Executive Summary Expedia vs Priceline Essay

October 12, 2017 Engineering

Expedia and Priceline are the prima rivals of the online travel service. With travel being one of the Internets hottest trade goods. these two companies have been in competition for the top topographic point. Both concerns offer great trades on hotels. auto leases. and most significantly travel adjustments. The fiscal station online interviewed Expedia’s pull offing manager Sean Shannon about how he keeps the on-line travel superstore unique. He noted that they “invest a batch in engineering and package authors and programmers. who work to do the shopping experience better and calculate out ways to remain in front of the curve ( Ovsey. 2001 ) . ” With both companies making new highs of Internet success. the demand to be informed of each other’s concern policies and thoughts is really of import.

Many clients of both Expedia and Priceline already had a combined travel bureau that would usually hold taken attention of their travel programs. When the Internet roar exploded. companies such as Microsoft jumped on the thought of holding a travel bureau online. The Wall Street Journal Online Edition confirms this demand for engineering by describing on the company’s engagement in J. P. Morgan’s one-year telecom conference. The Wall Street Journal agrees. “Expedia. Inc. is the largest online travel company in the universe. with an extended trade name portfolio that includes some of the world’s taking on-line travel trade names ( “Expedia. inc. to. ” 2013 ) . ” This would enable a new client base that would advance Internet gross revenues. and an easier manner of life for frequent travellers.

Selling points for both of these companies is highly of import. as the passage from a brick and howitzer company to a web based company was a difficult displacement. These companies have non merely been in competition for over 10 old ages. but they have boosted net incomes every twelvemonth. The Atlantic Online posted an sentiment about Priceline in 2010 sing the success of the online travel company compared to that of Expedia. They stated. “Priceline’s stock monetary value is up about 90 per centum. while its rivals have level lined ( Expedia ) ( Madrigal. 2010 ) . ”

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This shows the client. that even though these companies are in competition. they have done good plenty to defy many economic ups and downs over the old ages. The importance of stableness and growing over the old ages is really of import to a consumer who deserves quality in buying potentially high dollar points. The undermentioned study specifics the fiscal studies from the last three old ages for both companies. This provides established cogent evidence that both companies are booming in what they do.


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