Extending High School Essay

October 6, 2017 General Studies

I don’t think high school should be extended to five old ages. Many pupils can hardly do it past the first twosome old ages. If high school is extended. so there will be an addition in the figure of pupil dropouts. There will be a lessening in the figure of high school alumnuss.

Many pupils don’t like school. so an extra twelvemonth may merely be excessively much. Finally. they will make up one’s mind to drop out. More struggle will originate for those pupils who do non acquire along good with others. Most pupils think of school as a job and non a privilege. They are despairing to acquire out of school. Adding another twelvemonth will merely deter them in go oning their instruction. They will get down to experience like school will acquire them nowhere because they have been there for so long.

Educationally talking. there is small academic ground to widen high school. Increasing the clip will merely diminish the trouble of the classs and non prepare pupils for college categories. Most in-between schools do a great occupation in maintaining pupils that want to stand out in their surveies get a head start for high school. In most territories. pupils who excel academically. and need less clip in high school. hold chances to take college degree categories before graduating.

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If a pupil did non make good in high school. and decides to travel back and have his/her sheepskin. he/she can take remedial categories at a community college. They can so acquire a better occupation or get down their college instruction.

Socially talking. the school would so be a mix of pupils between the ages of 14 and 19 old ages of age. Social issues will originate between the younger and the older pupils because of the age difference between the groups. High school performs an of import societal function in steering pupils through their teenage old ages. At 18 old ages of age. a individual is already an grownup and should be socialized with grownups. such as other college pupils or fellow employees.

In decision. high school should go on to be four old ages. This extension will merely do high school dull and intolerable for many pupils. It does non count how many old ages a pupil stays in high school. It is the quality of acquisition and the students’ ain will to win.


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