December 31, 2016 Religion

Johnson stated ” We can draw lessons from the past, but we cannot live in it.” This quote summarizes what I feel about the older generations and their way of thinking. The new generation complains about the old generation living too slow while the old generation complains about the new generation living too quick. Both groups with their different opinions still come together for the love of the family. My hairdresser Mrs. Rosa who I have known for almost three years now, represented my link to the past. From the first moment I met her I saw a humble and kind person. A true picture of how a mother should be. Smell of fresh baked bread constantly remains in her home along with many religious statues. Every Sunday the fireplace stays full with candles representing a saint or a special religious holiday. Even after knowing her for such a long time we had never talked about real issues besides what had changed since the last appointment. I just felt we would have nothing in common or there would be nothing to talk about. On one of my longer appointment I finally decided to ask her about her family and her views about life. .

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Family unity signified her core value. In order to keep a united family she made sure she kept in touch with all her family members on a daily bases. Religion was just as important as family to her and without it she felt a person could not truly succeed in life. Along with religion playing a major role in her life, church plays a major role in bringing her community together. As for marriage, she believes in a lasting bind between two people. People in today’s modern world dismiss marriage and intimate relationships too quickly. She felt that people were going from relationship to relationship with no thoughts to what a relationships means. In her generation, dating meant the relationship would end up in marriage. Now young people seem to be going on endless dates with no intension of ever getting married, something she did not accept.


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