timings to work as per the stator guidelines.

Employer should supply every resource to execute the responsibilities and duty.

Finally, you consider value of interviews as a choice method applicable to the organisation. In sing this issue, you need to believe of about choice procedures appropriate for enrolling staff at different degrees. For illustration, a senior forces and supervisor or line director

Choosing procedure varies from organisation to organisation, if the vacant in the organisation is related to managerial cell by and large organisation conducts different type of interviews to happen the accomplishments of the prospective campaigner.

A director of any cell demands so many accomplishments. To take a squad of people towards the ends and objectives several accomplishments are required. For an ideal director, by and large he should incorporate conceptual accomplishments, communicating accomplishments, presentation accomplishments, managerial accomplishments, inter personal accomplishments, squad direction accomplishments, aptitude accomplishments, accomplishments in specialised country, motivational accomplishments for promoting the employees to better public presentation and productiveness.

Based on the vacant place all the accomplishments are examined and tested by group of experts in relevant field to prove his cognition and accomplishments to look into whether a prospective campaigner is suited to the organisation or non. Based on the organisations codification of behavior and based on the organisation ‘s HR selecting policy every campaigner must be interviewed before offering the fall ining the company.

A face to confront interaction or interview session is organized by the squad of experts in the same division or caput of the division to choose the right campaigner based on the occupation and place demands. Based on the occupation description, occupation profile all the inquiries are asked to prove the prospective individual. If the individual clears all the unit of ammunitions and if the choice panel recommend to the HR company to choose him for the suited place, so HR squad has to discourse about the wage and other inducements or fringe benefits he is anticipating for the service he is lending to the company. After the treatments and common apprehension HR squad can offer a impermanent occupation offer missive to corroborate the offer to the campaigner with the footings and conditions. In the specified day of the month campaigner has to fall in in the organisation by subjecting his old employment, designation inside informations and other statutory information for supplying lasting offer missive. Subsequently by giving fall ining missive selected individual can fall in in the company.

Undertaking 3

This clip he is believing about public presentation assessments and reward direction.

Employees are the cardinal resource for any type of organisation. Employees ‘ public presentation in the organisation is affected by several other factors. Employees ‘ public presentation appraisal is indispensable to better the productiveness of the organisation. If the organisation is successful in happening the employees those who are non working as per the prescribed criterions or aims, it is the duty of the HR squad to happen the employers who are non making occupation right harmonizing the given criterions. Employees ‘ public presentation appraisal gives a opportunity to place the employees with hapless public presentation. So that class of employees can be urge for farther preparation or development in executing the responsibilities based on the consequences analysis in public presentation assessment. Performance assessment is indispensable to measure the public presentation of the employee on a regular basis. Normally companies conduct employees public presentation assessments sporadically largely old ages. Performance assessment gives information about the strengths and weak countries of employees in put to deathing or executing responsibilities and duties. Irrespective of the occupation place and appellation employees ‘ public presentation must be assessed to happen the grounds for public presentation diminutions.

If jobs of non performing artists are identified so HR directors can border related schemes or determination to convey the public presentation as per the guidelines or mark. Sometimes employees work below the criterions because of assorted grounds. Because of hapless on the job conditions, deficiency of accomplishments, low motive, low occupation satisfaction, deficiency of counsel towards occupation aims, deficiency of morale on the company, deficiency of occupation secutiy, low pay or salary bundle, slow calling growing, no acknowledgment and wages system, interpersonal struggles, group struggles, wellness conditions by and large employees public presentation drops all of a sudden.

With proper HR patterns in the company, HR squad members with the support of division caput public presentation of the employees can be increased to accomplish the coveted end product from the employees. Based on instance to instance solution for the employees hapless public presentation must be resolved. If the employees are non holding plenty accomplishment to execute the occupation they can be recommended for preparation as first portion of rectifying step for increasing the public presentation of the employees.

Performance assessment methods can be used to place the employees those who are eligible for publicities, incentive growing, salary growing, statutory benefits, and fillip and wagess. This pattern gives the HR squad to place the skilled and hapless employees in the organisation for taking a right action.

