Exploring the Thematic Link Between the Epigraph and the Greasy Lake Essay

August 24, 2018 Theology

The ”Greasy Lake” seems to be influence by Bruce Springsteen ”Spirit in the Night” . It is like used an epigraph from his vocal even though its non about the characters of the narrative. The characters and actions are wholly made up. The ”Greasy Lake” seemed to merely copy the vocal and take on its a free spirit. The “Bad boy” image in the “Greasy Lake” was admired and planned as the male childs yearss continued. it was non original. We can merely believe about when the “Greasy Lake” was set non merely the epigraph but besides the rubric of the narrative was inspired by Bruce Springsteen ”Spirit in the Night” .

Think about it. are these male childs truly “bad” ? No. they are merely moving out the sort of behaviour they think is “bad” . ”cool” or expected of them. They read books to larn the “Bad boy” ways. imbibe inexpensive non- bad male child drinks and came from high category households. The nature of life was shown through the bad things that took topographic point such as crushing the cat and disrespecting the miss and being bad in order to be looked at as bad or cool. This is the storyteller learned his lesson all from his actiions.

The storyteller. in the beginning of the narrative. believed himself and his friends were these tough cats but the events trhoughout the dark reveals to the storyteller that there is a monetary value to be paid when seeking to be bad. It was the 3rd dark of summer holiday and the storyteller and his two friends. Digby and Jeff. wanted to turn out they were misfits. That they were ready to be foolhardy and became reck. On that dark they wanted to be semi- Rebels. their rebellion explodes in their faces.

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Their actions brings them into a tougher universe than they had arranged for. They beat the gentile up and was about to ravish his miss friend. The cat friends pulled up and the tabular arraies had turned. They ran through the forests. dived and poluted Waterss and floated with the existent tough cat who was dead in the Waterss. They hid from the existent tough cats because they were scared and weren’t bad at all. The layed low boulder clay the early forenoon and so the three male childs started to experience a clump of hatred or repulsion for the “Bad boy” life.

As the terminal it is clear that they have had sufficiency of being “bad. ” The storyteller of “Greasy Lake” matures during his hazardous escapade because he has different positions of nature. Earlier in the narrative they wanted to destruct the odor of possibility and interact in all these brainsick minutes such as ticker the misss take their apparels off. imbibe. fume and listen to Rock & A ; Roll. At the terminal of the narrative these barbarous likings loses their petition or want for these “Bad” cat qualities and facets of life.

When forenoon arrived the storyteller experienced the beauty of the natural universe like it was his first clip. He has a epiphany or announcement that this was nature and in the beginning it was merely a dirty. rundown lake. ? This was non merely for him but for his friends besides. When the misss approached them at the terminal his friend stepped up and trned down the misss offer. The three friends had the experience of a life clip that changed Master of Theology for the better.


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