Extended Marketing Mix Mcdonalds

July 10, 2017 Marketing

Marketingmix McDonalds Hi, I will now discuss the extended marketing mix of McDonalds. The extended marketing mix consists of the 4 traditional p’s supplemented by the 3 p’s according to Booms and Bitner. I will start with 4 traditional p’s. Price, Product, Place and Promotion. Price McDonalds uses the ‘Going Rate Pricing’-strategy. This means that McDonalds prices their products according to the average market price. They do this because their isn’t that much difference between their products and the products of their direct competitors.

They promote some of their products by offering them at a cheaper price. For example: ‘The Eurodeals’. McDonalds offers the consumer the ability to eat a hamburger or cheeseburger at the price of 1 euro. Every month they change the product that’s being promoted. Product McDonalds sells consumer goods. People buy them because of the need they feel to eat McDonalds. McDonalds stands for a friendly, quick service and quality food. All over the world, McDonald’s products are the same and some of them have even helped building the brand.

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McDonalds uses it’s brandname in the name of their products. Think of the BigMac. It’s been around for decades and has created an image for itself. It’s become a real classic on the McDonalds Menu. The main product remains hamburgers. But it’s also possible to order a salad. This counters the criticism on McDonalds for not offering healthy food and causing obesity. Place One of McDonald’s strengths is the convenient location of their restaurants. Situated next to highways and main roads, they are very easy to reach AND to notice.

Next to every restaurant there’s the well-known pole with M for McDonalds. Although there’s ample parking at each restaurant, most restaurants have a McDrive. This concept allows the customer to order, receive and consume their food without even leaving the car. This way McDonalds provide the quick service they promise to their customers. Worldwide, McDonalds has 32. 000 restaurants. 63 of wich are located in Belgium. Promotion Communicating your product to your target audience is of major importance for every brand, product or service.

But for McDonalds, it’s vital not only to communicate their products but also the brand. Using corporate communication, McDonalds aims to get rid of their bad image they have created over the past years. McDonalds is one of the best scoring companies in corporate social responsibility and along with their philosophy: ‘ Quality, Service, Crystal Clarity and Value for money’, it forms their main theme in corporate communication. In addition to the corporate communication, McDonalds uses television, magazines, out of home advertising, etc to communicate their products to their target audience.

As I’ve already pointed out, the extended marketing mix is formed by adding 3 additional p’s to the 4 traditional. People, Process and Physical Evidence. People Employees are very important as they represent the company. Motivation, Customer friendliness and solidarity are therefore key elements in McDonalds’ people management. McDonalds offers their employees career opportunities and they all wear the same uniform with ‘I’m Loving it! ’ printed on the back. Process Crystal Clarity is a part of the McDonalds philosophy.

The food manufacturing process is there for completely transparent. Customers are able to see the food being prepared in the kitchen. This leads to a better customer satisfaction. Physical Evidence Another element in McDonalds’ philosophy is quality. McDonalds focuses on clean and hygienic interiors of their restaurants and at the same time make them look attractive. In order to enhance their environmentally friendly image, McDonalds is now using green colors to paint the interior and exterior. In addition, all restaurants are easily accessible for disabled people.


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