Eyes On The Prize Bound To Fail English Literature Essay

September 14, 2017 English Literature

In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts the American Dream as an unachievable dream that is bound for failure. Through the usage of character development, he compares the mercenary American Dream with the existent American Dream where one achieves wealth, attains felicity, and transforms themselves into a character to be idolized. The characters in the novel believe that the lone manner to accomplish idealism is through philistinism and this exposes the corruptness in the American Dream. The novel is set in late 1920s America where the terminal of the war has brought about greed and the chase of pleasance. The diminution in the American Dream is seen as the characters ‘ privation for more overtakes their religious and interior betterment and their chase of this semblance they call a dream, causes them to fall into a downward spiral of empty hope and compulsion.

Jay Gatsby is a premier illustration of the booby traps of the American Dream as his chasing of the American Dream leaves him short of success and contaminations his aspirations that would hold made him successful. Gatsby ‘s dream in being with Daisy is non possible due to the differences in their societal positions. In his chase of felicity, Gatsby has the impression that idealism can merely be achieved through philistinism as he tells Tom, “ [ Daisy ] merely married you because I was hapless and she was tired of waiting for me. ” ( p. 124 ) Daisy, concerned with stuff wealth, represents the booby traps of the American Dream. Daisy gives him a false semblance of her, much like the semblance of the American dream, both stand foring inevitable catastrophe. “ There must hold been minutes when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams-not through her ain mistake, but because of the prodigious verve of his semblance, ” yet Gatsby fails to admit these minutes. ( p. 92 ) Gatsby tries to alter his position but clearly he can non as he is unable to be a west-egger or marry Daisy. In his effort to raise his societal position to be of appropriate lucifer to Daisy, he resorts to illegal methods and rampant philistinism. He began to value money over moral values and wealth became his precedence as he believed it would take him to his love. Gatsby ‘s philistinism controlled his religious side and his dream was doomed to neglect as he lost the cardinal necessities to see love, such as honestness and moral unity. Gatsby demanded that Daisy express her love for him and to ignore Tom, doing Daisy to oppugn why Gatsby ever wanted more. It is irrelevant that Gatsby was able to derive big sums of wealth as nevertheless much he worked, he was unable to hold his dream-Daisy. He worked difficult ( required to accomplish the alleged dream ) as he held parties entirely to run into her, took the incrimination for her accident, and waited outside her house till the bitty hours of the forenoon. Even at a immature age, Gatsby strived to be person with a better and happier life, seen through his agenda, but lost it because of the corrupted vision of the American Dream. Gatsby ‘s belief that money equalled happiness proved to be false as although he tried, he could non achieve personal felicity with his material objects. Through Gatsby, Fitzgerald emphasizes his belief that the American Dream of achieving material goods is shallow. Despite his wealth, Gatsby is empty inside with a nothingness waiting to be filled merely as his room is empty in his magnificent house. It is dry that Mr. Gatz believes that his boy achieved something, as he showed the image of his boy to Nick, as he is incognizant that these material additions were acquired entirely through illegal activity ( instead than traveling to school ) and Gatsby ne’er genuinely achieved his dream. The green visible radiation Gatsby ‘s stares at symbolizes the American Dream. The green visible radiation represents Gatsby ‘s yearning for Daisy as he stares at this visible radiation at the terminal of Daisy ‘s dock. “ Gatsby believed in the green visible radiation, the orgastic hereafter that twelvemonth by twelvemonth recedes before us. It eluded us so, but that ‘s no matter-tomorrow we will run quicker, stretch out our weaponries furtheraˆ¦ And on all right morning- ” ( p. 171 ) The punctuation is of import to observe as the sentence ends suddenly meaning catching the American Dream is impossible. Gatsby dies entirely and his stuff ownerships were of no usage to him as Wolfshiem, who was tied up in concern during Gatsby ‘s funeral trailing his ain dream, says at a funeral you die empty handed and, “ Let everything entirely. ” ( p. 163 ) The Egyptian Pharaoh tried to get the better of this separation with their material goods by guaranting they were buried with their material ownership in their excessive grave. Gatsby genuinely paid a high monetary value for populating excessively long with a individual dream.

The character environing Gatsby seem to neglect in their aspirations for making their dream similar to Gatsby. Tom and Daisy turn out to be unhappy despite their stuff wealth and success as they seem to hold no intent in life, non cognizing what they will make in the hereafter traveling from topographic point to topographic point. Tom and Daisy are non satisfied with what they have and search for something greater. Their moral moralss are besides compromised as their matrimony is full of prevarications and fraudulence. Furthermore, their character was ugly as, “ They were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money or their huge sloppiness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and allow other people clean up the muss they had made. . . . ” ( p. 170 ) Daisy is volatile and mercenary as she lets Gatsby take the incrimination for the accident she caused in her effort to derive what she had lost. Both pursue the American Dream desiring more than they have. Tom wants another adult female in his life-a adult female of lower category than he, giving Tom a sense power. Myrtle on the other manus, depends on Tom to acquire her closer to the American Dream. Tom gives Myrtle the sense that she deserves more as she wants more than life in the Valley of Ashes with her loyal hubby ( characterized by difficult labor with no wagess ) . Jordan Baker is another illustration of a character giving moral values seeking to be grasp a clasp of her dream. This is seen as she cheats on her golf game doing Nick to state she was “ incurably dishonest ” . ( p. 58 ) Jordan was unable to manage the fact that she was down in the game and keeping her sense of illustriousness in the game required her to rip off. Jordan is non satisfied with her life because she is non honorable and attempts to go forth it behind her. She creates a frontage as if she is honorable as Gatsby believes she is. ( p. 70 ) She knows that her success is volatile and that it can go forth at any minute because it was non built on difficult work towards The American Dream.

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Looking at the characters it is clear the aggregation of wealth ne’er leads to happiness. Not merely this, but the chase of these dreams consequences in the forfeit of ethical motives and moralss. The characters are blind to the semblance the American Dream represents leting their spiritualty to get away as they lose their appreciation on it. The American Dream which one time represented difficult work and good moralss taking to a good life truly causes the characters and Americans for that affair to draw a bead on for material addition go forthing values and the happy life behind.


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