FAN UP Market Analysis and Sales Projections Essay

July 21, 2017 Sports

FAN UP is positioned within the Smartphone Applications Industry. Mobile devices with distant cyberspace capableness. smart phones. have created an wholly new market of users that can be reached on the spell. Due to the recent nature of Smartphone engineering. we are witnessing rapid growing and invention in the smart phone applications industry. FAN UP allows the event host the ability to seamlessly partner off a patron with persons coming to the event. By making so. FAN UP will open the door to endless trade name range through Social Media via the user. extra in-­?game/concert advertizement. fan grasp. and a originative manner for each event host to utilize their event to leverage underutilized sponsorships and advance their trade name. Industry Analysis Mobile applications have changed a figure of industry landscapes in recent history. This industry shows one-year growing projections from 2009-­?2014 to be 49. 8 % and from 2013-­?2018 to be 28. 9 % . The grounds of this growing is a ground this app will be successful. Competition in the Smartphone Applications Industry is really strong.

Because of this. it is of import to analyse the different forces at work within the industry. This chart. information gathered from IBIS World. lays out the industry construction: Life Cycle Stage Growth Revenue Volatility Very high Capital Intensity Low Industry Assistance Low Concentration Level Low Regulation Level Medium Technology Change High Barriers to Entry Low Industry Globalization Low Competition Level High The first cardinal external factor in this industry is the figure of nomadic cyberspace connexions. As the figure of smart phone purchases increases with the figure of nomadic cyberspace connexions in 2014. app developers will hold a larger market for their merchandises.

Second. as demand from e-­?commerce additions in 2014. retail merchants have expanded their merchandise lines. the platforms on which they operate. and retail merchants are expected to make more shopping apps to help time-­?strapped consumers. Next. clip spent on leisure and athleticss represents one of the most cardinal external factors. Time spent on leisure and athleticss is expected to diminish easy in 2014. ensuing in a possible menace for the industry. While the industry now serves a wide audience. leisure clip is a major restrictive factor in a consumers’ ability to utilize and buy smart phone app merchandises. The US Census Bureau data re-­?iterates more of the same industry tendencies. “In 2011. U. S. nonfarm concerns with employees spent a sum of $ 289. 9 billion on non-­?capitalized and capitalized information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) equipment. including computing machine package. This represents an addition of 10. 6 % from 2010. Of the $ 65. 2 billion spent on noncapitalized computing machine package. $ 29. 9 billion was for purchases and paysheet for developing package. an addition of 7. 3 % from 2010. $ 35. 3 billion was for package licensing and service/maintenance understandings. an addition of $ 3. 9 billion ( 12. 6 per centum ) from 2010. ”

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Although the growing of nomadic apps is on the rise. gross earned from these apps is expected to increase at a slower rate. Over the following five old ages. consumers are expected to go on roll away from pay-­?to-­?download apps. coercing developers to encompass the “freemium” concern theoretical account that relies on monetising free downloads after the fact via in-­?app purchases. By 2019. free downloads are expected to account for approximately 95. 5 % of entire nomadic app shop downloads. In the five old ages to 2019. gross is expected to see a 28. 9 % addition. making a sum of a $ 34. 7 billion smart phone application industry. Market Analysis The market analysis for FAN UP is untypical of most apps. FAN UP will get down by concentrating on the mark market of Sports Franchises in the US and Concert and Event Promotion in the US. FAN UP will function Gym. Health and Fitness Clubs in the US. Ski and Snowboard Resorts in the US. and Amusement Parks in the US in the secondary market. The athleticss franchise market in the US is comprised of athleticss squads or nines that participate in unrecorded professional or semiprofessional sporting events ( e. g. baseball. hoops. football. hockey. association football and other squad athleticss ) before a paying audience.

This market makes up the first half of the mark market. Over the five old ages to 2013. gross is expected to turn at an mean one-year rate of 1. 4 % to $ 23. 6 billion. and includes a 1. 5 % addition in 2013 entirely. The cardinal external factors for the athleticss franchise market slackly hold true for the full range of the FAN UP market. The external factors include per capita disposable income is expected to increase by 0. 8 % during 2013. the figure of families gaining more than $ 100. 000 is expected to increase easy over 2013. external competition from other athleticss franchises is expected to increase during 2013 which represents a menace in the industry but non the market. and clip spent on leisure and athleticss is expected to diminish easy during 2013. Industry gross is expected to spread out 1. 5 % in 2013.

Besides. some franchises are opening new or reconstructing bing bowls to pull more consumers. Concert and Event Promotion in the US is the 2nd half of the mark market. This market creates. manages and promotes live public presentations and events. runing from concerts and theatre public presentations to province carnivals and air shows. This industry has an one-year growing projection of 2. 6 % from 2013-­?2018 with 49. 825 operating concerns. Federal support for Creative Humanistic disciplines is the cardinal external factor that deviates from the athleticss franchises market. Many non-profit-making constitutions in this industry rely to some extent on federal support. peculiarly grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. an independent bureau that Congress established in 1965 to back up the humanistic disciplines. Federal support for originative humanistic disciplines is expected to increase easy during 2013. This market has a history of good public presentation even when other industries struggle. Except for moderate hesitation in 2010. the economic downswing has done small to discourage Americans from go toing unrecorded concerts and other amusement events.

Over the five old ages to 2013. industry gross has grown at an estimated annualized rate of 1. 3 % to $ 23. 7 billion. including a 3. 5 % awaited addition in 2013. Revenue Model FAN UP will make gross through securities firm fees. reach fillips. and advertisement. This repeating grosss theoretical account will be paid by the host of the event ( i. e. Carolina Panthers. Live State. etc. ) for each event in which FAN UP participates. The app will be free from the App Store because. as shown in the information. consumers are progressively less likely to pay for an app. The securities firm fees are for the entree to the app’s consumer base. The range fillip is in topographic point because with more range. the more the host can bear down the patron of the FAN UP sponsorship bundle. The FAN UP pricing will be dynamic in that dialogues must take topographic point with each new spouse in order to hold upon the per centum of the FAN UP sponsorship that FAN UP will have. The monetary value of the FAN UP sponsorship bundle will be a dialogue between the event host and the trade name.

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