Factors Of Singapores Economic Growth Economics Essay

Singapore, an island metropolis province located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula has one of the highest per capita gross domestic merchandises in the universe. In malice of the little domestic market, Singapore ‘s economic system is to a great extent engaged in the planetary market place. Harmonizing to the Heritage Foundation ‘s Index of Economic Freedom, Singapore is ranked as the universe ‘s 2nd most unfastened economic state. Furthermore, it is besides stable in macroeconomic footings with no foreign debt, systematically positive excess and high authorities gross. Even during the Financial Crisis in twelvemonth 1997, most of the states badly affected by the impact of the recessions, but Singapore still remained comparatively stable by comparing to neighboring economic sciences.

3.1 Factors of Singapore ‘s Economic Growth

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Since independency in twelvemonth 1965, based on its location, the opening-up policy and the rapid developments of the economic system, Singapore becomes one of the fastest turning economic systems in the universe. However, Singapore ‘s strategic place has helped it turn into a major Centre for trade, communications, and touristry.

( I ) Superior location

Singapore ‘s strategic location is at the southernmost tip of Malay Peninsula and it is situated in the bosom of Southeast Asia. The country consists of the island of Singapore and 54 islets within its territorial Waterss, and it is called “ Oriental hamlets ” . Due to the convenient transit, many travelers would halt by Singapore before go oning their journey therefore bettering the economic system and touristry industry in Singapore.

( two ) Utilize geographic location to develop economic system

Singapore is dumbly populated, hapless resource, trusting on its alone geographical location for economic development has become the economic Centre of Southeast Asia, chiefly in the undermentioned four facets:

International transportation, air power and trade Centre, clime and hydrological conditions are ideal, larboard lading throughput reached 100 million dozenss, the highest in the universe, the International Air Passenger Turnover ranks 2nd merely to the United States, Britain, France, Japan, five in the universe. Singapore normally import big measures of assorted types of primary merchandises, so sum up, rating, packaging and export to organize a alone transshipment center trade and the transportation industry as the chief economic types.

Industrial and proficient service Centre in Singapore is surrounded by sea, refinement and ship building as the nucleus of the industrial sector has world-wide significance. In recent old ages, the development focal point has turned to the building of the new engineering Corner smartly foster scientific and technological forces, the development of state-of-the-art engineering to accommodate to the demands of the reforming of the industrial construction.

Investing and fiscal Centre of Singapore because of the first-class location, convenience and efficient communicating, political stableness, and high quality of the citizens, so that a big sum of foreign capital invested, forcing Singapore ‘s economic take-off. Meanwhile, the Bank of states gathered in Singapore, 2nd merely to the entire figure of Bankss in London, New York and Hong Kong to go the universe ‘s fourth-largest fiscal Centre.

International Tourism and Convention Centre in footings of natural and historical and cultural conditions, Singapore does non hold outstanding advantages for the development of the touristry industry, but it uses its modest location, smartly develop the substructure and fancify the urban environment. It besides provides quality services to simplify entry processs to transport out a assortment of travel “ diplomatic ” unrecorded power and pull a batch of foreign tourers and international conferences held in Singapore. Currently, touristry has become an of import beginning of foreign exchange in Singapore.

As a decision, Singapore takes advantage of their particular geographical conditions to exercise virtue and do good usage the foreign capital, engineering and direction experience. Hence, the degree of productiveness has been quickly increasing and take into a success way of economic development. The way of success is non merely similar for the other ‘s island states, but besides provides valuable experience for the development of the universe economic system. Besides that, due to Singapore ‘s dependance relying on foreign states, it is vulnerable to the impact of external factors, so the economic development there still remains certain breakability and instability.

( three ) Evolving Industrial Strategy and Industrial Structure

The cardinal elements of Singapore ‘s industrial scheme are strong authorities policy engagement, ab initio to get down industrialization and reconstitute the economic system and promote specific types of activities ; trust on free trade and foreign direct investing ; investing in physical substructure and human capital to ease supply restraints ; stabilise macroeconomic environment and industrial dealingss ; and broad usage of financial inducements to take down the revenue enhancement load on concern.

Since the early 1960s, Singapore economic system has transformed from a regional transshipment center into an export-manufacturing platform and a services hub. It is switching towards a knowledge-based economic system now.

Pre-1960: Entrepot and Military Base

In colonial Singapore, it is the topographic points which conduct transshipment center trade and British military base it was reinforced over the decennaries by the development of transit, telecommunications substructure, and commercial and fiscal services and expertness. It is because Singapore has a strategic geographical location, a natural deep-water seaport, free policy and administrative and legal model under British colonial regulation.

