Experimental Research

By May 16, 2018 Medical

When we want to learn about the humans, we must experiment on the subject. There are current scientific and medical research that needs to be done on human, in this case there will be an experiment involving a clinical drug trial; a pharmaceutical company wants to test a new sleep aid. In order to learn more about the new sleep aid, researchers would need to study on patients who have trouble sleeping through the night. This can be the case of insomnia or it can be symptoms of another condition that causes a lack of sufficient sleep.

Before the experiment begins, we must review the hypothesis to test the theory of the effectiveness of the new sleep aid. We can hypothesize that if patients with severe insomnia fell asleep faster and longer throughout the night, the new sleep aid can help enhance their sleep. There are also different types of elements used within the experiment to understand the logic of the research and to reduce biases. To get the most accurate results for the new sleep aid, researchers will include a randomized controlled trail; a control group and treatment group.

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This might not be the most practical nor ethical method of researching, but the effects of the sleep aid that is experimented and the validity of the effects. The purpose of random assignment is to observe the results of the two groups, those who took the placebo and those who took the sleep aid, to find the link between the treatment and not the status of the patients. To use random assignment, we must first find patients who are having a hard time falling asleep naturally, not caused by other medical problems.

Out of the one thousand patients, half of the group was the control group and the other half was the treatment group. During the time period of the experiment, both control group and treatment group’s progression will be observed and compared. To know how the new sleep aid can affect both groups of subjects, we have to include a control group, just in case some patients in the control group have the same outcome as the treatment group.

To determine the success of the success of the experiment, the measurement would be the patients that have taken the pill and have not taken the pill. By comparing the results of the sleep aid in both the control and treatment groups will allow researchers to know if the treatment is effective. They can also show the side effects of the new sleep aid. The experimental research of the pharmaceutical’s new sleep aid can be more effective for patients who has a hard time falling to sleep, but it is the results of the patients that will determine the success of the new sleep aid.


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