Ezekiel & Bible Essay

October 5, 2017 History

In the Bible. Ezekiel is an highly outstanding figure who is shown a vision. He talks about the vale of dried castanetss. The prophesier was mortal. merely like all worlds. Ezekiel besides suffered from a upset that many others suffer from ; post traumatic emphasis upset. Although. he lived in the 6th century. he understood merely like so many of us today. that decease is a portion of life.

At decease. our castanetss are grounds of what happens to the organic structure. This doesn’t mean that we have no hope of ageless like. because we do. since the Bible Tells us how we have ageless hope with God. after Resurrection. Ezekiel buried his dead. where Gravess were a symbol of the life that one time lived in the organic structure.

Merely like Ezekiel. we should all keep onto our hope of the hereafter. but decease of the organic structure is still a fact of that life. All who live in New Orleans. sing the many graveyards that hold the dead of those who lived there can see the Gravess that hold dry castanetss. Many traveled from other topographic points. In Ezekiel: 37. when the prophesier sees a vision. he was allowed to see a vale of dry castanetss. The large inquiry was. “Can these castanetss live? ” While these castanetss can most surely live. it does typify Israel as a state. Israel will come back to life from the dead.

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Cemeteries in New Orleans represent a battalion of dry castanetss that will come back to life and while I visited one of these graveyards. it gave me clip to reflect on what decease truly means to me. I studied many of the Gravess. the grave rocks and all that it represented as I thought about the prophesier Ezekiel and his vision.

One of the Gravess was that of a adult female by the name of Harriet DeLille ; the laminitis of the “Sisters of the Holy Family. ” I found her burial site to be highly interesting and it merely made me inquire about her life and all she succeeded in while she walked on Earth as a life individual. I besides wondered about her decease and seeing her day of the month of decease. I realize that her castanetss were most likely merely like those that Ezekiel described. Since she founded the really school I attended. she became more existent to me so I could more easy familiarise myself with what she was all about while she lived.

Harriet DeLille has a promise of ageless life. merely like all the other organic structures in the same graveyard in New Orleans. God gave Ezekiel the vision to assist us better understand that life and decease are something that we all must travel through in order to happen our everlasting hope of ageless life.

Many people visit graveyards in New Orleans from many topographic points because of the interesting history of the manner they are built. Since the Gravess are above the land. because the metropolis is below sea degree. it draws in people to see them. Graves seem to do people funny since it is something they fear. God takes off our fright.

He told Ezekiel to inform the freshly resurrected when he says ““O my people. I am traveling to open your Gravess and convey you up from them ; I will convey you back to the land of Israel. ” Israel is a promise to God’s people. We are besides given this immense privilege. The Gravess will open up. and merely like Harriet DeLille. organic structures will be resurrected and given the expansive opportunity to come back from the dead. Our hope should be merely like that of the prophesier ; Ezekiel. Our hope in God is ageless.


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