Family structure Essay

September 7, 2017 Cultural

First of all the significance of a household varies from topographic point to topographic point and from civilization to civilization. Nowadays in some states there are different types of household being. For case traditional extended household has dominated the Saudi Arabia. they have considered the parents the siblings aunts and uncles cousins and expansive and great expansive parents form the basic unit of the society.

The traditional drawn-out household construction has ended up being in Saudi because of the care of the Islamic societal. political. and political values. This means that every individual being individuality in Saudi Arabia posts a corporate lineage. regard for seniors. duty and duty for the public assistance of other household members. Australian households can non be compared with the Saudi Arabian type of a household we can specify the Australian type of a household as atomic one but non all households are atomic.

This defines the Australian Family. Which is there might be couple with or without co-resident kids of any age or lone parents with co-resident kids of any age or other households of related grownups such as brothers or sisters populating together where no twosome or parent –child relationship exists. Consequence of Family Structure on Life Satisfaction: Australian Evidence. ( 2010 ) . Australian community is considered to be the bread victor that is the female parent can travel to work with the male parent. but bulk the female parent provides for the household whereas the male parent organizes a good bond with the childs.

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Australia institute of household surveies ( 2010 ) . The female parent and the male parent are responsible for the determination of the household and are both responsible in raising and taking attention of the kids. This is much different with the Saudi Arabian parents the female parent is responsible for the taking attention id the kids and the house clasp jobs while the male parent is still considered to be the caput of the household. boies and girls are taught on how to follow the familial traditions and duties.

a womas life Saudi Arabia ( 2008 ) . The development of civilization beliefs and wont from the yesteryear has brought up a difference of the function of the work forces and adult females I n both Australia and Saudi Arabia. Both the states beliefs province that the adult male still remains the caput of the household and the adult female remains the attention giver of the kids. no affair how they try to alter the function it will stay the civilization being the same.

There is difference on the two states on the bond of the parent and the adolescent for illustration in Australia the female parent and the male parent is ever near to the adolescent. he gives advice to the adolescent and allows him to take the necessary determinations for himself f but this is really different in Saudi Arabia where by the teenage male child should merely be seen with other adolescent age male childs and the adolescent miss should remain with other adolescent misss. they do non do there ain determination they follow up the familial tradition and responsibities.

In Australia it is the function of the parent to let the kids to hold adequate infinite on what they are supposed to make that is taking attention of the kids is really necessary but allowing them do there ain pick. but the Saudi Arabia its much different where by some kids will be allowed to take attention of other kids but at the same clip under the supervising of the parent David E ( 2003 ) .

Both the female parent and the male parent in Australia pay close attending to there kids for case they can interact freely with them by either the kid is a miss or a male child. but this is besides different in Saudi Arabia where by the male parent is free with the male child kid and the female parent is free with the miss kid. Skolnik A ( 2010 ) Reference list: A Woman’s Life in Saudi Arabia. ( 2008 ) . Available hypertext transfer protocol: //americanbedu.

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