Face Negotiation Theory Essay

September 17, 2017 Cultural

The Face Negotiation Theory is established by Stella Ting-Toomey. which discusses the manner by which people with different civilizations communicate and manage struggle. In 1985. Stella Ting Toomey explains in her theory that dissensions and struggles are normally brought about by individuality direction on the individualistic and collectivized degrees. The different aspects that characterizes the individuality of an single or group is referred to as “faces” .

Faces serves as the public image of an single or group. which the society as a whole assessed depending upon the cultural norms and values of the people’s several civilization. Harmonizing to Ting-Toomey. the differentiation between individualistic and leftists civilizations is seen on how the former gives more importance to the face of the person while the latter gives more attending to the public assistance of the group ( Gudykunst. 2005 ) . The major dogmas of the Face Negotiation Theory are greatly applicable with my life. particularly since I interact with people that have different cultural background.

I have friends who do non portion the same civilization that I have and sometimes this is the cause of misinterpretations between us because cultural differences besides affect the values and rules that we have in life. However. I realized that in order to acquire along with my friends I need to understand and accept our differences and in making so. I need to properly communicate with them in a manner that shows my regard to their values and beliefs. which is really one of the of import things that is explained in the theory.

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In relation to this. I besides learn that the theory can really assist me to heighten my communicating procedure in the hereafter wherein I could seek holding a more collectivized face. which will let me to give more importance to the public assistance of the group instead than my single involvements. Furthermore. I realized that the relevancy of the Face Negotiation Theory has become more critical than of all time because our society is going more interrelated with each other. particularly with the greater interaction of different people all over the universe. Mention Gudykunst. W. B. ( 2005 ) . Speculating about intercultural communicating. California: Sage.


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