Factors That Contribute to the Structure of Corporate

December 13, 2017 Marketing

Apple standing out (in the beginning – now everyone have apple) Apple is the average thing It is about differentiation The perceptions and emotions we attach to it It is about differentiation – standing out Early Brands 1866-1899 – Product branding started Later on Coca cola – the promise of good taste His masters voice Sunlight soup Branding is also seen as a promise to deliver A product A service And experience Branding and product marketing Branding was developed to product marketing E. G. Stand-alone consumer products like Coca Cola To communicate to consumers to increase sales

Product Branding was based on logos and slogans Using advertising to place the product in desirable situations and surroundings with the outrageous The marketing department has ownership and responsibility Old Collar advertisements – about having fun IBM was known as a corporate branding Corporate Branding 1. 0 Started out like product branding Heavy use of graphic design, logos and symbols communication through campaigning – ads One-way communication – no dialogue Oust one stakeholder) Only targeting the customers and the public Designed by marketing departments Employees was expected to be supportive

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Only relevant for commercial BBC companies Problem: Huge gap between – who we say we are and who we really are – no employee identification Corporate Branding 2. 0 Who are we as a organization? Culture – who we are as an organization Processes – how we work and do things Strategy (business strategy) Where we want to go Image – how external stakeholder perceive us Relationships – Who we know and relate to Funny relationships – Coca Cola Mrs. (The royal family) Some company have special relationships with organizations, persons etc. Environment – How we treat our surroundings

This involves all the companies stakeholders – and becomes a cross-disciplinary discipline Branding 0. 1 0 Branding 2. 0 Marketing Department 0 Multi-disciplinary Costumers AID stakeholders Campaigning one way 0 dialogue – involving Sales 0 Relationships Logos, symbols, artifacts 0 stories, roles, actions Tactical – strategic Dynamic Scheme (overspreads) 0 Seine (daybed) *It is about putting a lot more into a brand and showing who we really are The corporate branding is three-dimensional Corporate Branding is changing our lifestyle Youth video: Advertisement in ass’s

First it was good to have experience and be knowing Youth began to be valuable It became more important Inexperience Now it is good to be young and stupid 😉 Everyone wanted to be young – then everyone tries to be younger – they get plastic surgery Celebrating the youth What drives the change in branding? Stakeholder expectations – transparency The overdeveloping Competition – skeptical consumers (ass’s) Stand-alone product branding is expensive Corporations have more cultural heritage History, people, actions, stories, dynamic life, we got people, actions, dynamic life, A more solid base and more potential

Consistency vs.. Flexibility image Over simplicity vs.. Nuanced/complex image Cross- disciplinary approach Marketing: S: consumer insight, brand building W: oversimplifying, to expensive Organization/HER: S: Organizational identity, Values, instead of rules. W: narcissistic mindset Graphic design: S: identity through symbols, W: inflexible consistency Communication: S: full stakeholder awareness, complex real life messages, W: walk the talk, corporate narcissism Strategy: S. Longtime corporate reputation, W: evaluation of intangible assets *These departments are what there is a corporate rand Corporate Brand today A Strategic Vision who are we going to be in the future Organizational culture Internal values and employees perceptions Stakeholder Image and Management Stakeholder perception and emotions These three elements should be aligned and coherent Example: Paradise Ice – their vision was that everyone should afford real quality ice Their mission was to start a new ice “age”.

Their values was that they only made ice in very high quality, and not to much fat. We have to be critically and we have to have a food outside and inside. A Corporate Brand Tool Kit

Strategic Vision Organizational Culture Stakeholder Image Where does it fit and where does it not fit Where would there be gaps When you are inside a company you will find gaps maybe Vision-Image Gap – Banks A Job could be analyzing Jobs Paradoxes of Corporate Branding To maintain a consistent brand identity and still be flexible – cultural, ethnically, markets Brands needs to be flexible Aligning internal and external communication in a dynamic and ever changing environment Embracing opposed stakeholder interests, perceptions and demands So – we are expected to contribute with…

History, people, actions, stories, dynamic life, we got people, actions, dynamic life, Strategic insight and understanding Stakeholder awareness and relations You have to know about stakeholder awareness and relations Stories, narratives, rhetoric, messages Stories from different perspective What is a Strategy? A strategic goal a strategy is to point out a strategic goal Reach the goal and we will win It is the point where you reach the end goal Examples – we evil overthrow the dictator and establish democracy An action plan First we do this then we do that – step by step


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