Explain How Products Are Developed Essay

September 11, 2017 Marketing

3. 1. 1 The merchandise life rhythm ( PLC ) .

The merchandise life rhythm is used for finding the lifetime of merchandises and there are 4 sub phases of merchandise: debut. growing. adulthood and diminution. From 2007 until now. Honda Air Blade has become the most successful line of Honda’s minibike every bit good as on market. Since it was born. Honda Air Blade has achieved gross revenues of more than 2 million merchandises. This twelvemonth. from April to the terminal of September. Honda Air Blade reaches to 274. 563 merchandises. ( Zing. 2014 ) This minibike has brought more net incomes and impacted strongly on gross of company. Honda has had the success with this merchandise line. But in the modern universe. to be able to vie with the rivals. Honda needs to better quality. manner of merchandises and see market monetary values every bit good as rivals to do a better merchandise

3. 1. 2. Branding and trade name leading.

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a. Branding:

A trade name is much bigger than merely the corporate logo. The trade name properties are formed from the attempts of corporation in the procedure of marketing communicating activities and the character of concern. Therefore. corporation demands to hold an appropriate scheme to let go of a good PR run to do them more attractive than the rivals. Honda has slogan: ” The power of dreams” . easy to retrieve and it has been really celebrated around the universe.

B. Brand leading:

The first visual aspect of Honda in Vietnam is in 1996. until now has been through 18 old ages and they have ever been one of the head in their industry. ( Honda. 2014 ) But now. Vietnam’s market has Yamaha. the biggest challenger of Honda and the competition between both will go on for a long clip in the hereafter. Consequently. Honda has to utilize and unite an clever of design. advertisement. selling. and corporate civilization. It will assist make trade name properties in the heads of the people and that this will convey


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