Faith Filled Future

Katie Cancellare January 13, 2004.

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In the future I plan on trying to live a good, Catholic, faith filled life. After graduating from Saint Paul Catholic School this year, I am going to attend Catholic High School. I still want to be attending and fully a part of Mass every Sunday and on the weekdays. Also, I would like to read more religious books, so that I may be influenced to live a more faith filled life.

To grow in my faith more, next year I will be going to Catholic High School. This way, I can get a quality education, as well as develop and prosper in my Catholic faith. When I go there I will be required to do service projects, and by doing these I will grow in my love to aid others, which is one of the key values that Jesus teaches us. Also, I will continue to attend and be a part of many Youth Group activities, which are aimed toward helping youth form a true relationship with God. This will teach me to be a more faith filled person.

I will be doing many of the same things that I do now, but in a more mature way, as I will have grown in my faith. I still want to attend and participate in Mass every Sunday, although I would also like to go to daily Mass because you get to receive Christ. Sometimes after the school Mass on Fridays the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, but other than that I do not go to Adoration. My goal is to go to Adoration at least once a month, because it is great place to talk and pray to Jesus and speak to Him without any distractions. Also, I would like to go to Reconciliation every month so I will be forgiven of my sins, and have the strength to live as Christ did. By receiving these sacraments I will become closer to God, thus more faith filled. .

Another great way to keep faithful is by reading religious books. The one I would like to read the most is the Bible because it is God’s actual word and I think it would influence my life.



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