1960-1970: Import Substituting Industrialization

Industrial growing in the period 1960-1965 was modest. The industrial clime was adversely affected by political uncertainnesss and industrial agitation. Initially industrialisation focused on treating industries related to entrepot trade such as crude oil refinement, wood and gum elastic processing and nutrient processing. Even it had a little economic system, but Singapore has reached sum S $ 2 billion GDP. The economic systems with outgrowth of industries were deficiency of natural resources, deficiency of scale economic systems with a little and unprotected domestic market. It had no competitory advantage in resource-based activities, big domestic market or labour intensive industries. However, Singapore had an advantage over other developing states seeking to industrialise from an agricultural background.

1971-1980: Export Oriented Industrialization

Singapore has become a free trade government. Singapore enjoyed a first mover advantage as it was one of few developing states that have actively promoted inward Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporation investings. In the 1974-1979 period, industrial growing decelerated, following the impact of the first oil daze in 1973 and the effect of planetary recession. During 1976-1980, economic growing of Singapore eventually recovered back.

1981-1990: Industrial Upgrading

While economic system recovery, Singapore faced some jobs such as deficiency of labor and rewards force per unit areas. It launched reconstituting policies to switch the economic system towards high engineering fabrication when confronting with competition from low-priced fabrication bases emerging in Southeast Asia. In 1985, the authorities had convened the Economic Committee to reexamine advancement of the economic system and place new waies for future growing. Therefore, it recommended the displacement to an international concern Centre and pull foreign MNCs to set about merchandise development, manage exchequer activities, and supply administrative, proficient and direction services.

1991-present: Strategic Economic Plan: Fabrication and Services as Twin Engine

The 1991 Strategic Economic Plan ( SEP ) is prepared to Singapore for a changed economic landscape 20-30 old ages down the route. The chief component was the development of industry bunchs, peculiarly in biomedical scientific disciplines, chemical, ship edifice and fix and electronics. On the other manus, the EDB launched the Industry 21 to promote Multinational Corporation to turn up their cardinal knowledge-intensive activities in Singapore the local companies to encompass more cognition intensive activities and go first participants. In twelvemonth 1995, the Innovation Programme was launched to heighten invention consciousness, conveying new invention systems and patterns in companies to spread out invention substructure and launch a national invention model for action. In add-on, The Economic Review Committee ( ERC ) was formed in December 2001. It aims to do Singapore into a globalized, originative, entrepreneurial and diversified economic system powered by fabrication and services, with local companies complementing MNCs and new start-ups co-existing with traditional concern.

( four ) Future Development of Singapore

Singapore stands steadfastly on a solid foundation built out of trust, cognition, being connected and life ; obliging attributes that come together to organize an advantageous environment companies eyeing a move to spread out into the part with Singapore as its base.


Business looking to put up in Singapore can anticipate unity, adaptability and regard for rational capital to be emphasised by a strategic-minded disposal, which is attuned to the demands of companies to protect innovations and invention.


Besides the multi-cultural nature of Singapore ‘s work force and ability to pull endowment, it needs to go a planetary cognition capital that will drive its leading place in cardinal knowledge-intensive industries.


As the planetary transit hub with the most extended and comprehensive web of trade understandings in Asia, Singapore ‘s perfect connectivity and substructure bring a better market entree and trade flows from merely like local and international companies.


Apart from these, quality of like for employees is besides rather of import when sing the base of operations sing the economic considerations and political stableness. Singapore provides the best quality of life in Asia and is one of the most suited topographic points to populate in the universe.

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During the twelvemonth 2012, Singapore was confronting the critical issue which is economic growing ( Gross Domestic Product ) rose 1.2 % , less than officially calculate 1.5 % , and stealing into its first recession since 2009.

“ Turning excessively fast generates growing strivings and emphasiss and strains ; turning excessively slow green goodss many other serious concerns, ” Mr Lee told an audience of more than 600 economic experts, business communities and policymakers at the Economic Society of Singapore one-year dinner.

And for Singapore, slower growing means fewer new investings, scarcer good occupations, higher unemployment, and a possible loss of gifted Singaporeans to other metropoliss.

Singapore besides lags behind developed states in productiveness and rewards – structurally, a larger portion of growing is in corporate net incomes, non wages – and lacks the “ strategic ballast ” of larger economic systems, Singapore has “ much work to make to guarantee ourselves of a brighter tomorrow ”



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