Extrinsic Factors Are Not The Only Motivators Commerce Essay

July 21, 2017 Commerce

Extrinsic factors are non the lone incentives but Intrinsic factors besides have more importance towards actuating employees which means that employees are non merely motivated by the pecuniary factors like money they besides need non pecuniary factors to heighten their motive degree which than would take to occupation satisfaction. As we know that money motivate employees but a phase comes when non pecuniary factors, merely merely giving a pat on the dorsum or stating thank you, would play a critical function to actuate employees. Now there are different tools and techniques which can be used to actuate employees under the non pecuniary factors like friendly work environment, forming preparation and development plans, giving awards to employee of the twelvemonth, publicities, employee ‘s public presentation assessment etc.

Lawler ( 1973 ) in the survey says that money act as a incentive, but some other surveies have shown that money may non be a incentive in some instances. So this is clear from these surveies that money is non ever the lone factor to actuate employees, some other organisational factors besides do supply motive to the employees, and occupation satisfaction is one which is studied and found to act upon employee ‘s behaviour and work results.

As we antecedently know that the wage on public presentation, compensation was considered as motive tool. From the organisational point of position, compensation was used to pull, actuate, and retain employees which encourage effectual employees to remain longer in the organisation.

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Now a twenty-four hours ‘s organisation would supply benefit non merely to employees who are effectual but besides to the employees who are committed and loyal. A good and effectual compensation design has ever attracted, motivated, and retained employees which has helped to increase their attempts and end products for the accomplishment of organisational ends. Therefore, planing a wages system is really good for the organisation, as it helps to actuate people and at the same clip it besides contributes to the organisational effectivity.

Opsahl and Dunnet ( 1996 ) noted that, employees preferred some other sort of wagess such as acknowledgment more than their wage, ‘they behave as if they value money extremely ‘ .

It is been clear from the old researches that intrinsic compensation affect intrinsic need satisfaction and recent surveies have found that intrinsic wagess such as verbal words of involvement, usage of words like thanks, pleasances, you are welcome, grasp of work and blessing from supervisor. These grasps positively affect motive and intrinsic demand satisfaction of the employees.

Maslow ‘s theory besides says that a individual foremost of all go for the basic demands which are at the underside, subsequently these are followed by security demands, societal demands, esteem demands and self realization demands. Up to the degree of esteem demands, employee motive or satisfaction can be fulfilled by factors such as salary, benefits, occupation security, and company policy etc while on other manus to when the degree of a individual comes to the degree of ego realization than the factors known as incentives would be needed. These incentives than would include employee accomplishment, employee acknowledgment, and employee growing.

Armstrong says that there are figure of tools to counterbalance people and compensation direction leads to develop a positive employment relationship which means a healthy relation between employer and employee it besides focus on psychological contract.

Intrinsic wagess focuses more on the procedure of larning and development of employees with respect to their work experience. There are figure of illustrations of honoring an employee in companies. One of which is known as Land ‘s End, in which the rewarding system include whole of the employment relationship from fiscal wagess to plume, grasp, disputing work and merriment, leader dealingss and engagement.

Some other Intrinsic wagess such as occupation allotment are used, like one by the name of ‘job and knock ‘ – a common pattern that allows the employee to go forth early if their occupation is complete, flexibleness is given around meal interruptions and occupation security is provided. Another wages normally offered in the organisations is that employees are given the wages of clip ( which means that employees can work from place or hold some clip off from normal responsibilities ) , entree to preparation, and acknowledgment, this would assist develop a sense of occupation security. Some other small-scale wagess which are chiefly symbolic in value but are besides provided by the employer for the line directors to utilize, these include mini awards such as a squad tiffin or field day with the group of employees, or a bottle of bubbly or a gift box is given to them.

An organisation ‘s scheme can be discussed here as an illustration, the organisation used a assortment of inducements to promote the attending of their employees during the Football World Cup 2006, as many football fans miss their work to back up their squad. The inducements include topographic point awards, Raffless, money, and Television screens to watch the lucifers. After execution of this pattern it was noted that absence dropped to its lowest degree. Directors can besides demo acknowledgment to their staff merely by listening to staff and praising their good work ; they can make this by giving verbal congratulations such as ‘well done ‘ or ‘thank you ‘ , or merely a simple rap on the dorsum. On the other manus, International compensation systems are going more and more ambitious issues for HR directors as MNCs become progressively planetary.

Intrinsic wagess come to the worker straight from the work they perform. Peoples who are motivated per se will ne’er discontinue their occupation easy. Peoples feel motivated when they find involvement, satisfaction, and challenge of the work themselves and non because of external force per unit areas or inducements.

Intrinsic wagess are internal to the person and are in many ways less touchable. In fact they are extremely subjective, in that they represent how the single perceives and feels about work and its value. Five types of intrinsic wagess that have been summarized by Manion ( 2005 ) include: healthy relationship, meaningful work, competency, pick and advancement.

Psychological provinces help employees to heighten high work motive and work satisfaction, they depend upon occupation features. Employees have a sense of accomplishment when executing a undertaking that is recognized by others to be a part to the ends or mission of the organisation. The perceptual experience of equity has important weight in this type of wages.

When people are motivated by pecuniary factors like their wage or any other fillips offered by the organisation they are said to be motivated by extrinsic factors. On the other manus intrinsic incentives include ( autonomy, competency and relatedness ) these positively affect work attitudes and motive degree of the employees.

Harmonizing to occupation characteristic theory if there is deficiency of accomplishment, undertaking, liberty, and feedback than they will non supply intrinsic compensation which in return, would harm the coveted work behaviours such as attending of employees and their desire to stay in the organisation which means low turnover.

Pay-for-knowledge schemes can assist organisations to plan some motivation plants like accomplishment assortment, undertaking individuality and undertaking significance, liberty, and feedback. To pull off successful intrinsic wages plans the public presentation of employees is checked with public presentation assessments which besides lead to appropriate compensation. Job characteristic has an impact on person ‘s attitudes. So far the surveies suggest that pay-for-knowledge plan lead to increased affectional organisational committedness and enhanced work motive, these consequence are likely due to pay- for-knowledge programs which promote skill assortment and liberty.


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