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August 14, 2017 Commerce

This paper examines The Nova Scotia Bank of Jamaica and its human resources maps, particularly as it relates to recruitment and choice, it besides seeks to placing schemes that can be used to cut down the cost if its human resource.

Human Resource involves all direction determinations and patterns that straight affects or act upon the people or human resource who works for the organisation ; they deal with the disposal, direction and preparation of forces. The human resource director has to execute the full critical function in the life of any concern.

The Bank of Nova Scotia was established in Jamaica in 1889. What began with a little banking office in Kingston is today, a sophisticated island broad web of 42 subdivisions. With a staff of over 1600, Scotia bank Jamaica provides state-of-the-art retail and commercial banking services to the Jamaican populace. Scotia bank has taken the longer position and has established its repute as a strong, stable, and dependable participant in Jamaica ‘s go oning growing and development ( islandnewsletter ) Their committedness to clients -You ‘re Safe with Us- is more than merely an advertisement motto ; it is backed by the experience and stableness attach toing a century of uninterrupted and progressive banking operations in Jamaica. ( islandnewsletter ) When enrolling persons within this peculiar organisation for a occupation, vacancies are foremost posted within the organisation internally through electronic mails to their bing employees or members. If the vacancy is still non filled the house so externally advertises the vacant place in assorted newspapers and on their official web site harmonizing to a representative at the St. Ann ‘s Bay subdivision. The Bank of Nova Scotia has a Staff Training Centre for its employees. New recruits are sent on an orientation class which fundamentally teaches them the history of the company, the outlooks of the organisations, the mission statement of the concern, the nucleus values, service criterions and more. First the recruits have to their preparation through online classs, so and standby of an bing member of any subdivision and after that they would fundamentally work on their ain.

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Factors that influence human resource maps

After measuring the Nova Scotia Bank of Jamaica, we found out that there are several factors that influence their human resource maps, viz. ;

Competition – Competition in the human resources field is different than about any other section in the company. When it comes to happening the right endowment, your company is viing with every other company in the country. Scotia is a really popular organisation, which gives them an border over other companies in happening good qualified employees.

Work Experience – This is a period of clip that person, particularly immature individual spends working someplace in order to derive experience of a peculiar type of occupation.

Advantages of Work Experience

At Scotia they chiefly select campaigners with relevant work experience so as to salvage the company ‘s clip and capital required to supply preparation services. This method is used by HR ‘s when selecting and enrolling workers.

Reduces employee turnover by engaging qualified campaigners. Harmonizing to the Online Business Dictionary Labor Turnover can be the ratio of the figure of employees that leave a company through abrasion, dismissal, or surrender during a period to the figure of employees on paysheet during the same period. When we put the Scotia Human Resources Department in topographic point with labour turnover ; disjointed workers, organisational construction, enlisting and occupation design all have an impact on the turnover.

Disadvantages of Work Experience

Members without relevant work experience are automatically rejected from the occupation choice procedure.

Hiring campaigners without work experience will be the organisation clip and money for developing staff members.

Salary Requirement – A salary demand is the sum of compensation a individual would necessitate to accept a place. Some employers ask occupation campaigners to give them a salary demand when they apply for a occupation. Most people include their salary demand in a brief sentence in their screen missive. While you can give a specific figure for your needed wage, most people choose to stay flexible. Some people give aA salary scope, while others say salary is negotiable.

Advantage of Salary Requirement

Campaigners are sometime able to negociate a needed wage based on their accomplishments and making.

Disadvantages of Salary Requirement

Campaigners who require a salary greater than what the employer offers are typically eliminated from the choice procedure.

Organization may endure a loss from non engaging good qualified campaigners because of their inability to counterbalance them based on their accomplishments, making and potency.

Technology – From twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours, our universe has been changed bit by bit from one status to another. New thoughts ever come up to the heads of every people to do the life better. Nowadays, engineering has advanced in enormous springs and bounds. We can non conceive of the universe without technological progresss such as computing machine, telecastings, and machines and so on. Scotia bank usage engineering as a manner to derive competitory border in the market. Technology helps in all procedures from recruit to retire maps and has drastically changed the manner employees and directors get entree to the human resource informations and besides to link people and information is the challenge faced by the concern leaders soon.

The broad scope of impact of engineering on HR can be clearly viewed on the HR maps such as:

Training & A ; development

Performance direction

Payroll & A ; attending records

Employee benefits etc


The major disadvantage of the usage of engineering on HR is that they become more depending on engineering as a replacement to human interactions may take to loss of possible endowments.

HR is all about pull offing people, which requires human interaction and face to confront communicating, and as human component will ever stay important in HR, a balance should be maintained between the IT and the human facet.

Technological obsolescence besides poses to be a job. Obsolescence occurs really fast that the information relied on disused engineerings becomes unaccessible in certain instances. Hence, the HR engineering systems, if non estimated and measured will take to jobs.

Education – Human resources specializers have diverse responsibilities and degrees of duty, so the educational demands in the field vary. At Scotia, it is a must that the campaigner require be knowing in histories, mathematics and English

Demographic alterations – Demographic alterations refer to things mentioning to age, population, composing of work force etc. A figure of people retire every twelvemonth. A new batch of alumnuss with specialisation turns out every twelvemonth. This can alter the assignment or the remotion in the company.

Legislation – This dictates how long an organisation must retain forces records and employee informations, what can be stored and how. Eg. The wellness act among others place duties on employers to safe guard the confidentiality of employee medical information and to do certain company troughs operate within the confines of the jurisprudence.

Schemes to Reduce the Cost of Human Resources

By specifying what is core an organisation can now ruthlessly prioritise HR activity and minimise their fixed costs. Core HR maps include those activities which must be delivered in order for the concern to pull off its people on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. These include HR disposal, paysheet, employee and industrial dealingss, concern planning, people risk direction and direction information. The nucleus maps can be delivered in a more streamlined manner while other non-core maps such as acquisition and enlisting can be procured on a flexible footing as and when needed. ( deloitte )

Wayss of cut downing HR cost:

Provide incentives and/or benefits to bing employees – such as wagess and acknowledgment to show your grasp towards them to reassure them remaining with the company alternatively of holding to enroll new members and develop them.

Hiring Freezes – engaging new employees while cutting occupations at the same clip. A hiring freezing constitutes a mild signifier of retrenchment and reduces labour costs in the short term.

Hiring on a Contractual Basis – Hiring on this footing is cheaper instead than engaging full clip. As recession deepens and lengthens many employees would accept a wage cut as preferred to redundancy. ( deloitte )

By doing it a half virtuousness company – A practical company is that company that employs electronic agencies to transact concern

Downsizing or cut downing the sum of H R sections. Scotia has a human resource section at each location ; they can cut down the cost by holding less or one cardinal HR section.

Increasing the usage of engineering – this is where they can hold services been offered online for eg. Online banking.

Some other ways is to cut down wellness attention cost by implement wellness and health plan, by better hiring and by holding standardised authorities constabularies


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