Explication on “Lonely Hearts”

January 21, 2017 Music

“Lonely Hearts” is a villanelle; which consists of six rhymed stanzas in which two lines are repeated in a prescribed manner (Kennedy G33). Wendy Cope chose the title “Lonely Hearts” because the poem focuses on different personal ads. When people put out personal ads they are usually looking to find someone. .

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In line someone is asking, “Can someone make my simple wish come true.” This is a male asking if there is someone out there who is willing to answer back. He goes on to say that he wants a female who would want to go touring on bikes. The next line says, “Do you live in North London? Is it you?” this could mean that he lives in North London and he’s wondering if the woman who might be reading the ad is the living there too.

The next stanza starts off the next personal ad. This one starts out by telling the reader he is a homosexual that is not a meat eater; since he says he doesn’t have many friends, he might be someone who keeps to himself. Line five says, “I”m into music, Shakespeare and the sun,” this shows that he might be really calm and an artistic type of person. Since this is a villanelle the next line repeats the first line.

The next personal ad is a business woman that wants something that will make her life not so ordinary. She goes on to say that she maybe wants another woman that is bisexual. I think she wants her to be arty and young so that she can help bring a little fun into her life. The next line is one of the repeated lines in the villanelle.

This woman is basically saying that she wants a guy who is successful, straight, and solvent, just like she is. In the next line she says, “Attractive Jewish lady with a son.” She is partly describing herself and letting other readers know ahead of time that she has a son. The next line is a repeat of the first line in the poem.

The next person starts out by telling you that their horoscope sign is a Libra. They go on to say that they would want someone who a thin, non-smoker.


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