Family Health Nursing

By August 18, 2018 Nursing

The family considered is considered as the most basic unit of society. It is shaped by forces around it such as values, beliefs, and customs of the society it belongs in. It is a unit of interacting persons bound by the ties of blood, marriage, or adoption. They constitute a single household, interact with each other, and perform respective familial roles. The Filipino family specifically, based on the Philippine Constitution is one which focuses on religious, legal, and cultural aspects on the definition of family.

As being the most basic building block of society, it is of utmost importance that a family be also considered as a unit of care. Since health problems of family members are interlocking, any problems within the family will also be a problem of the community. Thus a family as a group should generate, prevent, tolerate, and correct health problems within it’s members. This can be done effectively with the help of health workers such as family nurses. Indeed the family is the most frequent focus of health decisions and action in personal care.

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The Family Health Care Process undergoes a few steps to ensure that a family is healthy. Beginning off with getting to know family members and how they live, data collection is the first step of the process. As with any scientific process there are proper ways to undergo collection of data, which may include techniques such as interviews, observations, and collection of records and reports available. Once data is collected, it will be analyzed and interpreted, then validated. After the data has been interpreted correctly, family health workers will proceed to the third step; planning. When planning, all problems discovered will be prioritized to which needs to be dealt with first.

Then objectives for how to tackle these problems will be made so that any action to solve these problems will have a strategy. After a strategy has been developed proper evaluation tools, that will help check if objectives have been met, will be applied. The fourth step, implementation or intervention, is the main professional phase of the nursing process. This is when the Standard Functions of RN come into play. These functions include dependent-giving of medicines, Independent-monitor, assessments, provisions, educating, and interdependent-referrals. After all
implementation has been done, the last step of evaluation will determine if the problems have been solved. If not, more data gathering, analysis, planning, and interventions may be required. But if all problems have been solved, the family health nursing will be a success.

By being able to start nursing a family, by being able to keep the most basic unit of society healthy, it will ensure that a whole community will become healthy as well.


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