Fall of German Democratic Republic

By October 9, 2017 History

DBQ- Peaceful Revolution of 1989- Leipzig, Germany The fall of the German Democratic Republic and the events on October 9th, 1989 are possibly the most important part of East German history. The events hold great importance significance in East German history. Without these events, East Germany would not be the same way it is today. The events that occurred on October 9th, 1989 were crucial to the collapse of the German Democratic Republic. The Monday night prayers at the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig were very political in nature, which eventually led to the protest on October 9th, 1989 (OI).

The prayers turned into peaceful protests, where the participants carried candles (doc, 8). The Communist Party officials and Stasi officers attempted to stop the Monday night prayers by occupying the church the people prayed in (doc, 7). This was an attempt to keep out the so called “troublemakers”, but their plan did not work (doc, 7). On October 9th, 1989, a peaceful protest took place in the city if Leipzig (doc, 11). There were 70 thousand people protesting that night, which proved to be extremely powerful (doc, 13).

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The peaceful protest took the Communist Party by surprise; one member of the party stated “We had planned everything. We were prepared for everything. But not for candles and prayers. ” (doc, 9). All the events that happened on October 9th, 1989 aided greatly in the fall of the German Democratic Republic (OI). The events of October 9th, 1989 and the collapse of the German Democratic Republic also hold great significance. Even though the Communist Party had banned meeting of any political nature, the Monday night prayers were allowed to occur (OI).

These Monday night prayers led to the peaceful protests in the streets of Leipzig and counteracted the intended violence of the party officials (doc, 9). The riot police and officers had planned on using violence, but the peaceful protests proved that violence was not needed (doc, 4). By using peaceful methods, a lot of conflict was avoided and favorable conditions prevailed (OI). The events that occurred on October 9th, 1989 and the fall of the German Democratic Republic hold great significance in the history of East Germany. Through the events that occurred, great changes were made which effect Germany today.


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