Experience of Shopping on the Web Versus Shopping in a Traditional Manner

April 11, 2018 General Studies

The product that I will choose to discuss about the experience of shopping on the Web versus shopping in a traditional manner is Dell laptop which can be purchased through the official website of Dell or by using traditional manner through retailer shop. For example, the House of Notebook retailer shop that sells original Dell merchandise. By using the traditional manner to purchase a laptop from Dell, there are some disadvantages and advantages compared to purchase via website. Using traditional method, I will have to carry out survey on the product of Dell laptop which might take a long period of time doing so.

For example, I will have to spend my time doing survey on newspaper, magazine articles and catalogs just to get information about laptops. By just referring on one newspaper or magazine, that will definitely be insufficient. Thus I will have to spend money and time to get few more magazines and newspaper in order to gather sufficient information about the product. Other than gathering information from newspapers or magazines, I can directly contact Dell centre to obtain the latest information on Dell products. This can be easy for customer like me because I need not need to waste my time on newspaper or magazines.

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But sometimes, false information and misinterpretation might occur through telephone call. The employee might provide insufficient amount of information to the customer and sometimes customers tend to misinterpret the information. A fine example would be the price of the laptop and the model of the laptop given by the employee. Furthermore, telephone call is not the best medium to gather information as it is impossible for a Dell employee to provide all the information about the products of Dell because that might require a long time to do so.

After gathering information on the laptop that I will most likely purchase, I will have to spend my time visiting the one and only retailer shop in my town which is quite a distance from my house. In addition, the only retailer shop of Dell in Penang is House of Notebook. This is definitely inconvenient for a customer like me because I will have to travel a long distance from my house in order to purchase a laptop from the retailer shop of Dell. When purchasing through the retailer shop, I will face the level of services provided by the sales person that sometimes might be good or bad or indifferent.

Besides, I will need to follow the store’s policies on returns when purchasing laptop from the retailer shop. The advantages of purchasing a laptop through retailer shop are that I do not need to wait for the product to deliver to my house as I can purchase the item that I want on the spot. Furthermore, I can experience the laptop physically by testing the functions and the appearance of the laptop. Thus, it is concluded that there are more disadvantages than advantages in purchasing a laptop via traditional manner. By using internet to shop for Dell laptop, that would be more convenient for me as a customer.

In order to obtain information regarding Dell laptop, I will only have to type in the keywords. For example, I only have to type in the words Dell laptops on search engines such as Google. com, Yahoo. com or Amazon. com. The search engine will display different links which provide information about Dell laptop. By clicking on each link, I can obtain the information on Dell laptops such as the price, the model, the colour and the details or functions. Other than visiting the websites offered by the search engine, I can choose to visit the official website of Dell at (www. ell. com). The official website offers a wide range of products produced by manufacturer of Dell. By referring to the information provided on the official website of Dell, I can save up my time and energy to gather information from different kind of medium. With just a click, every single detail of the laptop will be shown on the website. Customers can also order through the website by using different kind of payment options such as credit card, telegraphic transfer, cheque or bank draft, direct deposit or even flexi payment.

The various payment methods help make my process of purchasing a laptop quicker, easier, safer and more convenient. I will just need to provide the details of my credit card number or some related information and I can get my laptop delivered. Moreover, Dell official website also provides information on the delivery time of your product that you purchased. By following the delivery time, you can predict the day that you can obtain your item. Dell official website also allows customers to customize their own laptop according to their preferences. As a customer, I can choose the specifications that I prefer through Dell ebsites. I can decide which graphic card or operating system I want, how long I want my warranty to be and the capacity of hard disk and memory to best fit my usage and budget. In contrast, if I were to use a traditional way to purchase a laptop, I might not have the advantage to customize my preferred kind of laptop. Though online shopping are a lot better than traditional manner of shopping, the only disadvantages is that customers are not able to experience the product physically and thus might cause them to make a wrong decision by purchasing an unsuitable product.

The reasons why I prefer to shop using online method As a customer, I would prefer to shop using online method than traditional manner. The reason why I preferred to shop using online method is because online shopping makes my process of buying a product quicker, easier, and convenient. Online shopping does offer better prices. For example, I can place a bid of price on the item that I want to buy and get the item at a cheaper rate. Another reason is related to my life as I’m the one who likes to surf the internet all the time thus online shopping is a lot better for me than traditional manners.

I believe that online shopping provides a wide variety of products and services than traditional manners and thus increases my purchase option. By using online shopping, my time can be fully utilized as I can perform different tasks when purchasing a product from the website. I can write my report while browsing the websites of the items that I want to purchase and I can also spend my time checking mails. This really helps to save up my time and makes life so much easier.


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