Executive Summary:

Executive Summary

Executive Summary:A high percentage of retailers are affected by several important issues which they need to make sure they control for their business – this would then allow the retailer to gain more customers meaning the company can be more profitable. There are three main issues which I will be discussing within this report and they are listed below; • The global and international retailing environment• Sustainability and ethical concerns• Technology and retailing developmentsAt the end of this report I would have explained fully how these affect my chosen retailer and how to make sure they don’t affect the business.Analysis:Why I have chosen this retailer and why it makes an interesting example for exploring the above themes?As customers, visiting retail stores is part of everyday life. We visit several kinds of shops and consume different products that are very important to our day to day life. Tesco’s is a huge company that has been continuously growing over the last century; however, they still suffer several issues that can affect consumers, competitors, distributors and suppliers. Tesco’s is one of the main food stores that I shop at and I am interested in what makes the company continue to grow and do well in several companies – and they are still growing.Due to the size of the company I find Tesco’s to be the most fascinating when researching the extreme issues that they face. This report is based on my investigation of what issues that affect Tesco and how to fight the particular problems. These can critically affect the achievement of a retail business through the hits of supply and demand. Tesco will need to respond to these changes, but they need to always focus on the customer needs.How Tesco’s operates within its market and competes with similar retailers?As already mentioned Tesco’s is a massive company however the food market is probably the most competitive market due to the other food retailers available. Tesco’s is probably currently the biggest however several other stores are trying to catch up and this includes; Morrisons, Sainsburys, Lidl, Iceland, Aldi, Co Operative and Waitrose’s. Convenience stores are also starting to compete with Tesco’s as the consumers takes a shift towards more trips for fewer items which makes the local store more popular. Morrison’s is probably the most competitive store at the moment due to what they offer in store which Tesco’s don’t including their pizza section and an improvement to the bakery section. Others are close behind though and Tesco’s needOther than the food stores Tesco’s also have different smaller companies which include Tesco’s bank, Tesco’s express, Telecoms and Tech Support. This is another reason why Tesco’s is the biggest retailer in the world and would take some catching up from the other retailer. The only other company that offers smaller businesses is The Co Operative who have Insurance and Funeral Care. They are however not close to Tesco due to the number of companies around the world. Tesco’s re-focus on the customer and their changing needs, such as simplifying ranges and promotions, has meant they’ve know only attracted new shoppers but encouraged them to visit more often. (Campaign Live, Simon Gwynn, May 17). This has been their focus ever since they started back in 1919 but they have started to make this their prime focus which is showing in the sales. Tesco is now ever eager to ensure they stay above the competition to ensure they achieve higher sales each year, but this may become harder. How Tesco is affected by the three main issues listed?Tesco is a big company however this also heightens the issues that they face, and they need to focus on how to combat each problem.The global and international retailing environment:Tesco is the number one food retailer in the United Kingdom, they have already expanded into Eastern Europe, the United States and several countries in Asia. They are currently trying to expand to other countries especially Africa, and they would like to expand further in Asia. In latest years UK supermarkets have come under increased pressure over their management of suppliers and this is one of the big issues Tesco’s must deal with.There are several reasons why Tesco is the biggest retailer in the UK, Tesco’s operates under four banners of Supermarket, Extra, Metro and Express with the company selling 40,000 products (Essays, UK. (November 2013)Sustainability and ethical concerns: This is a major concern for any retailer and something that needs to be considered when trying to plan the future for any kind of business. There are a couple of issues that affect Tesco, and these are; Currency Exchange Rate, Oil Prices and Economic Growth. I will explain each one in a little detail below:Currency Exchange Rate: This has only really been heightened ever since UK made the decision to leave the EU. This now means the pound has started to plummet which can affect importation. Tesco’s suppliers have started to increase their prices due to this which would mean they could increase their prices – this would then mean more customers going to their rivals.Oil Prices: Various factors affect the price of oil which includes; supply and demand and market sentiment. Due to Tesco being heavily dependent on fuel, it is inevitable that an increase in fuel price will affect Tesco. Fuel prices influence transport costs which would then impact home deliveries and distribution costs. This would also mean more customers will start using their bikes instead of driving everywhere which would then help our corner shops – they would maybe receive more online orders, but they will need to increase their delivery charges.Economic Growth:

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After evaluating the business needs of First World Bank Savings and Loan (FWBSL) and the use of secure open source software to enhance security and reduce business costs, I have concluded that the best option would be to introduce Centos to the network. The reason I chose this is because they offer free software and it also mirrors Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Centos offer many online support options and can be updated regularly. Listed below are the server options that I suggest are the best option for FWBSL: Database Server:MySQL Web Server:Apache File Server:Samba Mail Server:Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

LDAP Server:Open LDAP First World Bank Savings and Loan will need to implement a three tier platform architecture that will offer more security for their clients and business needs. Implementing this type of platform will ensure that FWBSL will not be in trouble with GLBA and will keep them compliant with PCI DSS. Tier OneClient Side Tier TwoApplications Tier ThreeServers I hope this give First World Bank Savings and Loan a brief description of what needs to be implemented within the company in order to offer better services and still stay compliant with the State and Federal Regulations. Thank you,

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Project Part 1 Task 1 First World Bank Savings and Loan (FWBSL) needs to consider the increased revenue and cost that will be present if they decide to offer secure services to their clients. With them expecting to have over $100,000,000 a year for online credit cards and loan applications together with other banking services, they are also expected to provide this service while paying close attention to the three security priorities which are: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Customers expect FWBSL to be diligent when it comes to protecting their accounts and Nonpublic Personal Information.

If something were to go wrong they could lose credibility with their current and potential customers. To properly implement a security control system FWBSL has enlisted a network engineer for their networking design. There has also been a lot of discussion about the banking needs for the online transaction that will need to implement a good transaction infrastructure. The following lists what should be determined for the proper implementation of the infrastructure: •A Database Server •A Web Server •A File Server •A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Server •An LDAP Server

There also needs to be a three tier architecture implemented that will offer security and scalability to FWBSL and their customers. Tier one would involve the client end of the architecture. Tier two will be the business side and the third tier will protect the servers that will be implemented for the running of the company. These servers will be located off the facilities at a secure third party location. Also, FWBSL needs to remain in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) which states that the customer’s privacy and security are of the most importance to any business.

There needs to be encryption for the data transactions as well as encrypted logins and an access policy. The best practice is to implement an authentication that requires a username, security question, and a password that involves the use of numbers, letters, capital letters and characters. If the GLBA is not followed and there is a security breach than FWBSL will come under scrutiny and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will start to investigate and could impose strict penalties and fines as well as the loss of customer’s.

Since a version of Linux has been chosen it is best to understand why. Mainly because it will cut down the costs but also it is a secure platform. I would personally recommend Centos because it mirrors Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is more flexible than Windows or Macintosh and offers more security to the banking industry which is a very valuable asset to the company. I would recommend that the personnel of First Bank Savings and Loan be taught how to use Linux so that they can become more proficient but also know when updates will be made available. Task 2

After spending some time researching the different open source software options that are made available to First World Bank Savings and Loan, I have concluded that Centos is the best solution. Centos are free open software and will offer the same options as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It also offers regular updates that the IT staff will need to understand and know in order to properly get them installed and pushed out to the users. I also think that the employees will also need to know how to operate Centos as it is completely different than any Windows or Macintosh software.

There are also many online support options readily available to the user and is very reliable. Centos are always being tested to make sure that it is secure and there won’t be any problems down the road. After the implementation of Centos, the following servers will be used and supported: Database ServerMySQLProvides fast backend solutions and can be used on multiple operating systems File ServerSambaUses SMB protocol to share files and printers and can also share between Linux and Windows OS Web ServerApacheMost popular.

Uses SSL to encrypt data transfers across the web Task 3 First World Bank Savings and Loans will need to set up an account policy for the users and groups within the company. The policy will implement permissions to the Web Administrator, Linux Administrators, Security Analysts, IT, and employees. There will be five groups that will be given the permissions that they need perform their jobs and special permissions will be given to the department heads for each group.

The users will be trained in the proper security protocols and will be required to sign an Acceptable User Policy (AUP) that will stay in their file and updated yearly. These policies are crucial for FWBSL to maintain security and avoid the possibilities of violations. •Web Administrators: The permissions for the Apache Web server administrator will be set at 755 and will give full access to the owner, read and execute to the group, and read and execute to others.

•Linux Administrators: will have 755 for the AD, database server, file server, SMTP server, and the LDAP server to be able to manage user accounts and maintenance on the system. This will give full access to the owner, read and execute to the group, and read and execute to others. •Security Analyst: The permissions for the Security Analyst should be set to 640 and will give the owner read and write, the group read only, and no one else should have access. •IT: The permissions will be same as the Web and Linux Administrators. •Employees: Will have basic read, write, and execute privileges.



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