Existentialism and the Meaning of Life Essay

September 19, 2017 General Studies

This paper will discourse the existential philosopher place and how different social factors contribute to the creative activity of different significance in a person’s life. It will analyze how value systems are formed and will borrow to a great extent from Jean Paul Sarte’s construct of “existence precedes kernel. ” It is of import to observe that the writer will show the statements and correlate it with the two movies that were used in composing this paper.

First. I will explicate the significance of life and how it is created. Following. there will be a brief treatment on how province setups like faith and the authorities keeps purposes to maintain the significance of people’s lives in certain restrictive countries. Then I will sketch the different statements of existentialist philosophers peculiarly that of Sarte and Albert Camus.

“Man is nil else but what he makes of himself” ( Miller & A ; Jensen. 2006 ) . Peoples are all born out of the admirations of biological maps but as people leave the protective uterus of their female parents. they will be exposed to different stimulations in the environments. And this will motivate them to larn things different from how other people learn it. Therefore. a adult male is a sponge who absorbs information in really alone ways. And the things that were absorbed make a adult male who has an every bit alone ground for the significance of his being.

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The very inquiry of life is what paved the manner for the experiential subdivision of philosophical surveies. It is by manner of nature that beings hunt for the significance of life. But worlds as we are. there will be different readings of the significance of life. Each individual is blessed with the alone ability to place different grounds for his being. And there are besides different positions used to bring out the significance of life. Thus. for this paper we will utilize Jean Paul Sarte’s theory of “essence precedes existence” .


The ultimate end in happening the significance of one’s life is to “make a rational sense out of life” ( Stewart & A ; Blocker. 1987 ) . Self realization is one of the things specified in the hierarchy of demands. And in order to cognize the personality of one’s ego. it is cardinal to do sense of life in itself. Unlike the position of the absurdists—people who focus on the “meaninglessness of life and the vacuum of human existence” ( Stewart & A ; Blocker. 1987 ) —existentialists seek significance in the instead nonmeaningful universe in order to confirm the significance of their being.


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