Famine and Lees Trees

April 21, 2018 Health

Overpopulation has become a major issue in the last few years; with more than 7 billion people in earth, scientist believe that the number of people is over the capacity our planet can carry, and serious problems such as poverty, famine, and disease get bigger as our population grows. Human activities; as the combustions of fossil fuels for energy and industrial processes have increased the amount of Co2 on the planet.

Deforestation has one of the greatest impacts, most of the forests are destroyed in order to create new land for housing and urbanization as our population gets bigger, that means less trees to absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emission, and even lees trees to contribute with the water cycle and the production of oxygen. Air pollution, and water pollution are two of the main causes of lower standards of living. A lower air quality has negative effects over health generating respiratory diseases like asthma; in some cases it can produce premature death because contaminated air damages lung tissue.

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Water pollution disrupts the food chain what eventually affects of all, because animals are not able to survive nor their predators which are part of the our food chain, also a lower water quality means less nutrients to absorb by plants and trees what becomes a problem in places where water scarcity is an everyday concern, when people cannot grow crops famines are one of the results of food shortage which lead entire populations to diseases.

Poverty is an inevitable result when people is not able to produce and exchange, in emerging and developing countries in which the main activities are agriculture, forestry, and fishing, and any minor alteration can lead hundreds of thousands of people to death. Overpopulation is a problem we are facing right now, and we have to do something about it, we cannot continue damaging our environment and letting people die because of our irresponsible decisions. Our planet has overpassed its capacity and as a result many problems we are already facing are getting even worse, problems such as famine, diseases, and poverty.


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