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November 30, 2017 Media

The first Backbone mistake is inappropriate pictures. This means that people post pictures that are not appropriate for the work environment. For a professional, they should not take any pictures that interfere with your career. I would only take pictures that are normal and not inappropriate. Backbone Mistake #2 = The second Backbone mistake for a professional is posting comments and statuses about your Job and complaining about it.

If I were a professional I would never implant about my profession to other people via internet. I would Just talk on the phone or in person. Backbone Mistake #3 ? The third Backbone mistake is Conflicting Information. This means putting false information on your resume and on your social media account, it’s something totally different. This usually results in career loss. For a professional I would never lie on my resume and I wouldn’t post that much information about myself on social media or on the internet.

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Backbone Mistake #4 ? The fourth Backbone mistake is Careless Status Updates. This means that sometimes refashions post careless comments and statuses that are not appropriate and the status usually interferes with peoples careers. If I were a professional I would always think about statuses that I post and never post anything that is inappropriate. Backbone Mistake #5 ? The fifth Backbone mistake is Security Settings. Thus means that people don’t really check the security settings and bother to apply them and anyone can post or comment on your page. And anyone can look at your page.

If I would were a professional I would apply the security settings and I would block people and limit y pages access. Backbone Mistake #6 = The sixth Backbone mistake is Flamboyant Friends. This means that a professionals friends posts pictures that tag you and your bosses can see this and it won’t look good in the work field. If I were a professional I would never take pictures that are inappropriate with other people because you don’t know what they would do with the picture. Read the Forum’s Postings about this: http://www. Colleting. Com/elect/app/app? Arrive?external/Forum&sp=18271 CONCLUSION: Have you learned anything about professionalism in social networking ties? Yes I have learned several things from social networking sites. I have learned that posting careless pictures and statuses are not a good idea and posting false information is wrong to do professionally. What have you learned that you need to do differently to be successful and professional? I need to use social networking with caution and don’t post that much information. Do you think potential employers should be able to use social networking sites as a means of screening applicants?

Yes I think employers should be able to use social outworking because it would give a lot of information of who you are and an employer should have the right to know that information. Do you believe that the way a person portrays him or herself on a site such as Backbone accurately reflects how he or she will perform at the Job? It depends on when the person posts this information. If it was from a long time ago then they probably could have changed but if the person is currently posting these unprofessional pictures and comments then it could resemble how the person acts in the real world.


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