With small motive and acknowledgment at work can besides be utile to increase the public presentation of the hapless performing artists. A good wages system is required to actuate the employee financially. Along with calling ends and professional aspirations employees feel delight if they are rewarded when they perform good and completed the assigned undertakings successfully. A good wagess program for good acting employees, gives and utile as one sort of motive and satisfaction for the employees. So a good pay and wagess policy is besides required to actuate the employees.

You compare the issue processs used by two different organisations and research their assets and subtractions, comparing both sets of processs to outdo patterns

For maintaining the employees with the organisation in service several concerns hr constabularies are required. A good organisation civilization will be ever utile to maintain the employees for a long clip. HR patterns must be streamlines and performed efficaciously to better the employee efficiency and morale towards the company.

By and large employees leave the organisations because of assorted grounds like deficiency of calling growing, low compensation, hapless inducement and wages system, hapless occupation acknowledgment, low occupation satisfaction, interpersonal struggles, high work force per unit area, deficiency of motive, hapless accomplishments, and other personal grounds etc.

Retaining an employee with the organisation is an of import activity in HR patterns. It is really hard to happen a right individual for the place in the industry. To engage new employees ever needs plentifulness of fiscal resources ; this procedure is a cost load to the company. So to retain the employees for long clip, peculiar skilled employees and productive employees for a long clip effectual keeping policies and activities are required to catch the employees and retaining with the company for a long clip by deciding the jobs. Sometimes, keeping activities help to happen the jobs in the organisation, which will be utile to decide them.

As portion of the keeping procedure, Exit interview are conducted by the HR keeping squad to discourse with the employees that want to discontinue the organisation. In this procedure by the aid experts a treatment will be held between the employees and the director to cognize the grounds for surrender. During the procedure, director has to place the jobs for surrender, and the opportunities to decide them. In some instances if the grounds and jobs can be identified and resolvable, HR keeping squad may inquire to reconsider the surrender. If the employee is interested so he will be taken back in service by deciding his jobs. Sometimes, if the employee is non involvement to take his surrender back so he will be released from the service as per the company policy.

Lantex Limited, UK

It is runing in fabric industry across few states in Europe and North America in common wealth states.

Employees should give one month notice to discontinue the company.

Exit interview is conducted by the HR squad to happen out the grounds for go forthing.

Abrasion rate is Low.

Primark Limited, UK

It is runing in fabric industry across few states in Europe.

Employees can go forth with 15 yearss notice

No keeping policy exists in this company.

Abrasion rate is high.

You besides consider choice standards for redundancy and how these may suit into your organisation.

Companies run concern to with individual purpose to gain net incomes. This is the common aim for any type of net income oriented organisation. To gain net incomes, public presentation of every employee is indispensable to accomplish the aims in their several concern divisions. Employee ‘s single productiveness is indispensable to increase the organisational productiveness. Employee ‘s single public presentation is required to increase the organisation ‘s public presentation. Employees as a whole should work efficaciously in finishing the assigned work to them. If the public presentation of the employee is down so aim at several concern divisions can non be achieved and finally it impacts the corporate degree aims. So monitoring and commanding the employees ‘ public presentation is indispensable to pull off the public presentation and productiveness of the organisation by accomplishing the organisational ends and aims.

Every Company tries to maintain the skilled employees with it. If the public presentation of the hapless public presentation has non been changed so they will be considered for expiration. Every employee of the organisation should follow the codification and behavior. If any employees breaches the codification of behavior and breached the regulations and ordinances in serious instances that employees will be terminated harmonizing to the HR policies of the organisation. Employers keep every right to fire an employee if he or she non executing good and working against the regulations and codification of behavior of the organisation. Termination type depends on the earnestness of the issue. Surely Lenox can utilize this method to convey true and just concern activities in the organisation. Lenox is already following separate expiration policy of the employees to keep subject in the organisation. It is the really large and complex procedure. Based on the instance in the concern employees will be removed from the service. This type of policies helps to convey a strong message to employees to promote just and good working conditions and patterns for the growing and development of the organisation.



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