Existentialism in the Stranger by Albert Camus Essay

August 14, 2017 Philosophy

As worlds mature they start to recognize that their life has about ever followed a basic modus operandi from childhood boulder clay decease. This is to travel to pre-school. so in-between school. so high school. so college. so acquire a occupation and acquire married. A critical tell-tale mark of adulthood is when a individual starts to take duty for their ain actions and Michigans doing alibis. Existentialism is a modern philosophical motion mostly based on the theory that human being is unaccountable. that the existence is apathetic and our free pick has a cause and consequence to our effects and that we our responsible for it.

Albert Camus brightly demonstrates these existentialist subjects in the short narrative “The Guest” and the novel The Stranger. Three cardinal subjects that are displayed in both these literature pieces are freedom. duty. and indifference of the universe. Freedom is the basic rule on what democracy & A ; the state of America is based upon. It besides happens to be the root footing on existential philosophy and how all worlds are capable of free pick. regardless of the circumstance. In The Guest the school instructor Daru is ordered to reassign a captive to patrol central offices.

In this state of affairs it is presumed that Daru has no pick but to follow orders and take the captive. yet he states “every spot of this disgusts me. and first of all your chap here. But I won’t manus him over. Fight. yes. if I have to. But non that. ” ( Camus ) Disobeying orders. he steadfastly puts his pes on the land and confidently provinces that he will non in fact deliver the captive. As he starts to walk with the captive he directs him. “Now expression. ” the headmaster said as he pointed in the way of the E. ‘”there’s the manner to Tinguit. You have a two hr walk.

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At Tinguit you’ll happen the disposal and the constabulary. They are anticipating you. “’… Daru took his cubitus and turned him instead approximately toward the south… ‘”That’s the trail across the tableland. In a day’s walk from here you’ll find grazing lands and the first nomads. They’ll take you in and shelter you harmonizing to their jurisprudence. “’ ( Camus ) This free pick is what separates us worlds from animate beings and is the footing of our authorities. In The Stranger Meursalt gets involved in a struggle between Raymond and a adult male merely known as “The Arab” . Meursalt restrains Raymond from killing the Arab merely to return and revenge his friend by hiting. and killing the Arab.

Meursalt did non hold any serious ground to kill the Arab. but he had the mentality that life was unpointed and he was populating for no ground so he decided to make his friends soiled work. Before he kills the Arab “It struck me that all I had to make was to turn. walk off. and believe no more about it. ” ( Camus 38 ) This quotation mark represents the thought of free pick. That he could hold merely walked off and nil would hold happened but he chose to go on with the slaying. These two illustrations absolutely display how free will mostly impacts our lives.

One pick gave a adult male his freedom. while the other took away a man’s freedom. “With great power. comes great responsibility” . Although this quotation mark comes from the celebrated amusing book version film Spiderman. it is still regarded as a really of import quotation mark which is true in all facets. As we grow up we start from holding no power to easy deriving power as we grow older. A cardinal thought in Existentialism is that we are all responsible for our ain actions. which is shown in mundane life. For illustration if a individual commits armed robbery his penalty will be prison. as that is the consequence of the action he chose to execute.

This is absolutely shown in both The Guest and The Stranger. In the invitee Daru set’s his captive free and directs him towards both freedom and gaining control. The Arab nevertheless chooses to take duty for his actions “And in that little haze Daru with heavy bosom made out the Arab walking easy on the route to prison. ” ( Camus ) In The Stranger. Meursalt makes the witting determination to kill the Arab and is willing to pay the effects. He starts hiting the Arab and recognize that “each consecutive shooting was another loud. fatal blame on the door of my undoing.

” ( Camus 39 ) This quotation mark is textual grounds that Meursalt did cognize he was traveling to endure from the wake and as he fires the shooting each shooting symbolically represents destiny strike harding on his door. He ends up paying for this by traveling to test ensuing in his eventual decease ; which he welcomes. These two people from their several narratives both commit slaying and take duty for their determinations alternatively of flying from world. The # 1 cause in mid-life crisis’ are the realisation that life is a everyday and some people so take to travel out and make something wild or seek to alter their life. yet it all comes back to routine.

As mentioned before. everyone in the universe normally follows the same procedure of school. occupation. married woman. childs etc. Meursalt comes to footings with this and knows that the “the benign indifference of the universe” ( Camus 154 ) will do everything ever return to normal. After his female parent dies and he talks to his foreman about go forthing he realizes that nil will alter. he will come back to work after his leave. and go on with regularly life as if nil had changed. There might be some little alterations but everything would be the same. He talks about decease and he knows “I’d been right. I was still right. I was ever right.

I’d passed my life in a certain manner. and I might hold passed it in a different manner. if I’d felt like it. … What difference could they do to me. the deceases of others. or a mother’s love. or his God ; or the manner a adult male decides to populate. the destiny he thinks he chooses. since one and the same destiny was bound to “choose” non merely me but 1000s of 1000000s of privileged people who. like him. called themselves my brothers. ” ( Camus 151-152 ) This quotation mark absolutely represents the experiential thought of indifference as it Meursalt lives his life in a manner that he could he hold changed if he wanted to but it would hold still been the same old vocal and dance.

Death although it temporarily affects people does non linger. and people finally move on. Although Meursalt had a strained relationship with his female parent and seemed to be apathetic he non merely concludes that this applies to him. but to everyone in the universe. This epiphany is what mostly convinces Meursalt to travel populate his life as he forms a relationship with Marie and starts to derive some experiences. He still seems to be apathetic as when Marie asks him if he loves her he says no and this backsliding is the thought procedure in which he killed the Arab.

These illustration define the subject of indifference of the existence and how it plays a big factor on how people decide to populate their life. Existentialism thoughts pop in and out of our lives really frequently and command the manner people think. Albert Camus played upon these subjects and set them into text to assist us read and truly grok them. Free pick. duty. and indifference are all around us. and although some may be more of import than others they still help maintain our Idaho in balance ( Sigmund Freud ) .

Free pick is our witting head and what is the most of import thing to us. particularly as Americans. Free pick is our input to society. whether be good. Responsibility helps maintain free pick in cheque. as all actions have a cause and consequence. Indifference of the universe has a subliminal input in our lives that may non be shown in mundane life but at certain parts of life. These three thoughts are big parts of our lives and how we choose to populate it every individual twenty-four hours.


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