Extra Curricular Activities Essay

By September 3, 2017 Music

I was born on 26 March. 1992. and now I’m 21 old ages old male child. However I’m a pupil of Weeraketiya Rajapaksha cardinal college. I was a senior prefect at at that place.

I did my O/Ls in English medium and while making my O/Ls I had a opportunity to make tonss of excess curricular activities merely like singing. moving in play. composing narrative books and I’m a member of media unit.

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And I did my A/Ls in mathematics watercourse. I’m the youngest in the household. and I have a brother and a sister. My brother is a NDT pupil of Moratuwa university and my sister is a banking helper. My male parent is a retired postmaster and my female parent is a homemaker. they had done batch for us to accomplish our marks.

My hometown is Tangalle but my native topographic point is Hambantota. My house located near coastal country. I’m highly interested in music. and my some of avocations are reading. cycling. watching films. playing computing machine games. seeking for extrasensory incidents.

When I’m schooling my favourite topic was history. because I knew tonss of things about history. In earlier. my fate was to see srilanka without terrorist act. But how powerful is my dream. it win really fastly. But my 2nd dream is still pending. I would wish to see spiritually. physically. environment friendly developed srilanka one twenty-four hours. It’s my 2nd fate. I’m certain it will be win shortly. When I’m stating about me. I am an interesting. merriment loving cat with a good sense of wit. One thing about me that is of import to cognize though is that at first I come of as a really diffident individualistic cat but one time I get to cognize people and are comfy with my environment I am great. It is difficult for me to do friends but one time I make them. it’s great and I am all different.

I joke. laugh and wit people and I besides get every bit much as I give.

I have a tough shell but on the interior I am soft. I am besides a really principled individual and stand strong on what is right and incorrect. Academically I am a pupil who likes to be mentally challenged and I enjoy both custodies on undertakings every bit good as conventional acquisition. And I hope to be a enterpriser and develop my fatherland as we should make. I’ll be a existent citizen in srilanka as I’m believing. That’s all.


I'm Amanda

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