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London is the capital of the United Kingdom. The administrative construction in Greater London consists of 32 counties ( boroughs ) and the City of London. widening over 1584 kilometres ? . The population of London is about 7. 5 million nevertheless throughout Greater London about 13 million people live. The GDP per capita for The UK is $ 36. 500. London is the richest portion of Britain and yet it has the highest rates of poorness in the UK. Lagos is the largest metropolis in Nigeria. With an estimated population of 8. 8 million dwellers in the metropolis. or instead 10. 7 million in the metropolitan country. Lagos is the 2nd largest metropolis in Africa. The UN estimates that at its present growing rate. Lagos province will be 3rd largest mega metropolis in the universe by 2015 after Tokyo in Japan and Mumbai in India. Lagos is the chief metropolis of the south-western portion of Nigeria. Africa. The GDP per capita in Lagos is $ 3. 649. Over 10. 000 people arrive at Lagos every hebdomad in hunt of occupations and most stop up in the city’s mega slum do to the deficiency of occupation chance.

Children life in poorness are those who experience want of the stuff. religious and emotional resources needed to last. develop and boom. go forthing them unable to bask their lives. achieve their full potency or take part as full members of society. The easiest manner to quantify child poorness is by puting an absolute or comparative pecuniary threshold. If a household does non gain above that threshold. the kids of that household will be considered to populate below the poorness line. Absolute poorness thresholds are fixed. whereas comparative poorness thresholds are developed with mention to the existent income of the population and reflect alterations in ingestion. This is non ever accurate. as it is merely an norm and there are people gaining 1000000s who affect that mean GDP per capita. In hapless countries of London there are many jobs that face kids. The hapless countries tend to be in topographic points that lack occupations and occupation chances e. g. Hackney. Such hapless countries can truly impact the child’s life due to their life conditions.

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These kids are populating in comparative poorness as they do hold entree to clean H2O. nutrient and shelter which is provided by the province. but are considered hapless to the remainder of society as they can’t afford luxuries and usually depend upon benefits to acquire though life. These countries that lack occupation chances have high unemployment rates and so people have low incomes and frequently associate to offense as it is the civilization of the country and people feel they do non acquire adequate support from the authorities and experience allow down and ignored. These hapless countries are premier musca volitanss for drug traders and drug nuts. This is significantly bad as they have a low income and so can’t afford the drugs and so they use the money which would hold been spent on the kids E. g. quality nutrient. Rather than passing the money on better quality nutrient they spend it on the drugs they are dependent on as they are addicted and so the kid looses out as they tend to be mall nourished.

Bing mall nourished can increase the opportunities of going ailment which so in bend means the kid is less likely to pass clip in school as they are off ailment. This so affects their acquisition and they under achieve which means they have a less opportunity of of all time acquiring a occupation and so they are trapped in the poorness rhythm. It is so rely hard for the kids to interrupt out of the poorness rhythm due to many factors that affect them. Whereas Children life in the slums of Lagos besides suffer from poorness. nevertheless the bulk live in absolute poorness as they do non ever hold entree to clean H2O. nutrient and shelter. for illustration these kids don’t have entree to clean H2O and so most of the H2O is contaminated with diseases like cholera. Allot of kids catch cholera from imbibing dirty H2O which makes them ill and as most of the kids have no entree to wellness attention due to their parents being born they can stay sick for a long clip and it can be fatal.

Bing sick means they can non assist to supply for the household and the money being spent on their wellness can non be spent on other critical things like basic nutrient materials. It is difficult to acquire out of both instances of poorness ; nevertheless the kids in the slums of Lagos are worse away and have a lower criterion of life than the kids populating in Hackney. The bulk of kids populating in poorness in Lagos are born to hapless parents. Because of things like grownup poorness. deficiency of instruction. unemployment. disablements and favoritism significantly affect the causes of child poorness. Lack of parental economic resources such as disposable income restricts children’s chances and hence the kids are unable to travel to school and allot of these kids are forced to work. The job is that allot of these occupations where kids are forced to work are really unsafe and can do hurts. wellness jobs and even decease. E. g. the recycling of old oil membranophones that contain harmful toxins.

The chief ground why the kids in Hackney are trapped in the poorness rhythm is because of the parents/Careers every bit good. The rhythm of poorness is when a household remains in poorness over many consecutive coevalss. Family issues can play a large portion in the ground for the kid being submitted to a life of poorness. If the parents get in debt so this can be the cause of allot of emphasis. this can besides do the kid to hold emphasis which can impact their acquisition ability and wellness. Stress can besides do dissolutions between twosomes ; this can take to individual female parents who are left on their ain to back up the kid and themselves. which can besides take to father emphasis. Most individual parents are unemployed because they haft to look after the kids and so they rely on benefits. Adolescent gestations in both MEDC’s and LEDC’s are large causes of child poorness.

Children ensuing from unwanted gestations are more likely to populate in poorness ; raising a kid requires allot of resources. so each extra kid additions demands on parental resources. Families raised by a individual parent are by and large poorer than those raised by twosomes. This can be a large issue in LEDC states such as Lagos. Many teens abandon their kids as they merely do non hold the resources available to back up their kid as they can non claim benefits as they do non be. Where as in MEDC’s. adolescent mas are supported by the authorities and household. The job in Lagos is that kids by and large suffer from absolute poorness ; nevertheless there is besides comparative poorness. With absolute poorness kids by and large do non hold what they need. They are short of basic nutrient. H2O. shelter. vesture and adequate or sufficient wellness attention.

Where as in Hackney people do non endure from absolute poorness and so are better off. nevertheless they live in comparative poorness that is poverty under comparative footings is viewed as being what some people lack in relation to other people. In my sentiment the worst experience of kid poorness in Lagos would be the deficiency of Clean H2O which causes a important sum of deceases and unwellnesss and affects the household as a whole as the money used to pay for the child’s health care comes from the money usually spent on other necessities like nutrient or instruction. The authorities of Nigeria could supply communities with Wellss nevertheless it would be a phenomenal sum of money. and the bulk of the people don’t live on legal evidences as they have merely moved at that place and have non really paid to populate at that place and so the authorities would non be allowed to construct Wellss as most of the people don’t have permition to populate at that place in the first topographic point.

The worst experiences for kids populating in Hackney would be the civilization of the country and so kids grow up with offense related experiences. this so means that most of the kids get brought up with offense and this can maintain them in the poorness rhythm. The authorities of Britain could increase prison sentences and increase policing in these countries. This policy would be expensive nevertheless it would increase the criterions of life for these people and assist them acquire out of comparative poorness. Both instances of poorness affect the child’s chances in life. This means they are limited occupations available to them or unemployment if there is a deficiency of occupation chances.

There future coevalss will likely besides live in poorness. whether absolute or relation. They will seldom see if at all the luxuries and experiences we take for granted. Their lone hope acquiring out of poorness is if the authorities adopts a poorness decrease scheme paper ( PRSP ) and use strategies like the growing of the metropoliss and urban development. employment chances and poorness decrease and lodging strategies. Besides the best manner to cut down child poorness would be to cut down child labor and increase handiness to instruction by constructing more schools and bettering the quality of instruction. This is a cardinal point that authoritiess need to follow in order to cut down child poorness and assist interrupt the poorness rhythm.


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