Factors That Influence Ill Health Sociology Essay

By July 25, 2017 Sociology

The universe wellness organisations definition of wellness is a complete physical, mental and societal wellbeing and non simply the absence of disease and frailty However, this WHO definition does non let for fluctuations in degrees of health.A A person’sA wellbeing isA non ever changeless, it fluctuates throughout their lives. They can be absolutely healthy at one clip so all of a sudden or bit by bit become ailing or worse.A When sing a individual ‘s wellness most attending is focused on people ‘s behavior and lifestyle picks such as smoke, imbibing and exercising etc. This behavior is besides influenced by fortunes and events may non be under that individuals control e.g. friends/family, instruction, societal and economic environment and even populating agreements.

Factors that influence sick wellness


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Sexual activity and gender show important differences in both physical and societal response to illness. Sexual activity, physical differences between work forces and adult females, was antecedently considered to be the conducive factor when it comes to healthiness. For illustration, adult females who smoke are 20 % more likely to develop lung malignant neoplastic disease than work forces that smoke, though coronary bosom disease appears ten old ages subsequently in adult females than in work forces, due to the protective consequence of high oestrogen degrees before menopause.2 In 1971 the age spread between life anticipation between sexes was 6.2 old ages, in favor of females3. However, in 2010 the spread had decreased to 2.54, this alteration challenges the theory that adult females have a biological advantage. Gender, the societal differences between work forces and adult females, is now thought to be the major determiner of wellness. Womans have higher audience rates than their male opposite numbers, work forces tend to be more apathetic when it comes to their health5. This so allows for diseases etc. to be caught earlier and treated before they become fatal. Work force besides tend to work in more insecure businesss e.g. Miners and fire-fighters. Work force are besides more likely to take portion in risky behaviour6.


One factor that earnestly affects wellness and unwellness is age, ageing is out of an person ‘s control and can non be decently prevented. Health is frequently portrayed to worsen significantly with age and in many instances this is true. Nevertheless, complaints that are seen as “ a portion of turning old ” are normally treatable and really are treated when a younger individual displays them. A survey that was carried out on urinary incontinency found that the status could be remedied in younger coevalss, but was perceived as inevitable in older people and therefore was non taken attention of.7 Despite the findings of this survey, many bodily maps do worsen with age. The immune system grows weaker, intending recovery from other unwellnesss becomes harder and nervousnesss deteriorate taking to equilibrate jobs and therefore falling which can do farther jobs. Problems caused by falls were witnessed in P3, falling did n’t merely impact physical ability but mental and societal well-being excessively. The patients had reduced assurance and were hence afraid to go forth their places for excessively long, if at all. This social alteration so brought about mental wellness concerns such as depression as they noticed the dislocation in communicating with friends and household.

Lifestyle picks

Lifestyle and behaviors are a big portion of a individual ‘s status, though the picks people make may be for societal grounds instead than single motivations. Within lifestyle and behavior there are infinite activities that contribute to one ‘s wellness. Diet and physical activity tend to be of import issues, a hapless diet and deficiency of physical activity have caused the UK to be “ one of the most corpulent states in Europe ” 8. Fleshiness is a hazard factor for farther unwellnesss such as bosom disease and diabetes. Gorging can be a consequence of many societal affairs such as emphasis from work or from relationships. Other behaviors are of import as good, such as smoke, imbibing intoxicant and drug maltreatment. Associating back to sex, adult females tend to imbibe over the day-to-day bound of intoxicant, more frequently than work forces. This consequence is really due to societal background, such as a history of maltreatment, parents/partners/siblings that have alcohol issues or a history of depression.9 Any of these factors can increase the opportunity of person holding a imbibing job, peculiarly females. Work force are more likely to smoke at a younger age than adult females, 40 % of work forces surveyed started smoking before 16 old ages of age and continued to make it regularly.10 These statistics come about as males are more likely to be pressured by equals into transporting out activities such as smoke or drug pickings.

Social factors

How person is educated typically shapes a individual ‘s hereafter, if they receive better instruction so they will be pushed toward traveling on to farther instruction and acquiring a good occupation. Poor instruction can give person a negative position on schooling and they may wish to drop out every bit shortly as they can because of their negative reading. Social capital is of import in act uponing wellness, societal capital is described as “ the sum of the existent or possible resources which are linked to ownership of a lasting web of more or less institutionalised relationships of common familiarity or acknowledgment – or in other words to rank of a group ” 11 This societal capital can be used to get better goods and services and may besides be passed from one coevals to the following. This seems to be a criterion in in-between category society, nevertheless within the working category a deficiency of engagement tends to be the norm. Bio-psychosocial attacks underscore how of import relational networking is in the purpose for good wellness. For illustration, faith has been found to increase a sense of belonging, through that and related activities, like volunteering, good wellness is promoted.12 It is of import to see peoples populating and working conditions. Peoples under changeless emphasis, such as conveying up kids entirely and in poorness, are likely to transport out wellness damaging behaviours13. Research on adult females and smoke, showed low-income lone parents were the most likely to smoke and that it was used as a header scheme for emphasis and societal exclusion.13

Mental Health

Mental wellness is another of import factor that must be considered in a individual ‘s overall wellness and well-being. Mental wellness itself has many determiners. Isolation and disaffection as found in aged who have had falls can do a impairment in mental wellness. A similar scenario that could take to hapless mental wellness is peer rejection, adolescents who have non smoked or drank intoxicant when enticed by equals. They may be deemed “ uncool ” or seen as different and therefore are non accepted into societal groups. Possibly force and offense in the local country may take to mental issues, merely being in a poorer country can diminish a person ‘s optimism. Poor nutrition can take to hapless temper, as of yet it is non to the full understood but a deficiency of Vitamin D straight correlates with an addition in depression.14 A hard upbringing is known to hold inauspicious effects when older, as witnessed in P2. Patients who were abused as kids and so heard about similar narratives in the intelligence had mental dislocations or found day-to-day life harder to get by with.

Inequalities in wellness

Those with the greatest demand for health care are those that are the on the job category, those that are “ socially excluded ” . It seems though, that those with the greatest demand really hold the least entree to good quality services15. The countries with the worst degrees of wellness have the lowest figure of healthcare workers populating and working in them. Topographic points with the highest degree of immature people go forthing school with no makings are besides the same countries that have the lowest handiness of learning staff per population16. In countries with high employment figures, those with occupations seem to work long hours that may impact their well-being. In high unemployment countries those who do hold occupations make non work for every bit long. Unfortunately those countries with greater unemployment are associated with higher degrees of mental wellness jobs such as depression. Some inequalities in wellness can be seen as racialist, such as research non being done into reaping hook cell disease. Sickle cell disease is more prevailing in black and cultural minority groups and services for the disease autumn far behind the figure of instances in the UK17.


A broad scope of factors exist that have to be considered in order justice a individual ‘s overall wellness and well-being. Each factor in itself has many lending elements that have to be acknowledged to happen the root of each job. Most factors that do act upon wellness besides interact or accumulate, for illustration age can impact the picks we make in life, and the picks that one makes and the behaviors they carry out can find how long that individual may populate. The wellness service are besides accountable for act uponing factors of wellness and unwellness. Even in today ‘s society, health care is non every bit accessible to all but in old ages to come this is set to alter.


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