Example of Sociobiography Essay

October 4, 2017 General Studies

My name is TerriWeedman ; I was born Sept. 4th. 1991. Let me get down by stating a batch has influenced who I am today people every bit good as events that have flipped my life upside down and molded me into a better. stronger individual so who I was a few old ages ago. I am traveling to state you about a few people who I highly admire. and a twosome that have failed me. My female parent Jeanne has ever raised me on a tight tether and taught me to hold ethical motives. moralss. dignity. and category about myself. She raised me and my older brother by herself for a long clip. and we ne’er truly got to hold the “Wonderful” mother/daughter relationship every small miss wants with her female parent. but because of our relationship turning up it has made us so much closer now that I am an grownup and hold my ain kid. My female parent is a large ground why I am the individual I am today. I was ever told I’m merely like her and I wouldn’t have chosen to hold it any other manner. My existent male parent Jimmy Severns walked out on me when I was nine old ages old. This event helped me recognize that sometimes blood isn’t thicker than H2O and blood can’t make person stay.

Even though my male parent was ne’er truly around the phone call I got left an empty nothingness in my bosom when I was merely nine. Now my dada Anthony. the adult male who raised me. the adult male who helped me walk. talk. took me to school dances. held me when I was down. the adult male that took me in when he didn’t have to. He taught me that any adult male can be a male parent. but it takes person particular to be a dada. Him coming into my life was the best thing that of all time happened to me and has made me value household so much more than most people do because I know how it feels to hold a broken household. to hold the deficiency of love from one parent. he fills the nothingness in my bosom that I explained earlier in this paper. When I was 19 old ages old I got pregnant with my first kid and unluckily lost it at nine hebdomads. Losing a kid is the worst experience of all time and losing my kid showed me life is excessively short to take things for granted. and that the life style I was populating wasn’t worth losing my life over.

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Before I lost my unborn. I and the male parent were held at gunpoint while we were lying in bed because of something he had done to person else and I was caught in the center. I ended up acquiring arrested a hebdomad after I lost the babe because of the male parent of my kid. After being arrested and sitting in gaol for a hebdomad in June 2011 on charges that could hold cost me 10 old ages of my life I decided I was ready to settle down. travel back to college. alter my full life. and do a better life for myself. I was done traveling back and Forth. being careless like I was unbeatable and nil could go on to me. Traveling to imprison flipped my life upside down. and I was ready to alter. Last but non least. I found out I was pregnant once more on October 18th. 2011.

My life wholly stopped while sitting in the clinic hearing to the consequences. I was eventually over losing my first kid. and was ready to get down my life over. I was immature and ready to acquire in school and be a immature grownup. I was forced to halt. believe. and turn up manner faster so I planned on making at that clip. I had to alter all my programs. I had my girl Amari Raelynn Tussey on June 15th. 2012. Merely a twelvemonth after losing my first one my bosom and psyche came into the universe. my miracle babe.

Amari has made me a better individual. every twenty-four hours she motivates me to complete college here at Brown Mackie and do a better life for me and her. She is my ground for everything I do in life because I know now that life isn’t about me any longer. So to wrap it up with a bow. All of these events and people have molded me into who and what I am today because without run intoing these people or holding them in my life. or without traveling through the difficult times that I did I wouldn’t have the ethical motives and values that I have today. and I sure wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t alter anything about my life of all time. because my life is who I am.


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