Fable & Story Essay

August 4, 2017 Management

The paper revolves around a fable that talks about the systems development and execution in a certain organisation. for which the directors are discoursing the methodological analysiss. undertaking direction. developing users. affecting users in garnering the demands. and pass oning among them. Mr. John is the manager of IT section. Stephen is the Chief executive officer of the company. and Harry is the Leader selected for the new undertaking.

Stephen: Hi there John. I have heard you have some sort of proposal for the company ; what’s that?

John: You’re right. and the company urgently needs to present some alteration in its IT systems.

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Stephen: I’m tidal bore to listen to it ; delight travel on with your proposal.

John: Sir as we all know that the information database system of our company has been sing some defects in the recent yesteryear. and is non able to absorb the alterations of this dynamic environment expeditiously. Hence. our company needs to present and implement a new ERP system every bit shortly as possible that matches the demands and demands of altering demands of our company. clients. providers. and industry.

Stephen: Hmmm… Agree… So. have you come with the methods to convey it on sing the cost benefit analysis along with SWOT analysis? Listen John. ( tilting frontward ) this is non an easier a occupation. and certainly requires flawlessness in every facet as to forestall losingss from immense investings.

John: Yeah. I understand… ( Sigh )

Stephen: What’s up with the undertaking direction and other jobs that might come up in the introductory and execution phase? How are we traveling to manage all that? And yes. what about the costs or investing ; can we afford it at this clip of state of affairs?

John: I’m wholly cognizant of such issues that might stir up Mr. Stephen. and to get the better of or forestall them. we must hold a leader for this undertaking. You know Mr. Harry I guess. don’t you? Due to his first-class leading accomplishments. he would be the undertaking director who would look around and take the overall execution of new ERP system.

And yes. costs are high but low-cost ; you know we are non in a state of affairs to give our company’s productiveness and efficiency for merely an extra one clip investing. Harry. explicate the remainder to Mr. Stephen about how would you manage the preparation plans. information assemblage. and communicating.

Harry: Well Mr. Stephen. our employees would decidedly necessitate to be trained since the new ERP system is a batch different than the bing one. We would engage expertness from different companies who have the same ERP system. and on-the-job preparation Sessionss would be arranged for few hebdomads.

Stephen: Sounds good. but what about the demands that the employees would experience to hold for the intent of custom-making their work demands and have acquaintance with the system?

Harry: Hmmm… For that. the ERP system would assist them… Yes. the system has different faculties for different uses in different sections. Furthermore. employees would be provided with the tools that are needfully required to carry through a given undertaking.

John: ( disrupting in between ) decidedly. and every bit far as the communicating of this alteration and jobs are concerned. there would non be much issue. The ground is that our company already has an open-book direction policy and a friendly ambiance that encourages communicating and socialization ( Daft. 1997 ) .

Stephen: Hmmm… Sing all that concluding. I’m impressed. Certain cats. let’s go on. Bring the new ERP system here. J


Daft. R. L. ( 1997 ) . Management. Fourth Edition. U. S. A. The Dryden Press


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