Executive summary of shampoo product

May 5, 2018 June 5th, 2018 Marketing

Squeaky Clean company produced Emazing Vibe Shampoo.This marketing plan forms the basis of an innovative and unique of shampoo products.The analysis allow us to the best strategies to help our product be successful with the internel and external environment which we have analysed at our best understanding.

It seems that adults associate well groomed,frizz-free and glossy hair with confidence. So,adults who buy shampoos which protect coloured hair, smooth, repair and moisturize are more very likely to feel more confident when they hair looks good. Squeaky Clean company introduced the Emazing Vibe Shampoo satisfied the need of those persons who really care for their hairs with the different segmentation and it will definitely increase the circle of their segmentation as per the customer need.

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Squeaky Clean company serves men, women, and children because knows the customers need and customer satisfaction. Different type of products of Emazing Vibe Shampoos have their own specific function to cure the hair problems.The actual product is having different versions that will address to all hair types and colours will reflect these versions by considering their types.

As we know that, moisturisation is the key claim for shampoos, conditioners and treatments, with one in four actively looking for it in their purchases. As consumers age, their hair may change condition, becoming dryer and coarser or finer. Many older consumers feel that they are forgotten by haircare manufacturers, who are failing to address their specific needs.

The products that we tried to develop and planned to produce is concentrated shampoo that will offer to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy people’s needs and wants in terms of hygiene and hair care issues.


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